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Crack Theory

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 1' started by Derek, Oct 10, 2018.

  1. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    So I’ve always had this small, possibly crack, theory that KH Herc has already obtained his godhood. For a few key factors:

    1) He’s already a true hero by the time Sora meets him.
    2) He has that godly aura which he uses in all his battles, even some in KH2 if I remember right.
    3) All the scenes of him and Phil teaching Sora about strength of heart. A lesson Herc didn’t learn until the end of his original movie canon. The lesson that made him a true hero and by extension a god once more.


    I think this is further back, or at least made possible, is during KH2. When you first go to Olympus you meet Meg in the underworld. The story portrays her as having met Herc recently. At least within the year Sora has slept.

    We know this because she wasn’t present during KH1, she and Herc haven’t progressed enough to admit their feelings yet, and she had never met Sora until KH2.

    This is interesting because she was what helped Herc become a true hero in the movie. Yet Herc already has his status and god aura in KH1.


    You also see Herc’s game model literally dim as he gets exhausted and loses confidence. I mean he gets it back, Kh2 basically rips the movie ending and Herc is restored to his previous state.

    So yeah. You potentially kicked the @$$ of a olympian god with nothing but a 4ft key, a dog and a duck. Congratulations, the Titans will be recruiting you shortly...oh wait we also defeated two of those as well...hmm...
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