KH3D Soundtrack

There is finally some news! Musical Notes news that is! Composer Takeharu Ishimoto; ¬†also will be assisting in creating and instilling the sound and piece in Final Fantasy Type Zero; will be working on Kingdom Hearts: 3D with “It’s A Wonderful” from the game “The World Ends With You” alongside composer Yoko Shimomura. Besides working on the music with Kingdom Hearts 3D, he is also working on the soundtrack for Final Fantasy Type Zero called “Zero Expression FF”. There will be coming out with a Limited Edition with a booklet, a DVD, and the CD will come in a Limited Edition 3-disc version.

Hang in there Kingdom hearts and Final Fantasy fans. It seems as though we will receive double our trouble just for waiting.

I’m sure that the KH3D Soundtrack has something to do with the remix of Twister. FF Type 0 Soundtrack | KH3D Soundtrack

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