BALAN WONDERWORLD – A New 3D Action Platformer

Balan Main Image

In a pleasant surprise reveal, Square Enix gives fans around the world a sneak peek at the wonderful and enchanting, BALAN WONDERWORLD. An all new action-plat former from the makers of the classic, Sonic the Hedgehog, coming to PC, current and next gen consoles in 2021.


The story stars both Leo and Emma, as they embark on a grand adventure. Guided by an enigmatic maestro named Balan, their goal is to restore happiness to all of Wonderworld. They must balance the hearts and minds of not only everyone that they encounter, but themselves.



With over 80 unique costumes to discover throughout the game, changing Leo and Emma’s appearance can give them a wide range of cool powers and fantastic abilities with endless ways to lay waste to your enemies including item manipulation, air walking, and being able to freeze time!


level 1
Stunningly Colorful Stages


Considering this is from the same creators as Sonic, it comes as no surprise how impressive the visuals are. There are a huge variety of extraordinarily beautiful environments, luminescent colors, and many bizarre and creative things you’ll come across that’ll make your journey across Wonderworld be like an adventure like none other.




level 3
Creatively Unique Environments

This game is Yuji Naka (Creator of Sonic franchise and Team Sonic Co-Founder) and Naoto Ohshima’s (Sonic the Hedgehog character designer and Team Sonic Co-Founder) first game collaboration in over 20 years and is their first game from their new gaming brand BALAN COMPANY. With all these amazing visual artists and talented composers working for BALAN, hopefully there will sure to be many wonderful new experiences to come from this team in the future.


Balan Wonderworld Available Spring 2021

level 2 Costumes

BALAN WONDERWORLD is set to release for Spring 2021, and will be available on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5.