Fans of Ignis from Final Fantasy XV have been waiting for what seems like forever for his story arc, and it is finally on its way!  Through a video posted on Facebook today, the release date for Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis was revealed, as well as some footage of what the episode will entail.  Will it be based on cooking?  Will the chef learn a new recipe?  Continue reading to learn more, and to watch the video as well.

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ignis

comes out December 13, 2017


Magic, Boating, and Titan!  Oh my!  Ignis, the bespectacled friend of Noctis, and resident chauffer of the party in Final Fantasy XV is out on his own for this character-specific chapter of the series.  In the video, we see Ignis meeting Noctis for the very first time, but it turns out to be a dream he was having while being unconscious in a city in ruin.  He is then seen to scale buildings use some sort of grappling hook and fighting enemies with weapons and magic.

Ravus Nox Fleuret, Ardyn Izunia, Caligo Ulldor and the Astral Tital make appearances in this episode, providing dramatic scenes in the trailer.  And rather than driving a car, Ignis makes use of a speedboat, hitting the waters as Titan tackles Magitek airships.  From the looks of it, it seems that his damaged eyesight will also be explained in greater detail during the episode as well.  The trailer video ends with Ignis being told to abandon his duty, and join the other side.

Following Episode Gladiolus‘s metacritic score of 59, and Episode Prompto‘s score of 65 on the same site, a lot is riding on Episode Ignis to really hit it out of the park.  What has been your favorite DLC of Final Fantasy XV so far?  Are you looking forward to playing this character episode?  Let us know down below, or in the thread at our forums site!