Neku in Kingdom HeartsIs Neku in Kingdom Hearts really possible? Yes, Neku, from “The World Ends With You” is appearing as a cameo for the world of Traverse Town in Kingdom Hearts 3D. Much like the story in Neku’s action RPG, the character must fulfill “the game” of death, which only gives him 34 minutes to succeed or die. In addition to that, Neku asks if Sora could be his partner but then decides that Sora would be too weird and then runs away. Sora, ultimately, being the mischievous and curious 15 year old he is, decides to follow him and rides on a rail which leads him to a boss battle. If you look at the bottom of the picture, there is a new limit form on Sora during the cutscene and also, it is quite clear that the party system from the PlayStation 2 games will be returning to the new installment.

Neku in Kingdom Hearts | Personal Thoughts

It is quite surprising to see such an obscure franchise in Kingdom Hearts and ever since the series started, it has only been host to Final Fantasy. This fact alone has me jittering for the new game and making me want a 3DS. Could we see a Dragon Quest world in the game? There could be. However, The World Ends With You was worked on in collaboration with the Kingdom Hearts team so it only makes sense for Neku to have a role in this. Another point to address, on the other hand, is the fact that maybe Square-Enix could be trying to endorse the character for their handheld games. The only Final Fantasy character who showed up on Birth By Sleep was Zack. Isn’t that odd? Square-Enix, if this is a marketing scheme, may try to implant Dragon Quest into the mix as well because of DQ’s sheer amount of games on the Nintendo DS.

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