One of the side projects tied in with Final Fantasy XV is the “Pocket Edition”.  It is meant to bring the story of the console game straight to your smartphone or mobile device.  And now Square Enix has uploaded a video on its North American YouTube channel a video featuring details on what to expect when the game comes out later this fall.  Continue reading to watch the video and find out how you can experience the game in an all-new way.

Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition – Fall 2017

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will be split into 10 chapters, and all of the chapters will be available on Day 1 of the release.  However, only the first chapter will be available for free.  The game will have every character and each part of the story the console and computer game has, except now it is in cute chibi-style graphically, and can fit in the palm of you hand.

And mobility seems to be the main selling point when it comes to getting people hyped up about the upcoming game.  As read from the Final Fantasy XV website:

FINAL FANTASY XV: POCKET EDITION contains all of the main characters and main story of the console and PC versions, with the freedom to play whenever and wherever you want.

Mechanically, it will be using casual touch controls to move the characters and fight battles.  I am assuming this means tapping and swiping the screen so that it maneuvers everything smoothly.  My hopes are that it is smooth enough to not have me blocking the screen with my giant paws I call hands.

So now we wait.  No definite date has been set, but you can pre-register to get it on the Google Play store now.  And while you wait for it to be released, why not head over to our forums site, and tell us your thoughts about this, and all of the other news and stories we have featured there?