The D23 Expo, a bi-annual Disney fan event, did not disappoint this year. During the event, not one but two Kingdom Hearts 3 trailers were released. One of which features Utada Hikaru, (welcome back by the way), newest theme song, “Dont Think Twice“, for Kingdom Hearts 3’s introduction. Below, you’ll find the trailer as well as the new worlds (Monster Inc confirmed), additional story (Vanitas and Marluxia are back) and gameplay (summons (Ariel and Meow Wow), attraction flow, keyblade transformations and more).

Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 Trailer – Monster Inc

KH3 Trailer Analysis

True Organization/Organization XIII / 13 Seekers of Darkness

As we know, Organization XIII was a facade of the true Organization. Their true goal to be the 13 vessels of Xehanort but all were not suitable vessels. Marluxia and Vanitas are confirmed to be part of the the true Organization.

New World – Monster Inc

Monster Inc was a world previously leaked but is officially confirmed in this trailer. Mike and Sully are here to assist Sora. Also, if you’re wondering why Sora, Donald, and Goofy are monsters. It’s to blend in. “We scare because we care

Dream Eaters are back!

At the end of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, Sora said his farewells to all the Dream Eaters that he befriended in the sleeping worlds, but in the trailer. He summoned Meow Wow and a few other familiar friends.

Summons – Ariel (The Little Mermaid)

Our “Under the Sea” princess is back! Summons are returning and Ariel is a confirmed summon.

New Keyblades and Keyblade Transformation

As per usual, Sora acquires a Keyblade based on the world. Monster Inc is no different. With a new Monster Inc Keyblade and its corresponding Keyblade Transformation – Quick Claws/Twin YoYos. Rapunzel’s Keyblade and Keyblade Transformation (Mirage Staff). Also Hyper Hammer transformation.

New Attraction Flow

Attraction Flow is a new game mechanic that allows Sora to summon amusement park based rides. Mad Tea Cups and Rocket Ruckus are such rides with Rocket Ruckus being the newest attraction flow.