Kingdom Hearts 3 will be the third numerical installment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. And may I add, we (the fans) have high expectations for Kingdom Hearts 3. It’s been 9, going on 10, long years since Kingdom Hearts 2. And dare I say it, Kingdom Hearts 3 better have some flare! When I say flare, I mean; the worlds that were denied to us in the previous games should be playable. Note: JUNGLE BOOK was removed from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. We desire the inclusion of Disney’s subsidiaries such as Star Wars and Pixar. Note: BuzzLightYear and Woody summons were removed in Kingdom Hearts 2 Final Mix. And Lastly, we must keep the elements from previous titles that makes Kingdom Hearts so mind-numbly good. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty shall we!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Expectation

Kingdom Hearts 3 should be a game of magic and variations! Do you remember this quote (guess the world in the comments below):

The power of the warrior. Invincible courage. A sword of terrible destruction. Is this the power you seek?

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Path of Warrior -Path of Mystic - Path of Guardian

Well, you should! You’re given this choice in all major titles, and you can expect this in Kingdom Hearts 3. You may choose the path of the Warrior, Mystic, or Guardian, also known as Attack, Magic, and Defense respectively, which represents the 3 battle styles in Kingdom Hearts. But wait, are there even Defense techniques and magic? Well, yes, protect, reflect, and cure, just to name a few. But why isn’t there enough, so I could literally become a “Defense Guru”?! Literally, my defense should be comparative to a Large Body Heartless, and capable of going on the offensive when-need-be. I want Shadows to break a nail and reserve manicure appointments after meleeing up with my defense. We need variation!

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Freeze

But what else is stopping us from going bulk-wild on some heartless? The “linear attacks”! That’s what. “Fire” “Fire” “Freeze”! I swear Sora didn’t defeat Ansem, Marluxia, and Xemnas by taking turns casting magic one after the other. Kingdom Hearts 3 should have dual casting( casting more than one spell at the same time ). Rapid-fire Firaga or something along those lines that allows magic to interact with each other to strengthen or weaken it. Wouldn’t that bring a faster type gameplay and a little more unpredictability to Kingdom Hearts? D-mn straight!

New Kingdom Hearts 3 Opening Theme Song

Kingdom Hearts 3 Soundtrack

Next, let’s be honest for a second. Dearly Beloved, I love you. You make me tear up now and again, but you’re getting old! How many times can you remix the same song until you ruin it? We understand its Kingdom Hearts main theme, but come on. Yoko Shimomura, this is Kingdom Hearts 3 that we’re talking about here. I want to feel some things that questions my manhood.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Multiplayer

Kingdom Hearts 3 Multiplayer - Birth by Sleep Multiplayer

Multiplayer! I’m going to tell you guys right here and now. If Kingdom Hearts 3 were to be a legit multiplayer with the techniques, magic, and variations mentioned above. I would pawned you all! Anyway, here’s a short list of how multiplayer should be handled:

VS Mode
Rank-basis ( titles such as Keyblade Master ) Strongest Player is ranked #1
The vast Kingdom Hearts worlds are our battlefield
Items are acquired during battle and victory ( such as Simba summon can be found by finding Simba in the world first )
Team Mode of 3 players
Team joint attacks such as Trinity Limit

Kingdom Hearts 3 Story

Now, let’s move on to the story. The story should be tear-jerking, action-filled, and engaging on a level that I can be up at 4 a.m. playing it. With this many heroes and villains coming together every second should be the climax, and friendships really tested. Characters should be revived and also meet their demise. Sacrifices need to be made, and finally after 15 or so years a love interest should finally bloom. All building up to the finale, where no one could have possibly predicted the ending that changes Kingdom Hearts forever! That is what to be expected!

Kingdom Hearts 3 Other Things To Mention

There’s so many things to mention and so much that I won’t be able to cover in this article, but here’s a list of other things that should be expected in Kingdom Hearts 3!

Kindom Hearts 3 Horde Battle

More Playable Characters – Kairi, Riku, Mickey, and others should be playable. We’ve had the opportunity of playing various of our favorite characters in Kingdom Hearts. This is the moment to finally be able to choose them at whim.

Enemy Coordinated Attacks and Awareness – Enemies aren’t really a challenge because they don’t cooperate like us or are even aware of other enemies. We have the option of letting our party members attack a common enemy together or a different enemy individually. So why shouldn’t the enemies do the same, and perform collaborated attacks with other heartless similar to limits and team attacks. Why should we have all the fun? I want to see a heartless engulf another heartless to become stronger or a heartless attacking a nobody. I need something to look forward to on the battle field. I want that unpredictability that I was referring to earlier.

Regardless of how Kingdom Hearts 3 actually turns out, I have years of Kingdom Hearts to come, because this will not be the last in the series. I hope my article has given you an idea of what Kingdom Hearts 3 should be like for you, and I would like to hear them!

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