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Playable Demo of KH3D

Tetsuya Nomura has given some statements concerning TGS and Kingdom Hearts. For those of you who don’t know, TGS stands for Tokyo Game Show and it is held in Chiba, Japan. It usually is held around the second and third week of September. Nomura discloses that Square Enix will be having playable demos of Final Fantasy XIII-2, Final Fantasy Type-0, Kingdom Hearts 3D, and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.
On the subject of Kingdom Hearts 3D, Nomura tell the fans that the game’s quality is on par with that of a console game much like Birth By Sleep was! Previous gameplay footage of the game has been “completely realized”, as in the mobility of wall hopping. The movements of the gameplay will be flashier then that of the previous titles. Nomura continues by saying (along the lines of) “We hope to release Kingdom Hearts 3D as soon as possible around the start of next year”. You better look forward to TGS 2011, kupo!

Addition information.
-Hard to create new characters in the Kingdom Hearts series
-HD test for the Kingdom Hearts series
-Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is the title for Final Fantasy’s 25th Anniversary, which is a rhythm based game. Yeah, lame, I know!
-Playable Demo of KH3D

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