Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 and Browser Details

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5

Hello, specifics on the KH Remastered HD collection, Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5, have been released.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Details

  • It will be released at some point in 2013.
  • It will include full HD never before seen cutscenes of Kingdom Hearts- 358/2 Days.
  • Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories will be fully remastered and converted into HD.
  • It appears that the character models have been changed to the models of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance.
  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix will also receive a Japanese language HD remaster.
  • Prices, however, have not yet been announced.
  • Kingdom Hearts for the PC Browser will be free to play, with purchasable items.

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