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Favorite Character

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XII' started by Kitty, Jan 30, 2008.

Fave character?

  1. Vaan

  2. Penelo

  3. Ashe

  4. Basch

  5. Balthier

  6. Fran

  7. Vayne

  8. Larsa

  9. Reddas

  10. Other

  1. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    This is self explanatory. Choose.

    Mine's Ashe. I like strong female characters, both in personality and in battle. When I first saw the art for her, I thought she'd be a chick like Yuna in X-2. Thank God I was mistaken.

    Honors to both Basch and Balthier. Both were good-looking (for fictional game characters), and I dug both their voices. Hot. They were also strong party members and important to the story. I liked the running gag about Balthier being the leading man, with Fran finally telling him he was more of a supporting character. ^_^

    I actually have to give props to FFXII for doing such a great job on their main characters. All of them were likeable to me and their voice actors were perfect.
  2. Basch= SWEET, probably my most paid attention to member
  3. EbeneezerAl

    EbeneezerAl New Member

    Gotta be Balthier. I liked him from the moment he entered the game. I loved his personality, which was perfectly accentuated by his voice acting. And he also has one of the more interesting, if somewhat cliche, backstories of any character.
  4. Zenrot

    Zenrot New Member

    It has to be Vaan for me. I am an admitted fan boy of the sword wielding leading fighters, but I thought the back story involving Recks, Vaan, and Basche was amazing.
  5. Juste Belmont

    Juste Belmont New Member

    Fran for me, the Viera are awesome, you can't beat them, and Fran was just the best, right from the start
  6. Kairi008

    Kairi008 New Member

    I chose Penelo. Her and Vaan acted just like brother and sister. She fought really good and she is very cheerful
  7. Tifa_03

    Tifa_03 New Member

    I choose Fran!! Great Fighter. I used her like the whole game
  8. Black Mage Moogle

    Black Mage Moogle New Member

    Hmmm i say Balthier for this game. His personality is great and the things he comes out with is really humorous.
  9. ishotansem

    ishotansem New Member

    Balthier he was quite heroic in the ending
  10. Khthree

    Khthree Banned

    ya i aggre with Toph my fav characters was ashe as well, stong and determined woman!
  11. Yukie

    Yukie Fist Pumps

    Fran. She is the best. She is like one of the guys and she kick @$$! Also she know how to be a lady at the same time.
  12. YRPgrls <3

    YRPgrls <3 New Member

    umm either between penelo ashe or fran i liked all of them
  13. I love Fran and Balthier they rock
  14. Zero

    Zero ♫♪♫Dear☺God♫♪♫

    Balthier was my favorite at the moment.
  15. Beloved

    Beloved Azure's Beloved

    I honestly like Larsa the best. He's just so cool.

    Cool-headed and smart. Badass.
  16. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    Balthier. He is by far the coolest character in the whole game.
  17. Xephr

    Xephr New Member

    My favorite is Bashe but I mostly play Vaan all the time and he's my favorite too
  18. AquaKh-3

    AquaKh-3 New Member

    I like Larsa. I don't know why, but I do. (He's awesome!!)
  19. Default_User

    Default_User New Member

    I've gotta say Fran...

    She has some cool lines, (sure, she looks like a playboy girl, or so, but still..)
    I found her to be a strong woman, very brave, intelligent, a really smart and powerful woman.

    Really liked that character :)

    Even though I didn't like the game...
  20. Kyuu

    Kyuu your worst nightmare.

    Fran and Larsa. Fran rocks, she's strong female. ^^
    Larsa is quite cool.

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