Now that Kingdom Hearts 3D will be coming soon, we just have to let everyone know about what is going on with the voice actors!

KH3D Voice Actors

Vincent Corazzi, the voice actor of Zexion/Ienzo was finished with his recording two weeks ago while Jesse David Corti, the voice actor of Neku said that he is just about done being recorded for the character. “We are about finished recording, parting is sweet sorrow…but there’s always another game to play.” all said from Jesse Corti. Vincent Corazzi also stated that he enjoys hearing that there are people who love his work. Later on KH3D Voice Actors.

More Dream Eaters

It has been confirmed that there are more Dream Eaters that has been released but there’s more! A new item called “Dream Piece” has been added to the game. By collecting Dream Pieces, you will be able to fuse them together to create fabulous, mighty Dream Eaters to help you. This is similar to making items in Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, especially in remembering the goal of trying to make the Ultima Keyblade. You will need recipes.

New Characters & Returning Characters

Just from the new trailer, Xigbar will be returning. Also, in the new world in relation to the movie, “Tron: Legacy”, which shows Clu 2, Sam Flynn, Kevin Flynn, Black Guards and Quorra returning with Rinzler, the corrupted version of Tron. The name of the world that they will be in is called “The Grid”. In this world, Sora again along with Riku will be transformed into data in their new attire.

As always, the game will released to North America sometimes this year but the game will hit the shelves for Japan on March 29th.

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