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Beloved -A Tragedy of Time

Discussion in 'Original Roleplays (IC)' started by Kairi831, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. "Well, that sounds like lots of fun" Brittany knew what TOby was playing at, and she didn't like it. "Even if luke doesn't go, which he should, I will definately come!" She winked at Toby in a very flirtatious manner. She didnt like the fact that Toby was flirting with October. What did he even see in her? sure she is pretty, but not that pretty and she was really shy. Brattny never pictured Toby with a girl like October, it just seemed strange. But still if Toby was going to have his attention on any girl, it was going to be herself. "I didn't even know you werer into that kind of stuff, October? I watched one of my brothers competitions when i visited him in Colorado last summer, it was pretty sweet. So Toby, what kind of tricks do you know?" Brittany knew this would draw at least some of Toby's attention away from October, which made her very happy, especially when she got a small death glare from October. She could't help but let out a little giggle.
  2. TheKnightofAwesome

    TheKnightofAwesome /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    Luke didn't exactly want to spend his afternoon with anyone here other than October, but at least he could keep an eye on her. He also saw right through Brittany. She was trying to get close to Toby, that couldn't be more obvious. But what was Toby playing at? Why was he suddenly going after October? If it was an act, it was far more convincing.

    "Yeah, fine I'll tag along." he said nonchalantly, waving his hand in a dismissive manner. He had to keep his eye on Toby. he didn't trust that guy as far as he could throw him.
  3. Kairi831

    Kairi831 Active Member

    October smiled at Luke, but quickly looked down so he doesn't notice the redness in her pale cheeks. She didn't want to scare him off because he got the glimpse of her blushing. Even if he was her best friend, there will always be a spot for him in her cold, dark heart. "S-So I guess we will be meeting after schoo. Since we are all going, I can walk there with Luke." October gave a quizzical look at Luke. "I mean, we always go to the park by there anyways." October shurgged. "I don't know." She didn't want to seem desperate or putting herself out there in the path of getting hurt. October looked down again and fumbled with the sleeve of her Jack Skellington hoodie as she always did when she was nervous.
  4. NeRo

    NeRo Your Supreme Lord And Savior Staff Member Administrator

    Toby heard Brittany's question but was to focused on October to answer " no no its cool you can ride with me. Ever wanted to drive in a mustang before? Its pretty legit." He looked down at her hoodie. "Oh your into jack to huh. yea hes pretty awesome. my cousin really has all kinds of stuff wit him on it." Raising his eye to look at the clock, he still had a little bit to chat with October. All of which he could tell was really getting to Brit which was what he wanted.

    " Yo Toby bro!" A guy walked past giving Toby a hi five quickly and stopping for a second. " hey man let me talk to you for a moment. " Toby got up real quick but not after gving October a quick smile before he stood to his feet. " Yea what up bro?" Well Im gonna be shooting a promo for Bryans skate vid today at the skate park,so can i get some footage of you to?" Oh bad ass then! i was going to the park today after school.

    " Sounds nice then bro i'll see you then. " The guy trailed off into the crowd. Toby sat back down and glanced over at Brit and luke. " Say luke you ever tried skating bro?"
  5. TheKnightofAwesome

    TheKnightofAwesome /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    Luke looked up at Toby.

    "Uhh No." he said simply. "and I never plan to either." That's just what he needed to get on a wooden death trap and make himself look like a fool in front of October. In fact, Luke wouldn't put it past Toby to come up with a dick move like that. He was just that kind of jerk.

    "I'll still come, but I have no intention whatsoever of skating. end of story." He wouldn't lie, he was kinda disappointed that October was potentially gonna ride to the park with Toby rather than walk with him. In reality, it wasn't that big of a deal, but Toby was edging any Luke/October alone time out of the equation altogether.

    Luke didn't like where that was going.
  6. Kairi831

    Kairi831 Active Member

    October looked up at Toby. "It's just a Mustang." She sighed. Sure, Toby was pretty, but making himself sound as if he was trying to over impress her wasn't getting him anywhere. Well, maybe a bit. She regretfully thought to herself. Sure, riding in a car with Toby did sound fun, but she hardly knew him, and October always walked with Luke no matter what her plans were. Best friends come first right? Well, maybe not now. Especially when it seemed as if Toby was giving her some type of interest. He didn't care for Brittney at the moment, and October saw the shock hidden in her eyes, she knew that Brittney was dying inside.

    October looked up at Luke, giving a look that showed that she did want to walk with him, because they were best friends and all, and that she did like him and wouldnt want Toby coming between that, but he was looking down so October sighed, giving up. "Sure, I wouldn't mind driving in a Mustang." She smiled sheepishly, hoping that somewhere Luke would step in, but knowing that Brittney was around, she was going to do something utterly stupid to keep him from going with her alone..
  7. TheKnightofAwesome

    TheKnightofAwesome /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    Luke most certainly didn't want October to be alone with Toby in his car. He knew that Toby would try to make a fast pass on her while they were alone. He wasn't naive enough to think that October would allow him to do anything like that, but it didn't comfort Luke any. He was gonna have to do something if he wanted to stop this. But what? If he made himself into a jackass over this, Toby would exploit it for his own gain.

    He didn't have a clue what he could do at this point. There was only one option. He had to make an ass of himself. He didn't like it, but if he played his cards right, maybe this could work out in his favor.

    He let out a sigh. "Whatever, guess I'll just walk to the park by myself. Not like I have anyone else to talk to anyway," He made it sound passive, as if he didn't really give a crap if he was alone or not. But in reality he knew it would get October's attention, remind her that friends should come first. Especially over jerks like Toby.
  8. Brittany senced there was more to tis situation than what meets the eye, and she was pretty sure she knew what was going on. She knewn that she liked toby, but she also knew that nothing was ever going to come of it, and she knew that there was no way that she was ever going to date Luke. "You don't have to walk by yourself Luke, I'll walk with you. After all it is a very nice day out, and i wouldn't want you to have to be all alone" She saidbthe last phrase in a cute manor. She knew there was definately more going on between October and him but she didnt know what, and she intended to find out.
  9. Kairi831

    Kairi831 Active Member

    October shifted awkwardly in her seat when she heard the tone of Brittany's voice. How she was talking to him in a particularly "flirty" manor. She sighed and continued to look down slightly, but didn't show any facial expression of her being upset. Even if someone did notice, she could easily shrug it off as if it were her stomach bothering her. Not only was she going to be alone with Toby, which she wasn't really fond of for the moment, but then again she was happy that someone was taking some sort of interest in her, but that Brittany was going to be with Luke, walking alone together to the park. As if they were best friends or something. October scoffed softly. As if, Luke would never agree to walk with her anyway, someone as sleazey as her, he would think twice about what sort of image that would look like. Besides he was smart enough to not go with her, and ask October instead. But then again, with that pretty little face of hers, and her persuasive talking with guys. Something October could never do to say the least. October was scared of even teling Luke how she felt, even though they have practically known each other for, like, ever. Maybe it wasn't really meant to be, but thats fine, once he sees that October is starting to lean towards Toby more, he will have to step in sometime, right?
  10. NeRo

    NeRo Your Supreme Lord And Savior Staff Member Administrator

    " Whatever bro, you don't know what your missing dude." Toby said in a annoying tone towards Luke. In Toby's eyes Luke always had some type of attitude with him. It didn't really matter much it was a common thing to Toby. Hearing Brittany speak about walking Luke kind of bothered him. enough that he turned to her trying to get direct eye contact. He didn't think Luke was her type so he didn't really think to much on it. He decided to play it all off.

    " See bro, you wont be all numero uno by yourself Britt's gotcha back haha!" he said brushing his arm against October. In all honesty he wanted to see how far this would really go and how long he would play the role. Brittany would have to get annoyed with this eventually. Lunch was coming to an end soon and then it would be on to afternoon classes. " Luke be sure to walk fast bro don't wana leave us alone for to long do ya. " he said as he winked at Luke slyly.
  11. TheKnightofAwesome

    TheKnightofAwesome /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    It was all Luke could do to restrain himself from leaping over the table and violently murdering Toby. He was basically rubbing this whole situation in his face. A white hot rage burned under the surface but outside, Luke didn't show his emotions.

    "Sure, you can walk with me if you really want to," he said to Brittney nonchalantly. He shot a look at October that basically screamed 'Why the hell aren't you walking with me. But he wasn't going to say anything. She had already said yes to Toby to ride in his car. And what was he supposed to do about that? 'Hey, Toby, wanna switch?' they weren't lab partners. this was just a social situation. If October wanted to ride with Toby then so be it, but Luke was gonna watch them like a goddamn hawk at the park. This was far from over.

    "Wait, I got a car of my own. what the hell am I talking about walking for?" he wondered "Guess you can ride with me Brit, if you want that is. " he hated basically everyone here but October, and if this would get under Toby's skin, then all the better. He would use Brittney as a weapon if it meant screwing with that jerk.
  12. Kairi831

    Kairi831 Active Member

    October looked down and noticed then noticed that some people were leaving to go to their next class. She threw out her already empty Monster can and flipped her bag over her head and let it dangle from her right side. She looked over at Luke, hoping he would see the look in her eyes pleading him to help her, but the again he was diverted and focusing on Brittany. October was screaming on the inside, and wanted nothing more than for that wretched bitch to die. But she had to stay civil, especially around Luke...and Toby.

    October sighed and looked over at Toby, she gave a different body gesture towards him, hoping Luke would notice and feel the feeling she was right now when he completely forgot about her around Brittany. "Well, then I guess I will see you at the end of fourth block?" She asked, a sense of "flirtiness" in her tone of voice, which she never used, excpet for around Luke, but he never even noticed. So, maybe Toby was the best way to go, because he seemed to notice her a lot more than what Luke normally would do.
  13. "Yae, lets just take your car, that sounds like fun." Brittany smile at luke as she got up from the lunch table. You should walk with me to class since we have art together....come on." Brittany said to luke wit a small giggle at the end, as they walked out of the lunch room brittany turned to luke. "Hey, can i ask you a kind of personal question?" she said while she continued walking.
  14. TheKnightofAwesome

    TheKnightofAwesome /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    Luke got up and followed Brittney out of the lunch room. He wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. October was killing him with her flirting with Toby. He didn't want to listen to it any longer, and if that meant talking with an airhead like Brittney so be it.

    He was a little taken aback when she wanted to ask him a personal question. Why would she want to do that? As far as he could tell she didn't give a crap about him. Not that he cared anything for her either, but still.

    "I suppose..." he replied reproachfully. There was no reason for him to say she couldn't ask...but he still wondered why she would in the first place.
  15. "well....I was wondering, Do you like October? I mean the way you look at here, and the way you talk to her it really seems like you do. But i could be wrong but i just wanted to make sure..." they continued walking down the hall for a breif moment with an akdward silence. "well, if you do like her, I thing you two would make a really cute couple." Brittany stated to luke with a small giggle. " so do you like her?" she asked soon realizing that he might lie and say he didnt but then again she could just be guessing that he did and be completely wrong, but she was almost sure that he did.
  16. NeRo

    NeRo Your Supreme Lord And Savior Staff Member Administrator

    Toby raised his eyebrows as luke left with Britany. It didnt exactly bug him, but inside he didnt like to see her with him. "Meh whatever" he said to himself under his breath. " Oh! yea see you in class" he said as Ocotober was talking to him in a more flirtatious fashion.

    " Actually you know what. Walk with me to get my back pack its in my locker. The lunch room started to mellow out as people left. a majority of which were giving him nods and hand shakes as they exited. " Ok lets rock" he said as he put his arm around her shoulder and guided her through the halls. He could tell she would be nervous at his quick action but he expected as such. " Yo October tell me something that i don't know about you. im curious" he said with a sly grin on his face.
  17. Kairi831

    Kairi831 Active Member

    October nodded in agreement to walking with him to his locker. Although she suddenly went tense when Toby had put his arm around her. She tried to relax but she knew if Luke saw them, he would flip. Maybe. Best friends look out for each other right? Doubt it, hes with Brittany. He walked out with Brittany, and didn't even say a word to October. He was already mesmerized by her and deep inside October was in flames.

    October was taken aback when Toby had asked what is it he doesn't know about her. Well, there was a lot considering she never talked to him until recently. Or the fact that the only person who ever knew anything about her was her supposedly "best friend". October was starting to not like Luke every second he was spending with that wretched tramp. Wasn't Luke supposed to be with October? Maybe not.

    October sighed and dropped her shoulders and she realized that Luke was of no interest in her. She was wasting her time with someone who would rather be used. Instead, she looked over at Toby, someone who was actually taking more interest in her than Luke did. It was hard to admit at first, but October beamed a bit when Toby noticed her. She wouldn't deny he was pretty cute, but they were polar opposites, but maybe the old saying "Opposites attract" was actually a true thing.
  18. NeRo

    NeRo Your Supreme Lord And Savior Staff Member Administrator

    " Hey you alright? he said in a slight concerned tone as he noticed she let out a sigh" Oddly enough he felt a sense of attraction to her. he took his arm from around her and opened his locker. Grabbing his backpack and slinging it over one shoulder. " Had to grab some books for class. i figure i could at least pay some attention" he said laughing to himself.

    " Ready?" he said as he wrapped his arm back around her and walked with her through the halls. People began to look and stare with open eyes. Toby was one of the most popular people in school and to been seen with October would catch the eyes of anyone.
  19. TheKnightofAwesome

    TheKnightofAwesome /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

    Luke stopped in his tracks when Brittney asked if he liked October. Was it that obvious? Did October see right through him, and just not feel the same way? The thought crushed him. It hurt even worse than her paying attention to Toby. But he wasn't about to pour out his feelings to Brittney of all people. she was a stupid bimbo, he didn't need to tell his sob story to her.

    "No, I don't. Why would you think that?" he lied. It was hard to spit those words out. He loved October, so denying it was very difficult for him. But he was set on keeping it inside until he knew October loved him back.

    Why am I such an idiot? he thought to himself.
  20. "well its not completely obvious. I mean I don't think October can tell, especially when she's talking to Toby." Brittanny tenced up when the thought of October and Toby talking came to her mind. "But, i don't know. It just seemed like the way you looked at her and stuff..." Brittany trailed off in her own thoughts. "Anyway I wasn't sure, so I thought I would ask." There was a bit of an akward pause as the two walked to class. She noticed that a few people were looking at them and saying to thier friends. "Look who Brittany's walking with?" and "Why is she walking with him?". Brittany didn't car they were juts people. "So, since you don't like October, after all 4 of us hang out at the park do you maybe want to go get some ice cream?" Luke hesitated for a moment. "It's on me." Brittany added in a flirtatious manner.

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