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Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XII' started by Kitty, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    I'd make a poll, but I can't remember all of their names off the top of my head v_v.

    I only summoned espers twice- once because you have to in order to advance in the game, and the other because I wanted to see what they actually did. So I can't say they were especially useful to me. I did think they were cool-looking and the fights were a nice challenge, especially against Zodiark.

    My favorite is probably Ultima, for the lame reason that she's all gold and pretty.
  2. EbeneezerAl

    EbeneezerAl New Member

    I enjoyed the process of finding and obtaining them all. But they were a waste of MP that was best spent on spells and quickenings.

    The only one I found to be really useful was Zalera, or at least I think that was his name. It was the one you got in the Barheim Passage. Instant death to all enemies was a nice benefit. But I never used it because any enemies you killed with him dropped no items. Screw that. I need money.

    They were also quite useful in some of the earlier marks. I use Belias on the Ghost (or whatever he was; the first one you fight in the Garamsythe Waterway). He always cast doom, and at that point, I couldn't cure it. So I'd just bring out Belias and have the summoner hang back so that the Ghost always targeted Belias, who was immune to the status.
  3. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    ^That's an interesting strategy. I always just waited until Basch joined the party and threw phoenix downs as needed.

    Anyways. I wish I'd bothered to summon Zalera, because insta-death can be pretty useful when leveling up. Maybe next time.
  4. EbeneezerAl

    EbeneezerAl New Member

    He's powerful. Just don't ever use him when you need the money, cause you won't get it.
  5. Nikylee

    Nikylee New Member

    this maybe a newbie question but where is ultima
    he is th fina esper i need to get ^^
    i killed zodiark at level 55
    will that be enough to kill ultima?
    any help woul be fantastic :)
  6. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    Ultima is inside the Great Crystal in Giruvegan. She's a major pain in the ass to find. Your best bet would be to get a map of the crystal off gamefaqs and just follow it. I couldn't begin to explain how to get there.

    And if you can kill Zodiark, I think you should be okay with Ultima. I don't remember what level I was, but I think I fought them one after the other.
  7. EbeneezerAl

    EbeneezerAl New Member

    Yeah, if you killed Zodiark, he was much harder than Ultima was. Theo nlytrick to Ultima is that she has a constantly changing battle condition (HP Drain, MP Drain, Half Speed, etc). She has no cheap moves that can instant kill every member of your party ><.

    Although, despite being a royal pain to beat, Zodiark was kinda cute, XD.

    But seriously, the hardest part of Ultima is getting to her, in that the Great Crystal is a pain to navigate and that the enemies in that section are brutal.
  8. Cecil!!!

    Cecil!!! New Member

    I only have 4 right now but probably Adrammelech
  9. worbs

    worbs New Member

    i dont have a favorite. there all useless
  10. dualblade

    dualblade Break!

    i have all of them except for ultima and zodiark.and i always liked adra the best,no matter who much the espers didnt really pawn in this game.i still to use em.
  11. EtherealSummoner

    EtherealSummoner Lamentations 3:22-26

    I know all of the Espers since you don't know the espers name by heart Toph.

    Belias, Mateus, Adrammalech, Cuchulainn, Exodus, Ultima, Chaos, Zodiark, Famfrit, Zalera, Hashmall, Zeromus, and Shemhazai.

    My favorite esper: Zodiark, and he's my esper regardless of what people says. ^^
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2013
  12. dualblade

    dualblade Break!

    He got them all.Adrammalech is still my favorite even know,and makes fighting Mateus so much easier.I have still yet to get Zodiark and Ultima,but I know im strong enough to get them and will after getting through Giruvegan on my current save file
  13. crazykh

    crazykh New Member

    i have all the espers the hardest to get id zodiark
  14. aqua007

    aqua007 Banned

    i have every single esper.took my 239 hours to find them all

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