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Multiplayer in Kingdom Hearts 3

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Hope, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. Hope

    Hope Admin Staff Member Administrator

    I'm not sure if a thread has been made on this topic or not (I did look but I couldn't find a recent one). Anyway I thought I'd put up a thread for discussion about the rumors of a co-op multiplayer in Kingdom Hearts 3.
    Obviously, I am not confirming multiplayer in the game. I know just as much as you do. Tetsuya Nomura has made a few interesting comments on this topic. In an interview published by Finalynd (Actualité FF :: JE 2013 : Interview with Tetsuya Nomura (ENG)) on July 7th, he announced they would be considering fan requests to make more character's than just Sora playable in the newest game. He also commented that we might be surprised by some of the announcements they make about the PS4/Xbox1 title in the future.
    Finaland & FFDream: Can we expect a multiplayer cooperative mode with many playables characters in KHIII ?

    Tetsuya Nomura: The Kingdom Hearts series always had Sora as the main character, so we want to make the most of Sora, playable Sora of course. But again, Kingdom Hearts III is going to be the last chapter of the Kingdom Hearts main numbering title series, so lots of fans actually want to play as their favorite characters in Kingdom Hearts III so we will consider that, we will listen to what fans wants but hopefully we could give you some surprises in the future announcements.

    What interests me about this answer is that he neither confirmed, nor denied the rumors. If it was something they were definitely not going to do, wouldn't they put the rumors to rest right then? Coupled with the tease on multiple 'surprise announcements' in the future, this leads me to wonder if they are at least considering, if not thinking of ways to add a multiplayer into the game if not just make more characters playable.
    What do you guys think? Would you want to see it in Kingdom Hearts 3?
  2. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    I remember this interview.

    Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if multiplayer and other playable characters were added. Nomura mentioned testing out new features in the spin-off titles. Like flow-motion in KH3D, will be returning in KH3 as attraction flow. Multiplayer was used in 358/2 Days and BBS. So why shouldn't KH3, have them.
  3. x3pic

    x3pic I'll Kill You.

    It wouldn't hurt the series what so ever. I mean they have been testing with BBS and Days so I don't see why not this game. I just don't see how it would actually fit, besides it actually just being a side game.

    Kingdom Hearts Battle Royal?
  4. Cameron

    Cameron New Member

    you know, KH multiplayer would be the saving grace for KH discussion boards.

    just saying.
  5. 月野 うさぎ

    月野 うさぎ KH Graphic Team

    What I got from the interview was that he focused on the fact people want to play as more than just Sora. Every time we've been able to play as another character than Sora, people have really liked the game. I can't say for sure, but I know that BBS, Days, KH3D, and COM all did pretty well, considering you didn't always play as Sora in those, or in the case of BBS and Days, or not at all.
  6. x3pic

    x3pic I'll Kill You.

    There is no doubt going to be multiplayer. The concern I have is how will the add it to an console title. They've only had it on handhelds, which are easier to pull off multiplayer games on
  7. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    Well, compared to the main console games (KH1 & KH2), where we always played as Sora (99.9% of the time), those were the money making games and the spin-offs did less of a job!
  8. Remedy

    Remedy Remnant

    I think competitive multiplayer could be very very interesting. But Co-Op would for sure be nice
  9. x3pic

    x3pic I'll Kill You.

    I don't think Co-Op would be any good. That's just my opinion, but KH has always been a single player game. (Besides the MP components in the side games). So adding a CO-OP to actual title/numbered game might have it's ups and downs. I think they should just leave it with competitive multiplayer.
  10. Dion

    Dion Member

    I'm pretty sure if they add in any kind of Multiplayer to Kingdom Hearts 3, it'll be the same as what they did with Mirage Arena, but online.

    If they went into the direction of Co-op Campaign, that would be pretty cool too, but that would all be based on what exactly the campaign consists of.

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