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Why So Much Final Fantasy XIII?

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XIII' started by ADogX, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. ADogX

    ADogX R.I.P. Captain Unohana

    i've been thinking about this for a while so give me your opinions. so far, 4 FF 13 games are official. FF13,FF Versus 13,FF Agito 13, and FF 13-2.why is that?it's more than FF 7! i know FF13-2 continues from the original,but will the Versus and Agito characters meet up with the original FF 13 cast? or does it have some relation with Orginization 13? highly doubtful but stil...anyway, what are your opinions of the FF 13 seies?
  2. Ventus

    Ventus Kickass Keyblader!

    Personally myself, I love the series but they shouldn't put so much emphasis on it. It has beautiful graphics, amazing characters and story and the soundtrack is a symphony to the ears. Its brilliant but gameplay wise it can be fulfilling too. In the first 10 hours, its dull but as you move along, you realize the paradigm system works in a strategic way. Its actually better than turn based battle systems. They just need to get rid of the auto command feature and slow down the action a little so you can decide what command to use.

    Other than that, I think Final Fantasy XIII is teaching the KH team with them making games other than Kingdom Hearts. This will help them dramatically and ultimately, KH3 will be a better game.
  3. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    Advent Children
    Dirge of Cerberus
    Crisis Core
    Before Crisis

    The FFVII compilation is slightly larger than FFXIII. As for why they're making FFXIII larger, they might not have a reason to. It's only the 3rd time they've done this, the other two being the FFVII compilation and the Ivalice Alliance, which ties together FFXII, FF Tactics, FF Tactics Advance, FF Tactics A2, FFXII Revenant Wings, and Vagrant story.
  4. Ventus

    Ventus Kickass Keyblader!

    They may have an overall concept for Final Fantasy XIII which we don't understand yet.
  5. Napoléon

    Napoléon Kuroko Fangirl

    I don't believe that FFXIII and FFXIII-2 (considering them as one because Lightning is in both) characters will ever meet up with that of FFXIII-Versus and FFXIII-Agito. They all must clearly have a link with one another because they all carry the number "XIII" and they are all referred to as "Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy" compilation, but as of now there was no mention that their stories are linked, therefore, I don't believe they will end up being so.

    Nice hypothesis, if this actually ends up being true, then hopefully KH3 will be an amazing game :)

    Overall though, I think it's quite interesting how they're making such a large "Empire" out of FF13 but I'm quite excited to play them all because of the lovely graphics that are present in the trailers. However I don't seem to hear too much about Agito, is it far down on the back burner?
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  6. ADogX

    ADogX R.I.P. Captain Unohana

    who knows? but you are kind of right on that?and about my guess about the FF13 characters being related to Organization 13,im thinking maybe we'll see the Human forms of Larxene, Marluxia, Demyx, and Luxord?or maybe we see them in 3D, Re: Coded(i haven't played it so idk) or Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts? just a guess im not entirely sure
  7. EtherealSummoner

    EtherealSummoner Lamentations 3:22-26

    Blech. I really don't think that Organization 13's other members with Larxene and yadda-yadda should be connected with FFXIII. To me, Organization 13 members are completely original characters and it should stay that way. Why they are not making sequels with FFVIII and FFX and whatnot, I do not know.
  8. ADogX

    ADogX R.I.P. Captain Unohana

    im ahuge FF 7 fan but i've never heard of that one B4 o,0
    and i was talking about the games. sooner or later, the FF 7 remake will come out,and im sure an FF 12 move will come out
  9. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    From what I heard, no. The Versus and Agito games take place in entirely different universes, is what I remember hearing. But they tied in together because they all involved crystals, or some such.

    They're making so many XIII games because they think they can make some money off of them.

    It's a game for cell phones. Only available in Japan, I think.

    Apparently they've just changed the name of Agito to Final Fantasy Type-0 (as I just found out when I googled for "Agito"), maybe that's why no one knows anything about it? Wikipedia says it's still a part of the XIII series, but apparently they want to try making it into its own series as well. o_O
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  10. ✰Wayfinder✰

    ✰Wayfinder✰ New Member

    With Final Fantasy Versus XIII, I remember reading somewhere that it is not really "connected" to Final Fantasy in anyway besides the crystals. Final Fantasy Versus XIII is a touch upon the realistic aspects and supposed to relate with real events, or things that may happen, idk I just remember seeing that stated somewhere. It's like what the title says, "versus," it's a complete different story and experience. As for Final Fantasy Type-0, I read where one of the directors said it did not fit in well with the XIII games for its style or something, so they changed the name.... @_@ it was a while I read that, so I may be just plain wrong, sorry.
  11. Goldfish

    Goldfish Cats in the Cradle

    Don't forget Last Order =P

    Which they really need to do for failing for this Fiscal Year.

    oh boy here we go! Versus 2 and Type-0 2

    well in the trailer for Versus, it does quote "This is a Fantasy based on reality" (something along those lines), so you're probably not far off.
  12. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    Then that gives FFVII a tie with the Ivalice Alliance, with 6 games each.

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