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What was the last movie you watched?

Discussion in 'Movies and Television' started by EbeneezerAl, Jan 19, 2008.

  1. Plasmos

    Plasmos Plasmos

    Kill Bill Volume 1

    Kinda old but I love the series both 1 and 2, especially 1 when she fights in Tokyo. I'm sure everyone has seen it already. Too bad the couldnt make a series 3 after that whole rape allegations.
  2. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    A Simple Favor: The trailer gave off a Gone Girl vibe, and I loved that film/book and decided to give this one a try. This story wasn't as well-written as Gone Girl, but it went off in directions I wasn't expecting, which kept it interesting. The acting was well done, especially by Blake Lively. It kind of had a weird humorous tone, which worked most of the time but sometimes felt jarring. I wouldn't mind seeing it again, especially to wrap my head around the story, but I'd probably only recommend it at theater prices to someone who saw the trailer and really wants to see it. Otherwise, just watch Gone Girl.
  3. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    Moana - I'm in love with the movie. I find myself singing "How Far I'll Go" over and over again. The movie was pretty straight forward and there wasn't anything in particular that stood out besides the hint of Pacific Islander feeling. I really thought the pig was going to be somewhat of a main focus but that d--- chicken hogged (pun intended) all of the spotlight. I was also impressed that Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson could sing, very impressed.
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  4. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    Moana is fantastic. I feel like between my nephew and my niece, I've seen it a million times, and it still holds up in every way.

    Last movie I watched was School of Rock. I just saw the national tour of the Broadway musical version and wanted to compare it to the movie. I really enjoyed it (pretty much always enjoy Jack Black, honestly), but actually like the musical better, I think. I felt like the characters were less fleshed out in the movie, as odd as that seems. Still good, though. (Sidenote: I pay for damn Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu and still had to stream this from a shady-ass site because none of them had it. Shameful.)
  5. Plasmos

    Plasmos Plasmos

    Finished Rewatching Killer Elite and I'm baffled by some of the reviews I've seen for this film. It is one of those movies you rewatch once in a while. I saw it again this weekend and it reminded me of how strong it was. Clive Owen and Jason Statham are both excellent as... elite killers.
  6. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    A Star is Born (2018): Perfect, one of the best movies I've seen all year. Great casting and fantastic performances, a great soundtrack, and very moving story. I highly recommend it.

    Bohemian Rhapsody: I enjoy Queen's music but don't know much about the band. I'd imagine there are issues with parts of the story being bullshit as all "based on a true story" movies are, but I enjoyed this very much nonetheless. I thought the actors did a great job embodying their characters, especially during scenes of performances that are dead ringers for the actual footage (see: the Live Aid concert). I found the story very moving, but a little bland, I guess is the word. It seemed safe, almost like the bringing to life of a Wikipedia article about the band. There wasn't anything missing that I wanted to see, but I don't think any fans watching would gain any new insights. I still recommend it though, for people who enjoy the band or like these sorts of films.
  7. EtherealSummoner

    EtherealSummoner Lamentations 3:22-26

    Did anyone see Bandersnatch? I got mad at the movie and at my friends for picking the wrong answers.
  8. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    Aquaman: I didn't have very high hopes, because DC, but I thought this was actually a really well-made movie. It had a great tone, respectable acting, and while the plot was sort of cliche, I was invested in it. I took my twelve year old nephew to see it while he was visiting for the Christmas holidays and he liked it, too. This is the sort of movie DC should be making, to establish characters and build up their cinematic universe instead of rushing into it and pushing out crap like Batman v. Superman. I hope the execs learn from the successes of both this and Wonder Woman.

    The Upside: I enjoyed this. Kevin Hart is good when he's actually acting and not screeching, and he had great chemistry with Bryan Cranston here. I guess this is a remake of a French film that's kind of based on a true story, so calling this film "based on a true story" is probably a stretch. It also has a very abrupt ending which I found a little jarring. Aside from that, I thought it was well-acted and heartwarming. Not something I'd probably watch again unless I happen to stumble across it on Netflix some years in the future and have nothing better to do, but it was decent.
  9. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    Captain Marvel: I've seen it twice and think it's a pretty typical Marvel film. I like Brie Larson fine and enjoyed her character enough to want to see more of her. I thought she had great chemistry with Samuel L. Jackson and I enjoyed the buddy cop nature of the film. I did enjoy Jude Law's character and I liked the twist the movie gave to the Skrull/Kree conflict. I know there was talk about it being a "feminist" film, and I dunno, I didn't really get that. There were a few scenes, yeah, but I didn't feel like it was trying to shove an agenda down anyone's throat. Thankfully. I thought it had a great soundtrack and I liked the 90s vibe. I'd say it's definitely better than the shit tier of films like Iron Man 2 and 3, Thor 2, etc., but not quite up to par with the great Marvel films.

    Five Feet Apart: I went into this knowing exactly what it would be, and yeah. Your pretty standard YA sick teenagers fall in love story, along the lines of A Walk to Remember or The Fault in Our Stars. I did enjoy this, though. I thought the acting by Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse was very effective and while the story was predictable in a lot of ways, it was still moving. I did see this with the absolutely worst, most obnoxious audience in the planet, who either sobbed hysterically, giggled the whole time, or had a smart ass comment to say, depending on which direction I looked, so it took away from some of my immersion. I'd like to watch it again when I can focus more. One thing that I noticed that the movie did right was making the two leads really look sick. Sometimes actors in films like this just look pretty, but I bought that these were two really sick people.

    Shazam: This is the kind of movie DC should have been making all along, I literally don't know what the hell is wrong with their management. I had a lot of fun with this movie. I thought the kid actors were great, it had some surprisingly dark moments which I liked a lot, and it had funny and heartfelt moments, too. Some of it was a little ridiculous (the 80s, Stephen King-esque movie bullies, for example) but overall I thought it really worked. I missed the second end credit scene because I had to use the bathroom, so I don't know what sort of sequel it was setting up, but I'd watch it. DC is finally getting their shit together if they keep releasing films like Aquaman and Shazam. I'm down for it.

    Dumbo: Saw this as part of a double feature at the drive-in, so it wasn't what I was going to see. It was surprisingly moving at times; I got teary-eyed for the damn CGI elephant a few times in this film. However, it does that thing that a lot of movies do where they think viewers can't feel empathy for anything besides humans, so it throws in a human side story which ends up taking over the film. I like Colin Farrell, Danny Devito, Michael Keaton, and Eva Green, but I wasn't really on board with it all, especially the shit with the kids, who weren't great actors, and some of their story didn't have much payoff. I would have rather cut back on a lot of that and focused more on the elephant. Overall, it was "fine." I wouldn't go out of my way to see it again, but it wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen. It fits in with these other live action Disney remakes that are all "fine" but not necessary in any way.
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  10. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    All the talk about it being feminist was honestly stuff surrounding the film. Brie Larson calling the movie "A love letter to black women" (It wasn't), Brie Larson not wanting some press tour to be nothing but white males (Completely neglecting the fact that the vast majority of people who are into comics and comic movies are white men), etc. I saw the movie back when it came out and I definitely enjoyed it. I do disagree with Kevin Fegie's (Feige? I have no idea how the hell to spell his last name) comment that Captain Marvel is the strongest Avenger in the MCU. Thor still seems stronger than she does.

    Also saw this one around the time it released. Honestly I think I do that for damn near every superhero movie. Anyways, if I'm remembering correctly that the first end credit scene was the one showing the movie's villain in jail, then the second credit scene was a callback to when they were trying to find out all of his powers. The scene has him trying to talk to fish before Billy comments on how stupid such a power is, before the crippled kid (Forgot his name) pointed out the Aquaman shirt he (Crippled kid, not Billy) was wearing. I agree that the movie was really good, although I have heard some comments about how the beginning dragged on. Which it kinda does, but at the same time it is there to illustrate why the villain is as bad a person as he is.
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  11. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    I felt like I saw more people bitching about Brie Larson than I saw her actual comments. If she called the movie a "love letter to black women," I honestly have no idea why she would say that. *shrugs* I don't usually pay much attention to press. I don't know why you'd purposely try to alienate anyone who'd pay to see your movie, either, but I suppose it did just fine anyway.

    I too disagree with Captain Marvel being called the strongest Avenger. It's close, but I also think I'd give the title to Thor. If Scarlet Witch weren't nuked so bad in the films, I'd probably give the title to her.

    Thanks for sharing the second end credit scene. I'm kinda glad I didn't try to wait it out; it doesn't sound that interesting. The disabled kid's name is Freddy. I agree that the beginning dragged a bit. I thought that the villain and the backstory around him were probably the weakest things about the movie. I feel like that's pretty common for these superhero movies, though, whether they're Marvel or DC. The villain wasn't bad, it just felt like I'd seen it all before.

    I forgot that I've also recently seen Pet Sematary, since I've been rambling about it with Plasmos off topic in my The Masked Singer thread. I thought it was okay but I'd had high expectations after IT and it fell short. I'm more of a fan of the book.
  12. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Detective Pikachu...

    I honestly went into this one not expecting much out out of it. The majority of live action adaptations of animated franchises (especially the ones from Japan), always tend to miss the mark by a long shot (case in point: Dragon Ball Evolution). But I think, in this situation, not expecting much proved to allow me to enjoy what I watched. The CGI for the Pokemon did feel a bit too cartoonish at times; less believably real. However, the story/plot was fun to watch unfold, even if I ended up guessing the big reveal at the end about 15-20 minutes before it came up in the movie, and stayed very true to central, recurring themes in the Pokemon franchise. There were also some incredibly hilarious moments (which was to be expected from a movie starring Ryan Reynolds). Overall, they did a damn decent job on bringing Pokemon to the big screen in the manner that they did.
  13. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member


    I liked it a lot. It was a fun superhero/action film. it was good to see Aquamans lesser known powers too. Many make the fish jokes but few bring up that he's nearly as durable and strong as Superman.

    Which I think the comparison depends on who is writing at that time in comics but the point is Aquaman does more than fish talk.
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  14. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    ^ Yeah, Aquaman is a decent film. DC should stick to releasing films like this for a while and forget about Batman, Superman, and the damn Justice League until people actually give a crap about their characters.

    Long Shot: I thought it was fine. Story was pretty standard but the acting was good enough to make me care about the characters. It got some laughs out of me. Probably wouldn't go out of my way to see it again, but I didn't waste my time.

    The Hustle: Copy paste from above, basically, except the acting wasn't as good. I would have liked it more if it focused more on the cons and less on boys/romance crap. This movie also felt really short. It still got some laughs out of me and it was something to do on a Friday night, so...

    I wasn't ever into Pokemon but I want to see this so badly. It just looks really good. Maybe I have high hopes because of Ryan Reynolds, I don't know.

    Funny how they can animate Pokemon and make them look adorable and awesome, then we get a Sonic trailer that looks like absolute garbage. *shrugs*
  15. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    It'd help if they'd take the actual time to develop them with a movie each. They keep rushing and just throw things in cause the MCU does so well. They would also benefit to realize the realism or "gritty" nature of The Dark Night Trilogy doesn't work for EVERYTHING.

    That trilogy was meant to be realistic, it only had batman a human character, if you're gonna build a justice league you have to embrace the wackiness of comics. Which Aquaman did, Wonder Woman was great for similar reasons. It embraced that character, didn't bother with tying into future events.
  16. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    For sure. They oughta trash everything except Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazam! from the continuity and start over, moving slowly and establishing characters so that we care about them. But they've probably invested so much money and don't want to acknowledge their failures, so I doubt that will happen. In fact, I think I heard that Robert Pattinson will be playing Batman next, which is pretty much the most WTF casting I've heard in a while, honestly. DC also probably needs to hire someone to oversee everything and keep the continuity straight. Marvel has been great about tying their films together in little ways and building towards the big pay offs. DC has great characters to choose from; I don't know why they keep fucking it up.

    Rocketman: Love Elton John's music, thought this trailer looked great. Overall, I'd say it was just good, not great. Taron Egerton did an amazing job, no question. I liked the way they incorporated the music into the story- it was definitely a musical, which I wasn't expecting- I was thinking it'd be more like Bohemian Rhapsody. I didn't really care for the framing device, and the film came to an abrupt end. It's sort of the same story you always get when you look at the life of a celebrity- not the best childhood, gets his big break, fame, drugs, and sex, a sleazy record producer/manager, celeb hits rock bottom, then rallies at the end. But I'd recommend it to a fan or someone who likes biopics.

    Aladdin 2019: Like above, I didn't care for the framing device here. Besides that, the story was basically the same as the '92 animated film, can't go wrong with that. The casting was fine; the guy playing Aladdin was charming and gave off the same "diamond in the rough" vibe, the actress playing Jasmine was beautiful and gave her personality. Will Smith was better than I thought he'd be playing the Genie, but he'll never be Robin Williams. I enjoyed that the Sultan here wasn't a total buffoon. The costumes were especially lovely, but the sets and the effects all looked good, too. I'd say that the only thing I really didn't care for was the music. Aladdin 1992 has one of my favorite soundtracks, and the singing in this film just didn't live up to it in my opinion. I'd say if you have wanted to see it, you probably won't be disappointed, but you could save your money and just watch the 92 film instead.
  17. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    It was surprisingly good. I'm tempted to say it's the best video game movie so far, but that's a rather low bar so hard to say it's proper praise. Assuming you haven't seen it yet but you will, keep in mind that that it is above all else a kid's movie. So certain aspects of it are like the plot of a Saturday morning cartoon. Not much to consider groundbreaking except how good the Pokemon themselves look. At least, for the most part. Pokemon with fur look good. Mewtwo looks good. Charizard I'm still on the fence about (At least certain aspects). Mr. Mime... Well he looks kinda creepy not gonna lie.

    As for myself, most recent movie I've seen is Godzilla: King of the Monsters. I saw it twice, opening night and today. As a Godzilla fan for as long as I can remember, I absolutely loved this movie. You can definitely see the effort to pay homage to the classic movies

    • I can't think of the word for it, but the movie itself takes after the movie Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster, being a movie where Godzilla, Ghidorah, Mothra, and Rodan are the monsters in focus.
    • Rodan coming out of a volcano is the same as his original movie, Rodan, where there are 2 Rodans discovered in a volcano.
    • The characters of the movie realize that Ghidorah is from space, like his other incarnations.
    • They included the original Godzilla theme, something the 2014 movie lacked.
    • I'm not completely sure, but I feel that Godzilla's roar was much more like his classic roar in the Japanese movies (Toho wouldn't reveal how they created his roar, so the 2014 movie had to make their own).
    • Credits begin with a remix of Blue Oyster Cult's song Godzilla.
    • Godzilla was slightly redesigned and his dorsal fins/spikes look more like how they do in the classic movies.
    • There is a reference to the Shobijin/Twin faries who acted as envoys for Mothra (In this movie they're a set of twins who work for Monach and their mother, grandmother, and great grandmother are all twins as well).
    • The Oxygen Destroyer that killed Godzilla in the original 1954 movie is included.
    • The movie itself is dedicated to Haruo Nakajima and I think Yoshimitsu Banno. Haruo Nakajima was the first actor to portray Godzilla and portrayed him 12 times throughout his career. Yoshimitsu Banno is known for directing Godzilla vs. Hedorah and was an executive producer for this film and the previous 2014 film. Both men passed away in 2017.

    I'm certain there are other references/Easter eggs/whatever that I missed, but I haven't seen the classic films in a long time so my memory of them is quite rusty.

    Interesting thing about this movie is that the critic reviews are complaining about there being too much focus on the Kaiju and not on the human characters, which is funny since a common complaint about the 2014 movie was that there was too much focus on the humans and not nearly enough on Godzilla himself (Though I still do like the 2014 movie).

    I will admit that the overall plot itself is kinda weak, but honestly I don't think that's a bad thing. Godzilla movies aren't known for having an amazing story (A good chunk of the 20-30 movies in the franchise are literally about aliens coming to take over Earth and they either have their own Kaiju or find a way to control a Kaiju that Godzilla has to fight). They do decide to include the whole climate change thing, but honestly that's meh. Not important enough to get angry over.
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  18. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    They had to get an actor not put off by the universes flop performance lol
    Perhaps they're finally learning some lesson. Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Shazaam seem to be more in line with a fun story. That or they just got directors they wouldn't force decisions on. lol
  19. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    I went to see that one the other night. The critical responses are pretty amusing. I will agree, there was a lot of time spent on the human characters in 2014's Godzilla. I didn't have much of a problem with it; though I do think they could have brought out the big guy in full force a bit sooner than they did. I reckon that one, though, was meant to be more for the building of anticipation. I see King of Monsters as being an overadjustment based on the responses; 'they want more Godzilla fighting other monsters? We'll give them just that!' Again, I didn't take issue with the long stretch of Kaiju fighting. I mean, once you start bringing in more Kaijus, that's about what you can expect from a Godzilla movie.

    I actually wish we could have gotten to see more of them in action, actually. Other than Godzilla and King Gidorah, and the brief spats with Rodan and Mothra, we only got those brief newscast snippets of the other monsters that were released. Maybe this is full throttle jump into a Kaiju/Monster/Godzilla franchise though, and we'll get to see more of them feature in their own movies; after all, the lore behind them has been established, and some of them are postulated to be benevolent while others not so much. Now there's room to explore just how the rest of the world will interact with the creatures free to roam the Earth. If I've been hearing correctly, KoM is also intended to lead into a Godzilla vs. King Kong movie?

    Did you stick around for post-credits?
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  20. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    That's one of the funny things about the 2014 movie. People complained about Godzilla's overall lack of screen time, yet I remember thinking how it was basically par for the course for a Godzilla movie. The majority of every Godzilla movie (Or at least a large number of them) is focusing on the human characters. I do love that Godzilla and the other monsters have much more screen time in this newest one.

    Other than seeing more Mothra (And maybe showing the 4 main ones on screen all at the same time), it's honestly really hard to allow us to see the minor monsters more. Ghidorah, being the massive threat that he is, warranted him being the main kaiju focus. Shifting the focus to one of the minor ones would've been considered padding at best. Mentioning them getting focus in their own movies in an interesting thought and it could very well happen. I once read that in 2020 that whatever deal that gives Legendary Pictures the rights to use Godzilla are set to expire. I'm hoping that this movie does good enough that Legendary Pictures (And I suppose Warner Bros as well since they're involved with this movie) will try to work out a deal to let them keep making Godzilla movies and that Toho will be willing to agree to such a deal.

    Yes, KotM will be followed by a Godzilla vs. Kong movie, which is set to come out in March of next year. The movie drops a few hints at the end. Spoiler tags for those who haven't seen it.

    As you saw, Monarch uncovers cave paintings depicting Godzilla fighting one of the Kong species, practically identical to how Kong Skull Island ended with Monarch uncovering cave paintings depicting Godzilla and Ghidora fighting. Obvious foreshadowing is obvious. Additionally one of the news articles shown at the end talks about monsters heading towards Skull Island. I personally think that's alluding to Skull Island becoming the Monsterverse equivalent of Monster Island. For those unfamiliar with Monster Island, many of the classic Godzilla movies had some scenes take place in Monster Island. It's called that because Godzilla and other Kaiju basically call the island home.

    Yes I did, even though I didn't check in advance if there was a scene after the end or not. Thankfully my gamble paid off.

    The scene strengthens a thought I've been having that the upcoming Godzilla vs. Kong is essentially gonna pull a BvS and have the two main monsters fight until a bigger threat appears and requires them to team up. When the scene started and the random fisherman mentioned the island where Rodan was found, my initial thought was that they were hinting towards Destroyah. Destroyah is a Kaiju that was created from the Oxygen Destroyer used the kill the original Godzilla way back in the 1954 film. So given that the Oxygen Destroyer was used near that island, natural assumption that they could lead to that. But since the scene instead showed the severed Ghidorah head that Godzilla ripped off before, the common theory is that it will instead lead to Mecha King Ghidorah. Which would be an interesting choice given how these Godzilla movies don't have anything close to the tech needed for such a monster (Or a Mechagodzilla for that matter).

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