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My 12 Days Alterations

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days' started by Derek, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member


    • Shorten the story in terms of pacing. If we’re talking a console, compress the game into a story or chapter based structure instead of a mission based one.

    • Use FAR fewer ice cream scenes. Instead, dot bonding moments throughout the story. How Roxas bonds with Axel or Xion and his interactions with other nobodies. The game hast he perfect opportunity to do a lot of one-on-one interaction so use it.

    • Make Roxas the PoV. Xion has too much narrative spotlight for a game meant to be about Roxas.

    • For the love of glob use a combat system closer to KH2 or KH3.

    • Going back to point one, since this would likely be on console, cut any unnecessary modes. Put all that time into story. If we need extra then give us Mirage Arena or Olympus.

    • Change the “who will I have ice cream with” line.

    • While Riku appears to Xion, have Namine appear at times to Roxas. Convey that these two are trying to initiate more humane options before they realize they have none left.

    • Give us at least one mission of Roxas being paired with Xemnas. It’d be funny.

    • Show us the contents of that damn book Vexen had on Namine. DO IT

    Originally posted by finalmix

    • Highlight the influence Sora has over Xion so we can see her motives more clearly. Her existence was hampering Sora’s influence over Roxas so showing how it affects her will show us how it affects Roxas after she’s gone.

    • Clearly, and briefly, tell us how Xion was made and how she functions. You can even do this as she learns it to kill two narrative birds at once.

    Conversely, take out that dumb sh*t about her face always being different or her keyblade being “fake”. Yes, her face can be “blank” at first but give her that Kairi look and leave it at that.

    The whole point of her shifting face was to highlight the Xigbar-Ven scene later which is no longer a mystery to us like it was in 2008. It’s superfluous.

    • Give Roxas more interactions with world residents. It’s really boring and the story blends together when he’s just sulking in the shadows. Yes, I know he’s MEANT to but show him doing it anyway for whatever reasons. An example of this done right was Phil dragging Roxas & Demyx into THE GAMESSSSSSsssss (insert phil voice)

    Eventually, the inner Sora of Roxas would have him helping who he could anyway. That’s just an aspect of Sora all his clones inherit. (always has been)
  2. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    Honestly I'm tempted to argue that they shouldn't have made Xion. I feel her existence and the relationship she built with Roxas essentially undermines the relationship they attempted to build between Roxas and Namine.

    Whose bright idea was it to give you limited spell uses per mission? Seriously that was stupid.

  3. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't be opposed to it. Roxas needs something to motivate his AWOL status but that could easily be Roxas meeting Namine or even just making a normal friend in Kairi.

    I dont follow ships much but anything that develops characters we already had is A-OK in most cases to me. lol

    This would be hysterical, I'm down for this idea. Just add in random points where he says "indeed" during the mission as well.
    Roxas: So this is what we're doing right?
    Xemnas: Indeed.
    Roxas: *finishes off boss*
    Xemnas: Indeed.

    Yes. It was just one random scene of Axel finding it I believe. It was never addressed again. lmao
    It's here, jump to 20mins:

    They were playing up that whole "everyone sees Xion different!" thing which I still think is dumb. Which I guess they were hoping that'd add intrigue as to why they look the same? It always felt lost on me personally but Nomura has some kink for lookalikes.
  4. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    I'm not one to follow ships much either, but it's part of them essentially ignoring something they already established and something that is kind of a major problem with Xion to begin with. If the solution you come up with for preventing a new character from interfering with what's already established is to have everybody forget them when they "die" then maybe the character should not have been created to begin with.

    I think I just wrote that off as Vexen explaining Namine is Kairi's nobody.

    I mean, given that one bit in KH3 (Which I will address in that thread).
  5. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    Ah. A very valid view to have really. Granted a lot was unknown since KH2 just threw Roxas in, let him live 6 days then he's gone. The most jarring change was going from fun double agent Axel to....the after. Those are tangents of another kind though.
    I often feel Xion just existed to fill some trio quota tbh.

    It can be seen as that. The issue was it's a tease we never saw explained, something we've actually wanted explained.

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