Dragon Quest Tact: Exciting Fall Events and New Updates Revealed

DRAGON QUEST TACT Celebrates 1,000-Day Launch Anniversary with True DRAGON QUEST V Event and Version 4.0 Updates

LOS ANGELES (Oct. 24, 2022) – SQUARE ENIX® has launched new updates and events for their popular mobile tactical RPG, DRAGON QUEST™ TACT, which has reached over five million downloads since its global launch in January 2021. In celebration of its 1,000-day Launch Anniversary on October 24, DRAGON QUEST TACT is introducing the True DRAGON QUEST V Event and Version 4.0 updates.

True Dragon Quest V Event – Available From Oct. 23 to Nov. 30, 2023

  • New Quests: The True DRAGON QUEST V Event quests feature an original story within the True DRAGON QUEST V universe and introduce characters like Pankraz Gotha. By clearing the event quests, players can recruit the Hero Family S-Rank Pankraz Gotha to their hero roster.
  • New Character: The iconic Hero of DRAGON QUEST V, the S-Rank Legendary Monster Wrangler, joins the line-up of heroes with the Legendary Monster Wrangler SP Scout available for a Limited Time. This hero has the ability to call ally Monsters in DRAGON QUEST TACT to turn the tide in tactical battles.
  • Special Mission and Login Bonus Rewards: Players can challenge Special Missions to earn rewards and enjoy time-limited login bonuses during the event, including SP Scout Vouchers, Gems, Hero Fragments, and Stamina Herbs.
  • Guild Co-Op Battle and Single Battle: Mega Boss Estark: Starting October 29, 2023, players can team up with their guild members to take down the powerful Estark in Guild Co-Op Battles. By completing Guild Missions, players can earn the event-limited S-Rank armor Shimmering Shield, a Legendary Monster Wrangler Icon, and other prizes. Players can also challenge the Mega Boss Estark solo in Single Battles, with the chance to earn rare equipment and more rewards.

Version 4.0 Updates – Available Starting Today

  • Version 4.0 Update SP Scout – Up to 100 Free Scouts: In celebration of the Version 4.0 Update, a 4.0 Update SP Scout is available until December 31, 2023. Players can obtain a maximum of 100 free SP Scouts, with 10 Scouts guaranteeing one S-Rank character. 4.0 Update SP Scout Vouchers can be used to perform the Scouts, which can be obtained through the 4.0 Update SP Scout Login Bonus.
  • 48 Hours Only! 4.0 Update Double Spotlight SP Scout Part 1~7: This special series of Scouts puts the spotlight on two S-Rank characters and is available until October 31, 2023. Part 1 of the Scout features Hero Family S-Rank Hero Solo and Hero Family S-Rank Hero Erdrick. Limited stamps guarantee one S-Rank character on the 20th, 40th, and 60th Scout.
  • T ‘n’ T Board Launch: A new in-game “board game” called T ‘n’ T Board has been introduced. Players can throw a dice to aim for goals and have the chance to obtain new accessory equipment. T ‘n’ T Tickets can be obtained through new weekly missions and login bonuses.
  • Quality-of-Life and Feature Updates: The Version 4.0 Update includes various quality-of-life and feature updates such as “Change Perk Level” and increased max limit and auto-rematches to 100.

In DRAGON QUEST TACT, players will embark on an epic tactical journey to save the world of Orchesterra from evil. They will recruit iconic monsters from the DRAGON QUEST series and strategically build teams to engage in heated tactical battles on a grid-like map. With the ability to recruit new monsters and upgrade favorites, players can conquer even more challenging battles. The Battle Road also offers additional story content for players seeking to expand their knowledge of their monster allies. Both new and experienced players can enjoy this deep, yet accessible, tactical RPG game with a large roster of beloved monsters.

DRAGON QUEST TACT is available as a free download with optional in-app purchases on the App Store® or Google Play Store™. The game supports English, Traditional Chinese, and Korean. For more information, please visit the official website or official social media channels.