Kingdom Hearts Sucks

An editor of IGN, Jack DeVries posted a critical article about the Kingdom Hearts series. He takes shots at some of the areas Kingdom Hearts struggles in. Kingdom Hearts fans all over came have together to post their thoughts on such a critical column.

After a decade, two main games, and four spin-offs, Kingdom Hearts has solidified itself as an RPG juggernaut. A cross-platform, cross-universe, East meets West monster of a game. And after learning about Keyblades, princesses, and this Ansem guy, one thing has become abundantly clear:

Kingdom Hearts, as a story, totally sucks.

Not saying the games as a whole suck. In fact when it comes to pacing, battle systems, and core gameplay, pretty much everything except the platforming mechanics, Kingdom Hearts shines. But then you try and explain the story out loud and all that comes out is a garbled mess of emo kids and Orlando Bloom cameos.

But why is the marriage of spikey-haired heroes and whimsical talking animals a sad, loveless affair?

There are two inherent problems with the storytelling in Kingdom Hearts. The first is Disney.

If anyone follows IGN’s reviews, Kingdom Hearts have been doing pretty well. Each game has received a “good” rating or higher, the Lowest being Kingdom Hearts 2 with a 7.4. So, this article has come to a surprise to me and probably other Kingdom Hearts fans around the country. It is encouraged that you guys speak your mind about how you feel on this issue. But, be respectful if you choose to do so. If your intentions are to cuss or all-cap the comment boxes, please reconsider. The column is all opinions and no one is “right” in this situation so be respectful!

How do you feel about the situation? Do you believe that the story of Kingdom Hearts sucks? Discuss it on our FORUM!