Bowser has kidnapped Peach once more in hopes to marry her, Mario already on the job attempts to stop him only to be stopped by Bowser’s new minions the Broodals. Mario is knocked from Bowser’s airship with his signature cap destroyed by the ship’s propellers. Now joined by Cappy, whose sister Tiara was also kidnapped by Bowser, Mario sets out once more to rescue the Princess and stop Bowser’s plot, only this time he isn’t alone and with Cappy’s abilities he will find the task a little easier.

Super Mario Odyssey is Nintendo’s new 3D platformer for the Mario series and is published on the Nintendo Switch. It is an amazing game with stunning graphics, and outstanding music. The game features a new character Cappy, a Bonneter with the ability to help his wearer possess other people/creatures, whose sister Tiara was kidnapped by Bowser to help make his wedding to Peach spectacular.

This new game features stunning new places to tour including New Donk City, a Mario-esque version of New York with ties to the classic Donkey Kong arcade game; it even features Paulina as the Mayor. In these Kingdoms (as they are known) you must collect Power Moons to be able to power your ship the Odyssey and reach the next kingdom. Each kingdom features certain creatures you must take control of using Cappy to solve puzzles and clear obstacles to collect all the power moons.

Players will enjoy dressing up Mario in different outfits, some of which fans will recognize from various Nintendo commercials and ad campaigns as well as previous games. Collecting the various local currency will allow you to purchase the costumes from the Crazy Cap store.

To Veteran Mario players and newcomers alike, this game is delightful to play and easy enough that people of all ages can enjoy, with assist mode helping young and new players. Veterans can put their jump skills to the test to get all 883 Power Moons.

So jump in and do the Odyssey and join Mario and Cappy on their new adventures!