One of the aspects that makes Kingdom Hearts, so mind-numbingly addictive is the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack. So if I were to mention a Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album, what would be your reaction? Well, whatever it is; start reacting, because the Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album is set to release sometime in March! Hold on there’s more! Original artwork of our favorite Disney characters are always appreciated. 4Gamer has posted the render for the album’s cover, and the official website has even more cover art, which all can be viewed below! Lastly, the list of tracks includes:

Always on Mind
Rage Awakened
Dearly Beloved
Hollow Bastion
Hand in Hand
March Caprice
The 13th Struggle
A Piece of Peace
Traverse Town

Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album

Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album RenderKingdom Hearts Tribute Album Mickey Donald and Goofy The Three MusketeersKingdom Hearts Tribute Album Mickey Donald and GoofyMickey Kingdom Hearts Tribute Album

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