Kairi: Useless or Not?

Kairi, the main female protagonist in the KINGDOM HEARTS series, is a character  we have all grew to love (or hate in some cases) has often been questioned about her relevance to the story. With some hardcore fans being pro Kairi , we find just as many fans being completelyContinue Reading

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is a great addition to the series as Kingdom Hearts fans celebrate its 10th Anniversary, thanks to the game’s new features and the well designed nature of the worlds but unfortunately Sora and Riku’s latest adventure hasContinue Reading

As you all know, Kingdom Hearts is known for its secret ending. It’s either in the form of beating the game at a higher difficulty or collecting all known items. Well, Kingdom Hearts 3D is no different. The Kingdom Hearts 3D Secret Ending is on Youtube. And now for theContinue Reading

We have a variety of scans from Famitsu and V-Jump. The contents of these scans arise questions and interest. In the scans, you will recognize familiar faces and worlds. There are a few scenes and gameplay as well. They may contain spoilers, but it is risk well taken. In theContinue Reading

From the TGS 2011 event, new dream drop distance gameplay videos have been uploaded to the net. Gamespot, on YouTube and their website, have showed off Riku’s story in the Hunchback of Notre Dame level. In addition, KH13 have uploaded Sora’s story in Traverse Town along with a few cutscenesContinue Reading