Have you been missing that nostalgia of Kingdom Hearts? Well, these 8 tracks from Kingdom Hearts Memorial Music Box will change your tune! Square Enix opened Kingdom Hearts Memorial Music Box website to celebrate their upcoming Kingdom Hearts 15th Anniversary. You’ll be able to cycle through 8 tracks consisting of Sora, Kairi, Roxas, Aqua, The 13th Struggle, Blast Away! Gummi Ship I, and Tension Rising. Tension Rising is the theme to every boss fight in the game, so be sure to listen.

Kingdom Hearts Memorial Music Box 01
In addition, the site provides cool animations while listening to the tracks. Sora runs or walks on sheet music mimicking the iconic Chain of Memories staircase. Various iconic symbols, music notes, and images are showcased and changes depending on the track.

Kingdom Hearts Memorial Music Box 02

Lastly, a campaign is being held from March 9th to the 31st, where 15 randomly selected participates can win a Dearly Beloved music box! The nostalgia will literally never leave your bed side.

Kingdom Hearts Memorial Music Box Dearly Beloved
To enter, simply follow the official Kingdom Hearts Twitter account, share your fondest Kingdom Hearts memory, and provide the following hashtag: #音で視るキングダムハーツ