The World Ends With You Solo ReMIX Version 1.1.0


The World Ends With You Solo Remix

The World Ends With You Solo ReMIX has a rather generous update today. Check the updates below!

Version 1.1.0

・A shop offering the following downloadable content has been added:
・3 items to aid players in advancing through the game
・9 BGM tracks that can be played from the Item menu
・The following perks are now available after seeing the super-secret ending:
・CDs obtainable only by trading with friends can now be purchased
・Pig Noise Pins obtainable only as drops can now be purchased
・Mingle PP can now be earned from non-mingling practice matches
・Psychs now trigger more easily when scratching
・Various minor bugs were addressed

* Mingling is not supported across versions 1.0.0 and 1.1.0.
Please confirm that game versions match before attempting competitions or trades.

Coco’s Secret Reaper Shop has exactly what you need. Coco’s first appearance was in The World Ends With You Live ReMIX, a social network game in collaboration with GREE, where she will act as a navigator for a team of twenty players who then cooperate in search of the ‘Ringleader Noise’ within a span of a week.

In her armoire, Coco has 3 items capable of helping players in game. She is also willing to allow players to purchase 9 BGM Tracks of her favorite beats. These items come at a cost of a real-life purchase but with a face like Coco’s. How can you refuse?

Update brought to you by iTunes!

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