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what level did you beat the game at?

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XII' started by Kairi008, Jun 23, 2008.

  1. Kairi008

    Kairi008 New Member

    I beat the game at level 60. What about others?
  2. Default_User

    Default_User New Member

    err, i was on level 74 for Fran, 72 for Ashe and 73 for Basch. That was the team I used.
  3. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    I haven't beaten the game yet, but my main party (Vaan, Balthier, and Ashe) are currently at 65. I think they were in the fifties when I first tried to beat the boss, but they died after fighting for 20 minutes.
  4. Default_User

    Default_User New Member

    i thought the battle was pretty easy at my levels... not too hard. i think you are ready, now.

    But by the way....


    in the ending, i don't understand.... what's with the ring?? and Ashe likes Vaan, or what?? Penelo's with Vaan???? i got really confused, didn't understand well the ending....

  5. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    Probably, all I have been doing now is getting the optional things, like Espers, ultimate weapons (mainly the Tourensol), all spells (just missing one cause I don't have enought gil), and hunts.

    and to help with your spoiler... The ring was Ashe's. Balthier took it as payment for helping her.
  6. Default_User

    Default_User New Member

    oooooh, yeah, I remember now...

    Ashe's wedding ring, right? I think I remember now

    sorry for being out of topic.
  7. Yukie

    Yukie Fist Pumps

    Well...at first I thought Vaan and Ashe was going to hook up, but sadly it was him and Penelo...aww...but yeah, I think that the circle thingie was her wedding band.
  8. dualblade

    dualblade Break!

    It was,no point in hiding it anyway,we all beat the game if we posted here.

    Anyway,Vaan and Ashe were lvl 72,and Basch 56 when I beat it.I had been using Baltheir until lvl 65,but I like Basch better.

    Currently Im doing much better with my latest save file,I might actually be in the lvl 90s before even getting to the final boss.Ive been overleveling myself in all the RPGs ive been playing without trying.Probably the sidequest part of it.
  9. Reflection

    Reflection New Member

    I was really low like 50-55ish. Don't remember exactly.
  10. Ningacom

    Ningacom New Member

    yeah i was around the 50's area, the last boss for that game was easy
  11. GuitarLegend

    GuitarLegend New Member

    i remember i was level 84. i trained nonstop for a long time, i didnt think id need it, its just fun going back and kicking in everything that got in your way beforehand ^^
  12. Napoléon

    Napoléon Kuroko Fangirl

    Being level 84 is quite impressive GuitarLegend ^^... I was only level 73 when I finished the game... I started training because I was experiencing difficulties at the start of the game and decided to start leveling my characters up so I wouldn't have much trouble throughout the rest of it, and it workd :3...
  13. aqua007

    aqua007 Banned

    yall might not believe this but i beat the game at lvl 39 with all.
  14. Josh Homme

    Josh Homme New Member

    My friend built it up to seem really hard, so I didn't try until I was 99. So the final battle wasn't even fun, but the ending was still pretty good.

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