I hope that all of you have been waiting very patiently because for this Christmas, you will receive additional, new updates on

KH3D and other splendid and tasteful treats as presents for you all. Here is a video

trailer on the greatest game to be released!


KH3D New Memorable Characters

Square Enix has brought back some new and old characters: Those from our favorite games;

those who we love from our favorite childhood Disney movies and those who just have to return again because we just

can’t get enough of them.In the Traverse Town world, Rhyme; Shiki; Beat and Joshua who are also from The World Ends with you, will be joining Neku in The game. New characters in the game will also include the priest villain, Lord Frollo; Esmeralda’s lover, Pheobus and our comedic gargoyles, Laverne, Hugo and Victor from The Hunchback of Notre Dame to join Quasimodo and Esmeralda. Tron would also come back but he would be in his dark, alternate form as Rinzler from Tron: Legacy. Also, the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio and the Beagle Boys from Disney’s The Three Musketeers will also make their appearance.
For the returning cast, Maleficent will storm in once again but this time, hinting about Xehanort and the seven pure worlds of


and the seven Princesses of Hearts at Disney Castle. Mickey, Donald and Goofy will also be coming back but the surprising

part is

them also appearing in a new world, The Country of the Musketeers.

Queen Minnie and Pete, Maleficent henchmen, will also be there Daisy Duck will also come back at Disney Castle.
Jiminy Cricket and Pinocchio will star in the game with Geppeto and Monstro.

Yen Sid will appear, narrating on what had happened to the worlds that did not end up completely saved and instead

went into a sleeping state, making the darkness that enters the worlds that are sleeping become Dream Eaters instead of Heartless.
As an added bonus, Ansem’s apprentices will be coming back: Even, Braig, Aeleus, and Ienzo. For the big part, Lea will also be coming back as he saves Mickey and his gang from Maleficent’s attack at Disney Castle.

The dazzling but shocking part would be the incarnations of Master Xehanort: Ansem, Seeker of Darkness, Xemnas,

and the young version of Master Xehanort himself. Vanitus will appear alongside the young Master Xehanort.
There will also be more versions of the Dream Eaters such as the Goat Horn, the Frog Chef, the evil Ice Penguin and the

ferocious Gorilla!!

New Worlds to Explore

KH3D Pranster's Paradise

In addition to La Cite des Noche, Prankster’s Paradise that consists of the Pinocchio casts

and The Country of the Musketeers world that consists of Mickey and other Disney characters

will be added.
Tron’s/Rinzler’s world will also appear along with Traverse Town, Radiant Garden,

Disney Castle, the Keyblade Graveyard and Destiny Island.
In Japan, KH3D will be released there in March of 2012. All of North America and Europe will receive the release following after that date.

Other Exciting Surprises

KH3D Merchandise will be sold in the Square Enix stores! Also, if you cannot wait any longer, you can pre order the game for just $40.00!!
You may have to wait though since the release date can be an estimated placeholder.
Just still stay in touch with this site as we will keep on giving you more surprises in the game.