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should i get it?

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts - RE: Chain Of Memories' started by Nobody13, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Nobody13

    Nobody13 New Member

    well i got KH COM and i just remembered tht there was a PS2 remake of it. i never beat COM, and i was wondering if getting it on the PS2 would be a good idea. are there any extras or anything? is it easier? and are the graphics good? oh and is there voice acting?
  2. Xehanort

    Xehanort New Member

    Yes. Wonderful and do not get discouraged at the gameplay, you will get it. Just ask for assistance if you need it. The awesomeness of the Org members with voices is incredible. And you can play as Riku.
  3. Luxoran

    Luxoran New Member

    The voices are... strange. Especially considering how Sora's KH II voice is used on the KH Sora.

    Also, Namine is voiced by some some of obnoxious actress I-don't-know-what-her-name-is. Not like the original where she actually held a tone of humility and reserved docility.

    And everyone - the way they speak - is comparable to the generic anime (you know, like the ones where everyone and everything has a sword and there's at least one creature that doesn't normally talk but does anyway). Random words are overemphasized and breathy.

    Oh, and
    YouTube - Vexen's Creepy Ass Japanese Laugh
    but that's in Japanese.

    EDIT: The above generic anime. Sounds like Bleach, doesn't it.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2010
  4. Nobody13

    Nobody13 New Member

    lol tht vid was hilarious. and are u saying the voices are good or bad? lol
  5. Keyblade Master Roxas

    Keyblade Master Roxas Shake the Core.

    Hm I think you should get it. The game play is easy and you'll get it. The first time I got it, I started getting the game play really quick. Well the only thing extra is the Theater and Rikus game play. I recommend you to buy the game. I felt really weird playing Sora with the Kingdom Hearts two voice. But I ended up getting used to it quick just like I did with the game play.
  6. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    Is the gameplay any different from the original Chain of Memories? I considered getting RE: COM, but I am not sure about buying it if it is going to frustrate me as much as the original did. I'm still a little ticked off that I bought a gameboy advance to play COM on.
  7. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    The very basics of the gameplay is the same.

    The diferences (Listed off the top of my head):

    New sleights for Sora.
    New cards for Sora, such as KH2 keyblades.
    Sora gets Superglide. Don't remember if he had it in the original.
    New sleights for Riku.
    A new ability for Riku. I forget the name, but it is incredibly helpful.
    Zexion as a boss battle.
    Reaction commands.
    I think Marluxia has a new battle.

    And I enjoyed the game, except for two specific reasons. Namine's voice didn't seem right since it wasn't the same voice actor from KH2. And Diz's voice. I absolutely hate is Re:CoM voice. The guy who did it for KH2 (Can't remember his name, but I know he played as Sarumon in LotR and Count Dooku in Star Wars) is so much better. And the really depressing thing for Diz's voice actor in Re:CoM is that he'll probably voice Ansem the Wise in BBS.
  8. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    That would be Christopher Lee, and yeah, his voice is just about perfect.

    Well, it's only $20 on Amazon, so I might pick Re: COM up one of these days. Give it one more try.
  9. Nobody13

    Nobody13 New Member

    yea its really cheap so i might pick it up next time i go to a store and see it
  10. Yeah it is great game, one of the best for a portable.
  11. Rejected Oblivion

    Rejected Oblivion New Member

    It's a great game but due to them screwing the world system so badly it has a very low replay value. Still, worth $20 for sure.
  12. As I said earlier for the price you cant go wrong .
  13. x3pic

    x3pic I'll Kill You.

    Don't let this fool you. Its a good game, not great. Re: CoM i didn't like. Why? Because i've done it all before on CoM for the GBA. So if you really need to have 3-D version of the game, then go for it. IT's fun, but you will get bored..trust me
  14. xion's

    xion's New Member

    ur rite i must addmit
  15. Colonel Caboose

    Colonel Caboose The Man, the Myth, the Legend

    Its plain and simple, just get it.

    EDIT: last post was three weeks ago. -_-
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