Square Enix officially released a few character renders from Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. The renders are as follows: The Five Foretellers ( Gula – Leopardos Union, Ava – Vulpeus Union, Invi – Anguis Union, Ira – Unicornis Union, and Aced – Ursus Union ), the Master of Masters, Aqua and King Mickey.


The story of the five foretellers and the Master of Masters takes place prior to KH1 in the distant past, where the Master of Masters vanishes but leaves behinds the tomes of the book of prophecies to his disciplines, the five foretellers, who in turn read the future within the tomes and tries to prevent the prophecy foretold within them by creating unions. The events eventually play out and start the Keyblade Wars.

IraAcedMaster of Masters

The foretellers have striking similarities to our current Kingdom Hearts heroes. Gula’s pose is the exact same pose of Sora’s render shown earlier. Invi and Aced keyblades are similar to Aqua’s Rainfall and Terra’s End of the Earth / Darkgnaw keyblades. Ira’s keyblade is quite similar in design to Roxas’s various keyblades throughout 358/2 Days. The list goes on. Is it likely that these new characters relate to our heroes? The answer would seem to point to “yes” given Tetsuya Nomura’s track record.

Master AquaKing Mickey

In addition to these renders, there are scenes from Kingdom Hearts 0.2 A Fragmentary Passage, Kingdom Hearts HD 3D Dream Drop Distance, and the Opening Scene of Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue. Check them out below:

Master Aqua kh3d screenshot fantasia mickey and riku

Aqua screenshot 01 kh0.2 aqua kh0.2 terra and ven