Hitman: Sniper is given a new free Just Cause 3 themed update released by Square Enix Montreal. The update features Agent 47 transported to the Mediterranean republic of Medici. There, players will have access to Rico Rodriguez’s sniper rifle, the Final Argument, a new weapon to dispatch their targets with two new abilities from the Just Cause universe: sticky rocket mines and explosive tether. This weapon also boosts the Chaos passive perk that makes every interactive object explosive. In order to unlock the Just Cause 3 content, players musT invite friends to play Hitman: Sniper, get to Rank 3, and share a video on Everplay. Additionally, Hitman: Sniper has over 7.5 million players world wide, was the number 1 top paid app in China for over 12 weeks in 2017, was regularly featured in top paid charts worldwide and has received over 20 content updates in the past two years.

Hitman: Sniper X Just Cause 3