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Kingdom Hearts 3

Discussion in 'Archive' started by cpudude30k, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. cpudude30k

    cpudude30k New Member

    Well as I'm sure everybody knows, KH3 has been announced and there is a link on my channel showing the trailer and then featuring a discussion about what we can see/expect from the game and then beyond. So feel free to check that out, also on a side note KH3 was also confirmed for XBOXONE but no one is buying that anymore haha.
  2. V3ntu$

    V3ntu$ New Member

    Even though they announced this is also confirmed to be on Xbox one this definitely convinced me to get a PS4
  3. cpudude30k

    cpudude30k New Member

    Let's be honest no one is buying an XBOX ONE especially since they did not address the DRM issues at the conference.
  4. Noir


    Can't wait. Between waiting for it for years.
    But let's hope that Kingdom Hearts won't end yet.
  5. cpudude30k

    cpudude30k New Member

    Oh, it won't I threw a few ideas out in my video
  6. Forever Hearts

    Forever Hearts New Member

    Aww man, I want to be excited but I bet I can't get it, I just can't keep up. Consoles are so expensive and I just bought a 3DS specifically for DDD... I already missed BBS which looks really good cause I have no Psp. 1.5 would be great cause I really want to play COM but I have no PS3 and PS4's are going to be seriously expensive and aren't even backwards compatible. They must think we're made of money :(
  7. Yamirah

    Yamirah New Member

    We might not hear from KH3 in a while because the creators said it was too early to show it but they showed it because they knew the fans wanted to see it.Also they said there will be more KH games after KH3.
  8. thexwarlord

    thexwarlord New Member

    Really? Where did they say KH3 would be the last Kingdom Hearts?
  9. yzw035

    yzw035 New Member

    Great News!
  10. Yamirah

    Yamirah New Member

    I said they said there will be more KH games after this.
  11. lilmula01

    lilmula01 New Member

    I feel like it's been forever since they've made a "good" Kingdom Hearts. All of them so far released have been sub titles and it kinda' ticked me off. I'm glad though that they've decided to make a sequel. I personally want this game so idc if I have to buy the latest system in order to get it. It'd be worth it.
  12. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    Ouch! That's a pretty penny for one game. I don't recommend it, even if it is Kingdom Hearts 3.
  13. lilmula01

    lilmula01 New Member

    Nah Idc. I loved Kingdom Hearts ever since I was a little boy so why not spend a little?
  14. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    It's spending a lot especially for one game, but that's just me. It's long overdue and I can understand your reasoning, but I wouldn't rush into a purchase until prices drop down. Kingdom Hearts 3 isn't going anywhere.

    But it's solely up to you.
  15. Keyblade Mistress

    Keyblade Mistress New Member

    There have been more then just Disney movies out there. There are shows too. I've always thought they should add in some animated television shows in future games.

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