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The Illuminati

Discussion in 'Mature Discussion' started by .Leggo, May 5, 2012.

  1. Yacob

    Yacob Banned

    no you didn't you presented a totally fabricated strawman logical fallacy about judicial watch that had NOTHING to do with the declassified documents obtained through the freedom of information act.
  2. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    It's important to have reliable sources. If Judicial Watch is known for spreading misinformation, a document that they produce and claim comes from the US government isn't worth much on its own.

    I still fail to see how any of this evidence ties together as proof of the Illuminati. How does the fact that all these things exist, whether blood sacrifices, mind control courtesy of the good doctor Delgado, this DOD document, etc, lead to a conclusion that it is all connected to one group of individuals? There are puzzle pieces I am missing here.

    I guess you must be the only one enlightened enough to understand that, then. Including the creators, unless you can point us to some interviews with them explaining their intentions of creating an occult game full of ancient mysteries. Although what this has to do with the thread topic, I don't know.
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  3. Yacob

    Yacob Banned

    lol the document actually does come for the department of intelligence agency. secondly just stating that a source has spread misinfo is hardly enough. where is your source for this? they use the freedom of information act to obatain classified documents from government agencies which has resulted in several law suits against the U.S government not judicial watch. judicial watch has actually been rewarded hundreds of thousands FROM the federal government and I have heard nothing of them spread mis info and what the hell is a DOD document? I think im wasting my time here

    ok you guys don't understand the occult. you don't understand the difference between exoteric and esoteric. these things actually exist. there is also a little known thing called symbology and it has to do with the study of symbols and their exoteric meaning and esoteric meanings. these things exist.

    and how does it lead to a small group of individuals? you must follow the paper trail.

    if you don't believe it is authentic, then contact the DIA public affairs office and ask them yourself is the document real. they will be happy to inform you that it is but they will not be able to comment on any questions that you may have about the document. give them a call and see for yourself. you may have to leave a message but someone will get back with you.
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  4. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    You're not showing this. You're the one posting this, trying to convince everyone it's the truth, so the burden should be on you to explain your theory in a way that actually makes sense to people. Surely it should say something to you that no one in this thread has agreed with anything you've said. But it's us who are wrong?

    Uh, the Department of Defense declassified document you yourself posted in this very thread. The one that says Department of Defense Information Report right across the top of it. :rolleyes: I guess my shorthand was confusing. So sorry.

    And as far as that document goes, real or not, what difference does it make? If it proves that the CIA was behind the mess in the Middle East, what of it? If this were a thread about the US government screwing up, that might be relevant. I suppose I need to "follow the paper trail" to see how this has anything to do with the Illuminati, right?

    And again, so what?

    A Google search would pull up a few examples, but I suppose they'd be dismissed as "those damn liberals causing trouble", judging by this group's politics. In my post, I also never said that they did spread misinformation, but rather that it's important to use trusted sources because you can't build a true theory on false facts.
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  5. Xeren_Ozone

    Xeren_Ozone Member

    Now hold on friend, because you might be confused. As an American, you do not have the right to freedom of information. You don't have the inalienable right to know everything you want to know. There is a reason classified documents are classified. No American department will just hand out classified documents, even if you make your way to their doorstep and demand that you be allowed to enter and view as you please, based on your freedom of information. They will turn you away.

    There is such a thing as a declassified document. However, these documents are not photocopied and then put online when they don't need them anymore. To become declassified a document has to go through an inumerable amount of red tape and verification that under no circumstances would any information in the document be harmful to the country, or otherwise redacted. Then, the declassified information is put in the National Library. It likely would be then photocopied and put online, avaliable for literally anyone in the world to go read rather than hidden like so many of these conspiracy theories seem to suggest. Additionally, most of the declassified documents are from older times such as the World and Cold Wars. Things such as prototypes, information regarding spies, things that are more of interesting reads now rather than the life and war-changing information that they were back then.
  6. Yacob

    Yacob Banned

    it is a Department of intelligence agency document and thus is an INFORMATION report.
    its late ill respond to the rest later.

    that's exactly why there is a tone of redacted sections in the DIA document.
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  7. NeRo

    NeRo Your Supreme Lord And Savior Staff Member Administrator

    How old are you if i may ask?
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