Dream Drop Distance

As it gets closer and closer to the release of Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Square Enix continues to show promise, even more so with more updates, fantastic features and much more just to grab all fans and draw them into the world of Kingdom Hearts.

Dream Drop Distance | Get Into Reality

When we say “Get Into Reality”, we specifically meant about the new feature, Reality Shift, sequences where the game becomes a comic book. In order to activate the Reality Shift, the A and X button must be pressed at the same time. The type of Reality Shift you do depends on what world you are currently residing in. Also, Nomura had stated in his interview about the Free Flow Action system continually being adjusted and debugged several times.

Dream Drop Distance New Worlds

With Symphony of Sorcery being the 6th world for all players to explore, the last world to appear in the game will be announced. There are to be seven worlds that have to be “awaken” in order to complete the game. Mickey will also appear in this world along with the terrorism Chernabog and the Magic Brooms. This world will also follow Mickey’s time when he was going through his trials of becoming a keyblade master.

Dream Drop Distance | Dream Eaters

Since the Dream Eaters will replace Donald and Goofy as party members, they will be able to give Sora and Riku new abilities and aid in combat. As an added bonus, their colors can be customized. The Dream Eaters will also be influenced by the emotions of the characters, another system that Nomura had stated in his interview.

Dream Drop Distance | Other Information

As stated in Nomura’s interviews, Organization XIII will be back but will also reveal as to what the members has been doing during certain time periods but also to show Xehanort’s perspective of the whole situation, revealing that all of the members have retained their human forms.

Dream Drop Distance’s Release Date

The dates that Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Will be released on March, 29 while North America and the other countries will receive the games later on this year.

Continue to stay in tune for the many dazzling experiences of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. We will make sure to get the news to you!