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Kingdom Hearts: The Story So Far

Discussion in 'General Kingdom Hearts' started by Hope, Oct 12, 2018.

  1. Taboo Sho

    Taboo Sho Arlert Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Last edited: Oct 12, 2018
  2. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    Hasn't S-E got enough money from the fans? How many more times are they gonna repackage the same games? Lol.

    But I suppose this is a good deal for someone who doesn't own any of the games yet. >_<
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  3. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    Tbh the tagline isn't even 100% true. KHUX continues to add story and lore. You can look up he scenes for free, sure, but that collection doesn't feel like a full story "so far". I'm sure there's other info in other places too but I havent kept track of it in ages. (wasn't a concert canon at one point now?)
  4. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    It's a bit a shame they're still not including the actual Days and RE: Coded games... I wonder if that has anything to do with the cross platforming of those titles.
  5. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    That or the issues of upscaling them, if not both. There's a really cool Days fan project floating around.
  6. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    If they could remake CoM to go from a GBA game to a PS2 game, remaking Days in the same way couldn't be that much of a stretch.
    Kitty likes this.
  7. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    True but when they made the remixes they already had a CoM remake to upscale. CoM was first remade when they made KH2FM and was packaged with it.

    So something between 2006 and now is different or they're just too lazy to do it. Unless they're just focusing on KH3. Not sure.
    With the way things are, especially with that KHUX update, I'd rather play the fan mod than trust Nomura.

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