Hey, Keybladers! We have a bit of news for you today. Coming from last year. Do you guys remember those extremely gorgeous and artsy Kingdom Hearts figures Square-Enix showed us at last years Tokyo Game Show. Well thanks to Hidemi Matsuzuka, we have Square-Enix images of various Kingdom Hearts Play Art from Kingdom Hearts 2 and Kingdom Hearts 3D / BBS. From keyblades, to princesses, to our knucklehead protagonist Sora.  All these play art look amazing, but what else is to expect from Square-Enix? All of the art has been done very well, but doesn’t the Timeless River Figurine look adorable?

Kingdom Hearts 2 isn’t the only title getting love by these figurines. It seems like the latest handheld game in the Kingdom Hearts series got some figure action as well. There are a few figures from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance as well.  With these figures out and KH3D released, will we be seeing Kingdom Hearts 3? Along with a few Kingdom Hearts 3 Figurines? Come on Square-Enix!

All of which were displayed at last year’s Tokyo Game Show. Images are shown below!

Kingdom Hearts Play Art

Kingdom Hearts Play Art Ultima WeaponKingdom Hearts Play Art Sweet Dreams KeybladeKingdom Hearts 2 Play ArtKingdom Hearts 2 Play Art Atlantica Ariel
Kingdom Hearts 2 Play Art Destiny Islands SoraKingdom Hearts 2 Play Art The Grid SoraKingdom Hearts 2 Play Art Halloween Town Sora, Donald, and GoofyKingdom Hearts 2 Play Art Timeless River Sora

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