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Ascendant: Divine Inheritance (OOC & SU)

Discussion in 'OOC and Sign Up' started by Hope, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Hope

    Hope Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Setting: Azureth Clanmap.png
    Disclaimer: I don't know where this map came from and I did not create it. I am just using it for inspiration. Also I got the name from a generator because I'm lazy af.

    Azureth is an huge country that is made up of many different civilizations and cultures that all answer to the same central government.
    The land is extremely dangerous and unforgiving. It is full of monsters, disease, and devastating storms. The people have to fight every day just to survive. Many have adopted a "kill or be killed" mentality which varies depending on what part of the country they are from. Mostly, the people have a respect for power and ability to survive. Many of their beliefs link with those two things. It's population makes up of two different species of human:
    Full Human- Mostly the kind of human you are familiar with. Very little magic ability (though I will allow a some to level the playing field for those that choose to be human). Their numbers are decreasing.
    Demigod- Fairly rare but still well known and frequent in the community. Demigod are mostly human but they descend from one of more god (can be any god you can think of from any culture). Depending on which God they descend from and how far down the bloodline they are, these people can be basically like any other human or much different. Many, though not all, of them have physical traits that set them apart (taller, smaller, unusual eye/hair/skin color, etc...) and some of them have special abilities or powers and tend to live longer than average humans as well. One definite difference is the difference in blood color. While most humans have red blood, the god-humans have silver blood (kind of the texture of mercury). The more generations pass, the more average the bloodline becomes until it's gone completely.

    Leadership: Azureth is made up of 12 different clans that vary in size and each of those clans have their own leaders, politics, and people (don't feel like you have to stick to one race). But each those leaders answer to the Emperor of the capitol city, Sax. The central government is made up of one emperor/empress and one council member from each of the clans.
    During the lifetime of each emperor, a group of future rulers are gathered from the younger generation. Any person can claim the throne as long as they are powerful and can claim to descend from a god (silver blood is usually good proof). Those selected are trained from the time of their selection to one day rule. By all rights and purposes they are regarded as royalty and treated with all due respect. When the emperor/empress dies, a contest begins. It's basically a huge battle to the death. The last one standing is chosen to be the newest ruler. Their rule can be challenged at any time but it just resets the whole death battle thing so it's rare.

    Currently the empire is run by the Newgate line of the Baris clan. There are a few children selected Ascendants.

    Other current events:
    War- The Azureth Empire is currently plagued by 3 wars.
    The first is the war in the heavens. The gods against titans. If course as we know from mythology, the titans were once gods before they were overthrown and sealed away. This event is happening in the cosmos during the time of this RP. Of course, we won't see much of that except the effect it has on the land (chaos is coming). The second war is the civil war of Azureth over religion. Though obviously the current gods have won over the loyalty of mankind at the time of this RP, there are many who still practice the "old religion" and worship the titans. This is considered heracy and these people are persecuted.
    Lastly there us the war with outside invaders. A foreign country across the ocean is attempting to invade Azureth for its land and goods.

    Economy- in the middle of a great depression. Resources are starting to decrease. War tax is high which affects smaller clans more heavily.
    Race: (If Demigod, tell which bloodline. If other than human or demigod please check with GM)
    Picture: *optional*
    Powers: *if applicable. Obviously a human character would not have any*
    Other: *If there is anything you want to add, do so here*
    Theme: *optional*

    More information about the history, lore, and religion can be found here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OFKjpY2UMyh0H7vVQeuuvdanVINLo58oXoI_s6dYfu8/edit?usp=sharing
    It will help to understand the setting for those of you who are new. As for the rest of you, you already kind of know where you want to go here. So feel free to update your templates and post them here. But I'm going to post the IC tonight as well considering most of the established characters are already accepted. Have fun.

    Regular rules apply except:
    The post count does not apply in this RP as long as the post is in context and a majority of the posts in context are still above four lines. This is subject to change if abused.
    Power Playing is only accepted with expressed consent from your co writers or in cooperative posts which I know are common among our ranks.
    God modding is more acceptable here considering a few of our characters are actually gods. But be respectful of others with this bend or I will revoke it.

    Emperor Edouárdos Néapýli (Edward Newgate. Son of Poseidon. Emperor of Azureth's 'Earth Age') ((Taboo Sho))
    Merrick Nightwillow (A high noble of the Orcus Clan. Brother of Tessa Nightwillow) ((Chainless))
    Tessa Nightwillow (A high noble of the Orcus Clan. Sister of Merrick Nightwillow. Recently deceased) ((Chainless))
    Rhysand Alvah (A young noble of the Orcus Clan) ((Akira))
    Roan Brak Vangard (Noble and clan leader of Sax. On the royal council representing his clan) ((Oath))
    General Lucius Malignis (Leader of Azureth's army. Loyal to the crown) ((Legendseeker))
    Kable Zandali (Trainee) ((Legendseeker))
    Sax: Ariana Vangard (Daughter of Roan Vangard) ((Hope))
    Barisor: Lilith Seraphina Newgate (Daughter of Edward Newgate) ((Taboo Sho))
    Orcus: Roxanne Sternshade (Hades Bloodline. Daughter of deceased peasant Lexa Sternshade) ((Oath))
    Karsesh: Págos Aurelius (Son of winter spirit Boreas) ((Taboo Sho))
    Favlak: Fenris (Bloodline of Aite) ((Chainless))
    Amazon: Alexandros Hippolytou (Marcus Maximus. Ares bloodline.) ((Become))
    Raven (A drifter from no prominent family to note) ((Hope))
    Paige Perea (A mercenary currently residing in Azureth) ((Oath))
    Voltair (A mysterious person) ((Desert Warrior))
    Northern Síneach Talún​
    Finnan Kergern ('King' attempting to unify the North.) ((Chainless))
    Ulric Loughlyn (Son of High Bandraoi of Uisce Tribe. An accomplice of Finnan Kergern... also a Cheif I think? Chainless/Akira help!) ((Akira))
    Miena Foraoiseoir (High Bandraoi de na Bandraoithe) ((Akira))
    Southern Síneach Talún​
    King Haldor Lothbrok (Warlord King of the South) ((Oath))
    Queen Eerika Lothbrok (Wife of King Haldor Lothbrok. Former northern chief) ((Taboo Sho))
    Ilda Ironside 'Lothbrok' (Oldest living child of Haldor Lothbrok. Estranged and Banished from Síneach Talún. Warlord) ((Colonel Caboose))
    Zamir Lothbrok (Firstborn of Haldor and Eerika Lothbrok. A Lord of the South) ((Chainless))
    Saoirse Lothbrock (Haldor's First. Heir to the South. Daughter of Haldor and Eerika Lothbrok) ((Hope))

    Gerik Omari (Person from an unnamed country south of Azureth. Currently a ward of Azureth's royals for reasons that are not explained in context) ((Desert Warrior))
    Chieftain Oryx (A warrior chieftain from a country Northwest of Síneach Talún) ((Colonel Caboose))
  2. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Will we be structuring this similarly to the old run, as far as starting off with the five years earlier segment?
  3. Hope

    Hope Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Yes we are starting before the fall of the current Emperor. And we will remain in that time period for longer to allow more development of certain characters and plot points.
  4. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018
  5. Taboo Sho

    Taboo Sho Arlert Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Name: Emperor Edouárdos Néapýli (Better known as Newgate)

    Age: 72

    Race: First Generation Demigod. Son of Poseidon

    Title: The Strongest Man in the World, The Earth Emperor, Whale Puncher

    Description: The current emperor of Sax is nothing short of imposing. Standing at a massive fifteen feet tall, with a near perfectly sculpted body despite his age, Emperor Newgate looks as strong as he is big.

    Newgate has many battle scars that line his chest and arms, that are constantly visible, as he’s much too big for normal clothing. When he was crowned Emperor of Sax, he was gifted a coat from his tribe that he keeps draped around his shoulders. The coat is emblazoned with the insignia of the Baris clan, which can always be seen on Newgate’s back.

    Picture: [​IMG]

    Personality: The Emperor of Sax is a true gentle giant. He is a peaceful person, through and through, seeking to bring his country to a peaceful solution regarding the civil war and invader war that began under his predecessor’s reign. His methods are seen as controversial by many, but he means well. His devotion to his people, his country, and his family are second to nobody, despite what rumors may say.

    Weapon(s): Trident of the Sea King: A massive three pronged spear-like weapon that was enchanted by Poseidon. Its adjusts its size depending on the user. In his hands, it’s 15 feet in length.

    Powers: Newgate has always had difficulty harnessing the abilities granted to him through his bloodline. As such he has mostly relied on his own physical strength.

    Water Manipulation: As son of Poseidon Newgate has the ability to manipulate surrounding bodies of water. However throughout his life he has had difficulty in doing so.

    Abilities: Nobody Stronger: Newgate’s physical strength has been unmatched in his lifetime. A physical fight will almost always be in his favor.

    Purity of Poseidon: Newgate can manipulate the surrounding water allowing him to breathe underwater. Prolonged time under water will heal his wounds. His touch can purify even the most polluted water supply, making it completely drinkable and usable.

    Goals: Bring Peace to Azureth. Abolish the ascension trials so that his daughter, and the other children don’t have to fight each other for the throne.

    Bio: The man who would be known as the peace loving emperor of today was not always this way. In his early years, Newgate was as wild and brash as any demigod. Born to a giantess of Baris and the God Poseidon, Edouárdos Néapýli, better known by his easier to pronounce nickname, Newgate, was destined from the beginning for greatness. Blessed from birth with immense power, Newgate was chosen for ascension during the reign of Diana Sol at the age of 5 after a schoolyard brawl gone wrong. Though he was the son of Poseidon, Newgate could never seem to utilize his father's water based abilities to their maximum potential, finding it easier to rely on his physical strength, and using the water he could control to create earthquakes that would shake the world.

    Considered by many to be the favorite for the ascension, Newgate moved to Sax to learn from the current Empress and take his place among the other Ascendants following his sixth birthday, a month after the incident that had him selected. For years he trained in the capital until Diana personally recruited him into the military in his early teens. It was during this time that Diana began whispering in his ear about how he was destined for greatness how she wanted to see him follow in her footsteps when her time came and trained him personally in secret to do so.

    At 17 years old, the war of independence with the Amazon clan escalates and Newgate is sent to resolve the problems, and reach a peaceful end to the fighting. It his here he meets Lilia, a beautiful and powerful amazon. When he approaches her and asks for her to join him, she refuses, stating he had yet to anything tremendous enough to win her over. It was this reaction that led Newgate to dive into the waters below and punch a whale so hard it flew out of the water and over the entirety of the Amazon's island. This feat of strength would earn Newgate not only the title of Whale Puncher, but also the hand of Lilia, who would eventually become his wife.

    Despite his best efforts, and his marriage to Lilia, Newgate was unable to come to a peaceful solution that would keep the Amazons as part of Azureth and they claimed independence. The next fifty years would be spent loyally serving the military over the course of which he would meet Roan. Roan was a tactical genius and a son of Zeus, and he and Newgate hit it off like two peas in a pod. The two were unstoppable on the battlefield together. However, while Roan was tending to his wife one day, he and Newgate were called to the shores of Barrisor to defend it from the barbarian invaders. Newgate convinced Roan to stay behind with his wife, and left on his own. He met the invaders head on and fought them off for 3 days and 3 nights by himself, single handedly wiping out most of the invading force with his physical might alone. When Diana Sol and Roan arrived as backup on the fourth day, the Empress would grant Newgate his title of Strongest Man in the World with great honor.

    The day Diana died, was the day Newgate lost and gained everything at the same time. He and his Sworn Brother had just finished a massive excursion on the battlefield when Newgate was called home with the news of his wife going into labor. He rushed home, Roan by his side, and arrived in time for the birth of his daughter, Lilith. However, though his daughter was born healthy and strong, his wife was not so lucky. She died with Lilith in her arms. Leaving the room with his daughter in his arms, he explained the situation to Roan with tears in his eyes, only to be interrupted by a royal emissary. Diana had been killed, and the ascension was to begin. There was only one thing Newgate could do now. He handed his child to his sworn brother, asking him to keep her safe, and rushed to Sax. Newgate made short work of the other ascendants, who all attacked him at once seeing him as the biggest threat. He showed no mercy, for he had to live. He had to be there for his daughter, he could not leave her alone. Newgate won the trials with authority, though he did not leave the fight unscathed. Many scars decorated his body when he was crowned and they haunt him to this very day. He did what had to be done that day... but he would never let something that bloody, that terrible happen again. He would put a stop to these trials, forever.



    Name: Lilith Seraphina Newgate

    Age: 16

    Race: Second Generation Demigod. Daughter of Poseidon.

    Title: (Not yet earned)

    Description: Lilith stands at an impressive 8 feet. Her hair is a strikingly rich deepsea blue. She has a round-shaped face with defined features. Her eyes are deep set-round, and a bright golden color. She has a tall roman nose. Her lips are full, and have a very faint cupids bow. Her skin is a warm olive tone that is lightly freckled.

    Personality: Lilith is brash and bold. Always one to stand firm by her beliefs, she was raised under two different outlooks on life. Her father, the emperor, raised her to be strong, independant, and caring.

    Weapon(s): Trident of the Sea King: A three pronged spear-like weapon that was enchanted by Poseidon. Inherited from her father, it adjusts its size depending on the user. In her hands, it’s 8 feet in length.


    Powers: Water Manipulation: Lilith, unlike her father is more proficient in using her bloodlines gifts. Lilith is able to manipulate bodies of water and use it for defensive or offensive purposes.

    Abilities: Purity of Poseidon: Lilith can manipulate the surrounding water allowing her to breathe underwater. Wounds that are submerged under water will heal rapidly.

    Goals: Train with her family and friends for the ascension trials.

    Bio: Lilith Newgate, daughter of the current Emperor of Sax, has lived a more or less carefree life. In her youth, her powers were discovered early, and she was selected for ascension at only a year old. It was around her second year of life that she met who would later grow to be her best and closest friend, Ariana Darrem, daughter of her father’s best friend. Since she could walk, Lilith has been training for ascension, despite her father’s feelings towards the barbaric custom.

    She has more or less come to terms with what she has to do and understands it’s custom. She bears no ill will towards her fellow chosen, but she is willing to fight if and when it comes to it.

    Other: Lilith, while learning to utilize her powers, uses the trident as a medium for her powers.

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  6. Oath

    Oath King Bitch™

    Name: Roxanne Sternshade

    Age: 14

    Race: Second Generation Demigod- Hades bloodline

    Titles: Will be earned when she gets older

    Description: Thick, wavy, long black hair that she ties at the ends with a red ribbon. Pale skin, bright red eyes. Full slightly arched eyebrows and angled deep-set eyes. Like many demigods, she has a fit body type. Her nose is narrow and upturned lightly giving it a button like look. Full lips with prominent cupids bow. All things considered, her looks would be considered approachable and even attractive if not for her attitude. She is known to carry herself in a cold and unapproachable way. The last thing that sets her apart is her blood. Unlike most second generation demigods, Roxanne’s blood is not silver. Though metallic and cool and silvery in tone, the natural red of her human blood still remained. This gives it a more reddy black look.

    Picture: [​IMG]

    Personality: She presents a cold front at all times. But she is also fiercely competitive and angry. She is skilled at finding soft spots in her enemies and exploiting them when necessary. She is plagued by insecurity over things she won’t admit but hold her back in certain situations. She trusts no one, especially not adults. Once proud of her lineage, as she was taught by her mother, she now resents it and the power that comes with it.
    In short, her personality comes off as aloof and somewhat menacing.

    She carries a large assortment of poison, knives, and smoke bombs. She also wears steel gauntlets and a blunt weapon on her elbow. Unlike most of the ascendants, Roxanne does a lot of her fighting without the use of a singular weapon. She is fast, strong, and knows pressure points and vulnerabilities to take an enemy down close range. She is good at switching up her tactics depending on her target.

    Powers: True to the Hades bloodline, Roxanne’s powers are based on hellfire, fear, and death. Aside from the fire, she was a late bloomer for a demigod like most nightbloods. Though already imposing, her powers are still manifesting themselves. Others may follow.
    Hellfire- An abnormally hot blue flame that can melt through most metals. It can not be put out with water. She can summon and direct it.
    Shadow- Though Roxanne cannot really become shadow she can fuse with it. This ability is mostly used as a gateway to get herself out of trouble if backed into a corner. She can disappear into existing shadows and emerge out of others.
    Panic Imposition- She is able to sense the greatest fear of her enemies and use it against them. In her case, the fear of others does not strengthen Roxanne's physical stats. But in some cases it can weaken her target's.

    Silent as the grave, one might say. Roxanne has nearly mastered the ability of getting in and out of a room without being seen if she tries. This ability still isn’t at the level of those who taught her, to her annoyance. In fact, they are probably the only ones who could still detect her.
    Combat- She is a master at armed, unarmed, and MORTAL COMBAT!!!! FINISH HIM (not the right place to make jokes? oh my bad *shrugs)
    Enhanced Physical Traits: Vision, speed, agility, flexibility, durability, strength.

    Goals: With no love for the empire, and no interest in ruling, Roxanne has no intention of dying for the ascension. She didn’t want to enter in the first place but was left with little choice. She plans to either win or leave if need be- whichever opportunity she can get to first.

    Bio: Roxanne was born to the Orcus clan. Her mother was a first generation demigod daughter of Hades. Early on, Roxanne was revealed to be an abnormal demigod child because she was late to show any powers. Her blood was a metallic dark silvery red that appeared nearly black. The blood type was rare for demigods, but not unheard of. It was a condition common, though not constant, to women in the Hades bloodline. It was a condition not shared with her mother. She had one twin brother who died when the two were too young for Roxanne to remember him. Life for her family was tough for as long as Roxanne could remember. Azureth was never kind to her reclusive, nomadic, clan. They traveled a lot, never staying in one place for too long. Her mother was known to be a warrior for their clan. But she never wanted that life for Roxanne and tried her best to keep her daughter away from her profession. Roxanne witnessed the death of her mother when she was very young. The experience was very traumatic and triggered the manifestation of her hellfire abilities. They were always hard for her to control and still are in current events. She was recently chosen for asension. She has just arrived in Sax to meet the other ascendants and start training. (Per request, the rest of her bio will be revealed in time.)

    Other: *If there is anything you want to add, do so here*

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  7. Hope

    Hope Admin Staff Member Administrator

    So far so good. I'll get my updates up hopefully tonight
  8. Taboo Sho

    Taboo Sho Arlert Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Name: Queen Eerika Lothbrok


    Race: Síneach

    Title: The Executioner, Master of Arms

    Description: Standing tall at 6’3, with hair as red as the blood of all who stand before her, and blue face paint representing her heritage, Eerika is a sight to behold, and a sight to fear on the battlefield. Her skin is tanned, heavily freckled, and tainted by the scars of many a battle. Her body, heavily built, and barely covered in armor, leaves little to the imagination, favoring speed and power over durability. To her enemies, she is a thing of terror and fear, but to her barbarian allies, she is beauty and grace, and a true representative of their people.

    Picture: [​IMG]

    Personality: Eerika is the cruelest, sickest, bloodthirstiest being to walk the face of the planet. With no remorse for anything she says or does, she exists solely to cut down any who might stand in her way. While seemingly evil from heart to core, she has a very mild caring side for those who, by some stroke of luck, reach the tiny heart beating within her chest. For the rest of the population, excluding her own tribe and family, she bears no love. She is a monster through and through, and she will happily remind anyone who forgets with her axe to their face.

    Weapon(s): The Executioner's Malice(known to her family as "Thwaking the Slap of Submission"): A nearly indestructible axe that is as sharp as it is durable, able to cleave trees, boulders, and of course, puny humans, clean in half.
    The Blade of Woe: An enormous two handed sword gifted to her upon rising to the rank of leader within her own tribe. It is said to have the ability to drain the life of its victims to fortify that of the wielder. Though it is a two handed weapon, Eerika is strong enough to wield it with one.
    Sky Piercer: A massive halberd that Eerika keeps among her arsenal of weapons. It was a gift from her tribe before they marched on Azureth, though she's never used it battle.
    Sky Lord's Pike: A powerful spear-like weapon blessed with the power of lightning. Eerika does not use it often, preferring her Axe, but she keeps it on her at all times as part of her arsenal. She hasn't told him yet, but it's to be inherited by her son when her time comes.

    Powers: One with the Power of the Sky: Eerika is able to channel the power of the sky, Lightning(electricity), through her body and into her axe to enhance its power. She is also able to act like a lightning rod, drawing lightning to her during storms, and using it to enhance her own abilities, and as such, is immune to any sort of electrical damage. She cannot however, channel the power to the axe, and absorb it to power herself up.

    Sky Lord's Fury(Lightning Breath): With a roar that rivals that of her husband, Eerika is capable of breathing a powerful, heavy stream of lightning that has grown more potent with age. It's able to reach up to five yards away before fizzling out. She can keep the attack up until she has to take a breath.

    Abilities: As a Síneach, Eerika’s natural abilities are enhanced to extraordinary levels. These include her physical strength, natural stamina and durability, and her speed and agility.

    Master of Arms: Since she was young, Eerika has honed her ability to wield any sort of weapon. While her preferred weapon of choice is the Axe, she is a master of Sword, Spear, and everything in between, having had plenty of time to master them.

    Goals: Conquer Azureth and avenge her fallen tribe. She also seeks to maintain her family's legacy by demonstrating their own strength on the battlefield.

    Bio: Among the barbarian tribes, none were as vicious and bloodthirsty as the Blood-Born tribe, to which Eerika was born and raised. Powerful and with an endless thirst for combat and bloodshed, she quickly grew accustomed to slaughtering wild animals, beasts, and human alike.

    Coming into her own in her early teens, Eerika chose the axe as the primary weapon that she would master for use in combat, though over the years, she would eventually wield and master the sword and spear. Following this decision, she began the harsh training in the wilds. She survived on nothing but the animals she could hunt and catch, and the water from any springs or rivers she could happen upon. This harsh training regiment lasted six long years, and she nearly died many, many times over the course of it, but having succeeded, she came out stronger than ever. It was during this time that she awakened to her powers of lightning, discovering that she was a Síneach.

    Now in her twenties, Eerika quickly made the transition into wartimes, joining her tribe in battle against rival clans, and any who might threaten their territory. It seemed that, for many long years, she was constantly at war, and to her, that was lovely. She enjoyed the thrill of lopping off the heads of her enemies, using her lightning enhanced axe to paralyze enemies, and then slowly and methodically cut them to pieces. She was brutal on and off the battlefield, and even her own tribe began to fear what she was capable of. Her brutality on the battlefield, and the way she fought, earned her the title of Executioner.

    During these wartimes, Eerika had one of the strangest encounters of her life that would change it forever. On the battlefield, she would come face to face with the leader of another tribe. He towered over her, and by all accounts, he was the most beautiful person she had ever laid her eyes on. But he was her foe… or so she thought. Out of seemingly nowhere, he screamed “Wife.” at her and lifted her with ease over his shoulder, before screaming again, “Wife as fuck” before turning and carrying her away. She was both absolutely bullshit at this heinous act, and slightly flattered because damn if his muscles didn’t feel good. She screamed at him to put her down or she’d lop off his head, but he just ignored her. This man, Haldor Lothbrok, would be the man she ended up marrying.

    After fighting for her tribe and people for well over 40 years, their country was invaded by the foreign land of Azureth. As the then leader of her tribe, Eerika lead her forces to battle to defend the land, and they were able to turn the tides. Angry at the damage done to the land and thirsting for more blood, she lead her tribe across the seas to Azureth to fight them on their own soil. It was here she came face to face with the man whose visage would haunt her forever after. A single man. Towering over all of them, and standing alone, surely it’d be easy picking, right? How wrong she was. For three long days and nights, Eerika, her tribe, and the reinforcements she had recieved from other tribes, marched on this man, who had introduced himself as Newgate prior. And for three days and nights she failed to overcome him. He single-handedly wiped out her entire army. Her tribe was dead sans her, and he hadn’t used any semblance of power… just raw physical strength. He was a monster. A tried and true monster from out of legends.

    Having to retreat with her tail between her legs was the lowest moment of her life. Though not the leader of the attack on Azureth, she had been the leader of her tribe, which was now wiped out because of a single man. She vowed vengeance, swore she would get ever stronger, that she would find a way to gather an army, and march again on Azureth, so that she could personally take the head of the man who took everything from her. She would have her revenge...

    Other: Has two kids. Wants a son that's not a failure though, because her current one sucks. Despite all the shit she gives them, she would die for all of her family if they were in trouble.

  9. Hope

    Hope Admin Staff Member Administrator

    Poor Zamir can't catch a break!
  10. Legendseeker

    Legendseeker OPON Content Writer

    I'm posting Lucius first, as there's not really anything important for him in the first timeskip. Will get to working on Kable this weekend.

    : Lucius Malignis

    Age: 42

    Race: 2nd generation demigod

    Title: "The Warrior" General Malignis

    Description: Lucius Malignis is always described by his soliders as a well-built and muscular man. Having been part of the royal army for most of his life, his body has grown itself to match his level of training over the years. He stands at 7" ft even thanks to his demigod decent. His hair is black and cut short. He has a scar over his right eye, which has partially blinded him.




    Personality: Lucius is a no-nonsense general. He runs the royal army with an iron fist and allows for no slacking when it comes to his orders. His belief is that only order and discipline will ensure a lasting empire, so he follows the current Emperor with fierce dedication. He is not above severely punishing his own soliders for disobedience. Lucius also relishes being in the midst of battle, the rush of power that fills him and the terror his enemies feel fueling him to become the best warrior in all the lands.

    Weapon(s): Lucius wields a giant broadsword into battle, which only he can carry due to his strength.

    Powers: Being a 2nd generation demigod, Lucius has the power of destruction. With concentration, he can punch through and explode anything he comes into contact with. He can also transfer this ability to his sword when in combat, effectively laying waste to whatever lies in front of him. He only saves this for anyine who he feels is worthy of fighting him.

    Abilities: Lucius is a world renowned general who can command the entire army. His rigorous training, combined with his demigod blood, grants him superhuman strength, speed, and dexterity.

    Goals: Lucius' primary goal is to ensure the continued rule of Emperor Atticus. While working to achieve this goal, Lucius also searches for the ultimate challenge. He will not rest nor allow himself to be defeated until he finds the one person worthy of killing him.

    Bio: When he was a young child, Lucius was brought to a fortune teller by his mother. There, he was told that he would find victory no matter where he went, but there would one day be someone to challenge his strength. That very day, his village was raided by bandits and his mother was tortured in front of him. Lucius' rage unlocked his demigod heritage and with his newfound powers, he slaughtered all the bandits in the city. When his rage subsided, Lucius began to walk across the country side with no sense of direction. He walked for over a day until he came across a garrison, which he collapsed in front of. Feeling pity for the boy in front of them, the garrison took him to the royal city where they allowed him to enlist into the army. From there, Lucius' skill and tactics allowed him to climb the racks of the army fairly quickly. At the age of 28 years, he was said to be the youngest general in the history of the army. When Atticus assumed control of the empire, Lucius decided to continue serving as the life of the army was all he had come to know.


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  11. Hope

    Hope Admin Staff Member Administrator

    First new character.

    Name: Saoirse Flameborn Lothbrock

    Age: 32

    Race: Síneach

    Title: Flameborn
    Alpha Wolf

    Description: Red hair, thin eyebrows, round brown eyes. She has a broad nose and her upper lip is fuller than the bottom one. Her face is battle worn and hardened by the harsh cold of her homeland. Like most respected warriors in her clan, her face is adorned with paint. She stands at 6’5’’ and her body is sturdy, defined, and muscled like that of her family and people, though she is less bulky than most. Her armor is hide and wolf furs.

    Picture: [​IMG]

    Personality: Saoirse’s personality is bold, confident, and smoldering. For the most part she carries herself with dignity and authority. Her temperament is more tranquil for the most part. But she has a temper on her that can be quite devastating for anyone that gets on her bad side. She has no sympathy for her enemies or anyone she sees as unworthy. On the battlefield she is ruthless and brutal. But to those who have earned her loyalty, she is a worthy companion and passionate friend.
    She does have a strong competitive streak and enjoys a good fight or any other form of competition. Though insanely loyal to her parents, she would do anything for them. But that doesn’t grant their friends the same respect

    Weapon(s): Massive bone axe and sword of dragon bone. They were gifted to her by her parents upon earning her second title. She also has a spear as tall as herself (seen in character image). She dual wields the axe with either the spear or the sword depending on the situation. [​IMG]

    Powers: Unlike her parents, Saoirse is gifted with the power of flame. She can summon and control fire magic and also breathe fire.

    Burning Blades-
    Saoirse can set the surface of her bone weapons on fire for added damage.
    Flame Summon- Can set fire almost anywhere.
    Flame Manipulation- Can manipulate and direct flames to her will.
    Burning Aura- To surround her body in flames. She sometimes uses this ability on her pack.
    Flamestorm- Create a terrifying inferno that incinerates all
    Pyromancy- gain insight into a question or situation using fire
    Pyrotic Communication- communicate with others through sources of flame/fire
    Fire Bomb Generation- Create bombs/explosions of fire.
    Fire Bullet Projection- Fire in short sequence over a wide area
    Fire Wave Emission- Send out a wave of fire that repels enemies.
    Formulated Flame- Release blasts of fire in a form of a creature or object​
    Liquid Fire Manipulation- can shape, create and manipulate liquid fire, flames that look, act and move like water but have all the properties of fire.
    Fire Breath- Projection of fire from the mouth.

    Goals: To avenge her country and conquer Azureth at her family's side.

    Bio: As the only living daughter of King Haldor Lothbrock the Unruly and Eerika The Executioner, Saoirse was expected to inherit the power of the sky like her parents. But she surprised them all when in her infancy she set fire to her cradle. This earned her the title Flameborn from the day she drew her first breath. It was also the day she gained her parents favor even above her older brother. She was raised with her father and tribe wrapped around her finger. She was hard yet lived with a grace and steadiness that many of her peers lacked.
    As per tradition that was carried to the family by her mother, Saoirse was banished from her home in her early teens. Her parents bound and blindfolded her and carried her deep into the harsh snowy mountain wilderness. She was given no weapons or supplies, only the clothes on her back. She was informed she would only be welcomed back to her home if she could survive at least five years on her own and find her way back. If she could do that, she would be trained to be a warrior for her tribe.
    The first few years were hard. Especially when she realized that she had been dropped in the territory of a pack of direwolves who gave her trouble day and night. The alpha of the pack especially plagued Saoirse. The massive grey creature seemed to take a personal vendetta against her. Many times, Saoirse nearly lost her life and once almost lost an arm to the cold and to their attacks. Luckily, she only lost a finger on her left hand. Survival became easier and easier to Saoirse the longer she was alone. She learned how to hunt, build shelter, defend herself, and survive. Her fire powers definitely helped her to ward off the elements and enemies. Eventually she grew a liking to being alone. Once the pesky wolf pack became too much of a nuisance, Saoirse decided it was finally time to be rid of them. She tracked the pack to their den in the dead of night. At her approach the beasts funnelled out of their cave, snapping and baring their teeth at the intruder with malice. But the vengeful Saoirse would not be intimidated. She would conquer the mutts or die trying! In defiance she simply shouted and growled back at the creatures with ferocity of their own until a single direwolf stepped forward. Yes, the one she had come to know as her mortal enemy. The one who she would kill with her bare hands for the years of trouble it had caused. The beast lunged forward with intent on removing her head in a single bite. But Saoirse was ready. She grasped it’s massive jaws in her hands and pried them open until it’s jaw was broken. She then snapped the wolf’s neck and used the pack leaders dead body to beat a few more of the pack to death. To her surprise, the rest of the direwolves retreated.
    In the year that followed, Saoirse came across a member of the pack that was wounded. Against her first instinct to kill the creature, she instead aided it. Bringing it back to her shelter she managed to house the beast until it was once again well. She earned the hound’s loyalty and that of the rest of the pack. Though far from tamed, the pack was not always kind to her. But she became the new alpha and they guarded her shelter in return she led them and kept the pack alive.
    Just to be spiteful, she remained in the mountains for two additional years before deciding it was time to return home, followed by the pack of direwolves. She was welcomed home by her parents who were beaming with pride, although one of their daughter’s new friends attacked her father at first meeting. Her parents gifted her with dragon bone weapons and her clan with her secondary title “Alpha Wolf”.
    As promised, her return home marked her first day of training to become a warrior of her tribe. She spent many years shadowing her mother, father, and other respected warriors and eventually joined the siege against the Azureth parasites that colonized their lands. Her army is a mix of her pack and what few tribesmen the wolves won’t turn on.
    She grew to value her family and people above all things and even respects her brother although he does not always show whether it is returned.

    Other: As her family has become associated with wolves and bears, she affectionately refers to her mom as “Mother Bear”
    Her father calls her “Little Wolf” at times and often introduces her as his living legacy.

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  12. Oath

    Oath King Bitch™

    Name: King Haldor Lothbrok

    Age: 79

    Race: Síneach

    Title: Dragon King Lothbrok
    Haldor the Unruly

    Description: Haldor is a mountain of a man who stands at 14 ft tall and highly superior physical prowess. His hair is naturally thick, black, and coarse. He shaves both sides of his head and braids what's left back in rows and paints the tops of each braid with white paint. The same paint fills his beard which is thick and also braided. His face is shaped by wrinkles and sharp and rough features reminiscent of stone. He is covered from head to toe in remarkable scars which he wears with pride. The most noticeable of his scars is a thick red mark which covers the right side of his face. His eye on that side is mutilated and blinded so he covers it with an iron patch. Though Haldor appears to be younger than he really is he is still quite battle worn. His armor is adorned with his crest of the snarling face of a bear. He wears black paint around his eyes.

    Picture: [​IMG]

    Personality: Haldor's personality is gruff and unruly. He is brash and bold in nearly everything he does. He is merciless to anyone weaker than him, which is nearly everyone. But if someone can prove to him their strength, they earn his respect and unyielding loyalty. In battle or other more serious times, Haldor is steely and savage. He is a natural leader and a fierce to the point of easily intimidating both ally and foe. Off the battlefield, Haldor enjoys his time with drink and competition. He calls foes on the battlefield “Victims” Because to call them enemies gives them too much credit. It is rare he crosses an opponent worthy of being called his “Enemy.”

    Weapon(s): The two massive ass axes in the picture He calls them "Ragnarok" and well the second one doesn't have a name of spoken word. He Just emits an impressive roar as it's name. He also carries an equally large two handed sword that doesn't have a name. All of his weapons are so big and heavy, he is the only one who is able to effectively use them in combat.

    Powers: The great dragon king was born to the second gift of the sky. Thunder. Although the sound could be attributed to his immense strength, it is a compliment to the spark of his wife.

    Abilities: Experienced warrior is Haldor. He has lived through hundreds of different battle strategies and is good and picking out which kinds of strategy will work well against his enemies. His lack of sympathy aids him in finishing fights brutally and quickly.
    Smoldering Glare- It looks really cool and makes women swoon and men jealous.
    Apocalyptic Swing- A swing from his great axe is strong enough to break the sound barrier and sometimes generate a spark. The result is a loud crack that can be heard across the battlefield and a forceful wave of sound energy to knock victims off balance.
    Ragnarok (Thunderbreath)- Can produce a roar so loud and terrifying it can cause the faint of heart to piss and cry. Also produces a sound wave so powerful it can topple trees and knock down houses. It sends his foes flying away. This ability earned him his first title.
    Omnidirectional Decimation- Haldor can clap his massive hands together so hard they produce a terrifying thunderous roar that sends sound waves in all directions. Knocking back friend, foe and rubble alike.
    Kick of the King- Channeling the force of the dragon into his foot, he can kick a man to death with just his pinky toe. You don’t want to see him use the full mass of his boot.
    Fist of the Thunder Dragon- Channeling energy into his fist can create a sonic boom that vibrates bitches into submission and can knock over manlier men who aren’t ready for the blast.
    Sneeze of death- Haldor once killed a man simply by having a head cold. It was an accident. But now he sneezes on command just to kill his enemies with more variety.
    Optic Ruination- It is believed the Dragon King can kill a man just by looking at him! In reality he is able to blink so hard it breaks the freaking sound barrier and sends a blast wave capable of decapitating fools.
    Low Rumble- The ability to send sound waves through the ground to map the surrounding area. Useful when hunting or tracking.
    Super Strength- Among his own clansmen Haldor is physically among the strongest (not to be mistaken with the strength of the insect king, Newgate. It comes from a different source). He is strong enough to strangle a bear with his bare hands and uproot great and ancient oaks from the ground.​

    Goals: Haldor is in it to lead his clansmen to glory and riches. But he is also fiercely protective of his family. Even his Son but don’t tell him that.

    A proud warrior of the Sky tribe. Son of King Freystein The Bloodfist who was said to be able to kill the dreaded Chimera with a single punch and the power of thunder. Haldor has been told since he was just a wee savage that he was destined for greatness. But first, he would have to prove he deserved it more than any of his thirteen brothers. He did so by stripping nude and attacking a 600 pound grizzly bear bear that was terrorizing his village. He strangled the creature with his bare hands and dragged its corpse to the throne of his father, still proudy free-balling for the world to see. He then killed three of his brothers in the same way for accusing him about lying about the whole thing. He was 15 years old at the time. The following years were hard on his clan with many violent wars. One of which wars took the life of his father and Haldor quickly ascended to leadership. Since then, he has led his clan to many victories. He became known as a great king. He conquered many clans and united them with his own to build his own clan into a great nation to be feared. When the Azureth scum appeared by the bitch warmonger Diana, Haldor fought against them for years. He also fathered many sons by many women before his marriage. But the harsh conditions of his lands and the wars took all but one, born by his wife, who grew to adulthood. Unfortunate be it may, his only living son was a complete shame. The boy was a scrawny milksop in the eyes of Haldor. He also birthed a daughter who is the light of his life, his living legacy. Anyway, Haldor came to know the leader of a clan of his homeland whos size and power could nearly rival that of Haldor’s own. Seeing the opportunity, it was suggested that the two clans unite and beat the Azureth dogs out of their lands. And then, they would go together to the rich nation and conquer them! He looks forward to sew the weaklings of Azureth down like chaf, their lands and riches for the taking.

    Other: Nothing

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  13. Legendseeker

    Legendseeker OPON Content Writer

    Name: Kable Zandali

    Age: 21

    Race: Human

    Title: (Will earn his title during 1st timeskip)

    Description: Kable stands at 6" even with a average body build to him. He is almost always seen in his medium armor with his family crest on the right sleeve of two swords crossed together with a single lightning bolt surging straight through them. His hair is long and unkept. Kable's bright blue eyes stand out though, which lead some to believe that he is of demigod descent, even though he would argue that he is not.



    Personality: While easily distracted at times, Kable is a selfless person when the need arises. He will put his life on the line for strangers that are in dire need of it. He tends to drift off at times and seem like he's not paying attention to the current conversation, but this is merely his instincts at work, as he is focused on what is around him and of any threats.

    Weapon(s): Kable wields a single sword and small shield into battle, both of which also has his family crest engraved into it. The sword is said to contain mystical powers belonging to ancient gods, but no such powers have been revealed.

    Powers: As a regular human, Kable does not have any powers. He counters this by training as much as he can.

    Abilities: Kable has extensive military training that allows his to not only hold his own in a battlefield, but also to strategically come up with plans on the fly and execute them near perfectly.

    Goals: Kable's goal in life is to live up to his fathers legacy as a general of the Aezureth Empire.

    Bio: Kable had grown up with a typical childhood. He helped tend to his family's farmland until the age of sixteen, when an order came from the Aezureth kingdom for men and women alike to join the army in the growing civil war. An able fighter and loyal solider, due to his father having been a general in his own right, Kable started climbing the ranks of the army quickly enough.


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  14. Chainless

    Chainless Hero of the Wild

    Name: Merrick Nightwillow

    Age: 54

    Race: First generation Demigod – Son of Hades

    Title: Shadow of Death

    Description: Merrick stands at 6’4; he has a strong athletic body, medium length black hair and sinister black eyes with a red ring separating the iris from the pupil.


    Personality: Merrick is reserved when it comes to new people. He will rarely initiate conversation with people he doesn’t know or isn’t familiar with in a friendly manner. With family he is patient and can remain calm in heated moments. He can be rather blunt and prefers not to step around a problem preferring to address it head on.

    Weapon(s): Merrick never openly carries weapons on his person. Rather he keeps them in shadow summoning them when needed. His preferred weapons are a rapier and dagger combination.

    Darkness Manipulation
    – Merrick can turn to shadow and use it to travel between spaces. He has the ability to store items and weaponry in shadow and summon when needed.

    Animated Shadow – Merrick has the ability to have his own shadow take physical form and fight beside him. This is limited to remaining no more than a small radius from Merrick.

    Order Manipulation – Merrick can create, shape and manipulate order on a literal, symbolic, conceptual and physical level. He has the ability to recognise, discern, envision and understand overt and/or underlying patterns and structure of anything physical, social, mental or natural and know their weaknesses, strengths and all other information and how to use them to reach the wanted goal. (Example - A riot involving thousands of people: user would cause the riot to stop or organise it into more effective form. Other simple trick would be throwing a deck of cards to air and have them fall into a perfect, unshuffled stack.)

    Necromancy – From a young age Merrick would claim to hear voices or see people that weren’t there. It was later revealed to him that he had the abilities of a necromancer. As the years went by Merrick learned more of how to control the ability. When he isn’t actively blocking them, he can hear the whispers of the dead and on rare occasions he can see the spirits of the deceased and communicate with them. Merrick can reanimate corpses of the deceased and command them to attack his targets. This limited to a maximum of a few corpses at a time. Using the same power to reanimate corpses Merrick can stitch together skin to close a wound. (It isn’t fully healed. Just closed, can be used to buy enough time until proper treatment can be given)

    Death Sense – Focusing, Merrick has the ability to sense if people have died in or around the area he is in.

    Enhanced Conditioning
    – As a demigod Merrick’s nature gave him greater physical traits. Through years of training and the work he carries out Merrick has greatly enhanced those traits – Athleticism, combat, hunting, senses and tracking.

    Stealth Tactics
    – Merrick spent years truly mastering the art of stealth. This includes camouflage, hiding, silent movement and social cloaking. Being a master of stealth others have a hard time moving undetected in his presence.

    Killing Instinct – Merrick has the instincts to kill by any means and in the most effective ways possible, using anything at hand to do so. He has no mental issues or moral dilemmas before, during or after the deed.


    Born and raised in Alvish to the Orcus clan; Merrick and his family were among its high standing nobles. Along with his twin sister Tessa, Merrick is a first generation demigod being the son of Hades. His powers showed early in his life and Merrick went through ridiculous training from a young age. Merrick learned to love the results that the training brought him and began devoting himself to it. When he got older Merrick along with Tessa began undertaking jobs for the clan and the two proved to be among the top earners. They quickly climbed through the ranks and eventually became two prominent leaders in their guild. Tessa and Merrick were returning from a guild mission when they first saw the smoke, much thicker and heavier than it should have been for the city. Realising their clan was under attack the two stepped into action. Through their deeds Tessa and Merrick were largely praised with ensuring the survival of the clan and the reason so many escaped the city and so many lives were saved. The Orcus now travels the lands of Azureth never staying in one place for long. Merrick still works with the guild with most of his jobs coming directly from the clan leader.


    Theme: *optional*

    Name: Tessa Nightwillow

    Age: 54

    Race: First generation Demigod – Daughter of Hades

    Title: Angel of Death, Referred to affectionately as Mother by members of her clan.

    Description: Tessa stands at 5’9 with a slim well defined body. She has long black hair that she mostly leaves loose; she will tie it back when she works. Her eyes are a deep shade of blood red.


    Tessa is known among her people as a kind and patient woman. She can be stubborn to a fault and argumentative when she feels she is in the right.

    Weapon(s): Tessa carries several throwing blades of various kinds. She also carries pouches of poisons, potions and bombs. Preferring not to carry larger weapons Tessa tends to fight close range using her gauntlets and intimate knowledge of pressure points and vulnerabilities to subdue an opponent. (See picture)

    – Tessa has the ability to create and manipulate hellfire. A blue flame that can melt most metals can only be extinguished by the user. Tess has managed to manipulate the hellfire allowing her to heal herself. She has yet to be able to heal others with it.

    Fear Empowerment
    – Tessa sense and use her or her enemies fear to bolster her own abilities. Alternatively, Tessa can influence an opponents fear causing them enter a blind panic. In extreme cases she can cause enough panic for a target to die of fear.

    Death sense
    – Tessa, as a descendent of Hades also has the ability sense death. She has managed to develop her sense to tell where, when or if people have died.

    Life sense – Tessa has the ability to sense other life essences; once she becomes familiar with a person’s life essence she can usually track them with this ability. This ability can be used to tell where and roughly how many people or things are around, when she wants to track people its effectiveness seems to depend on several factors, such as her relationship with a person and the distance between them.

    Combat Perception
    – Tessa can read and understand an opponent's method of thinking and fighting, anticipating their moves. Once she understands her enemies’ strategy, she can find their flaw and weakness.

    Enhanced Conditioning
    – *See Merrick

    Stealth Tactics – *See Merrick


    Bio: Tessa, born the younger sibling of Merrick by three minutes. Her powers began showing from a young age, however unlike her brother her training was gentler than his. Tessa despised that her brother was seemingly being trained to a different extent to him and when eventually began training in the ways of the guild she became extremely competitive. She pushed herself to the extremes and in her later years found that none but Merrick surpassed her own ability. Merrick had never seen the need to compete with Tessa instead encouraging her and pushing her to do her best. Tessa, in her youthful ignorance saw this as Merrick mocking her. The two were soon paired together for their guild missions and when Merrick allowed Tessa to take the lead on several missions she realised he cared deeply for her. Since then, the two have never failed a job they worked on together. As life went on Tessa found that she had reason to become less active in the guild and took on a more behind the scenes roll. When life once again took a turn Tessa felt the need to step away from the guild entirely. Instead pursuing a career as Wise woman Tessa threw herself into her new work learning different methods to heal and even improving and inventing her own. Tessa at this moment in time stays within the Orcus clan.

    Other: *If there is anything you want to add, do so here*

    Theme: *optional*

    Name: Finnan Kergern

    Age: 39

    Race: Síneach

    Title: The Whitewalker, King of the North

    Description: Finnan stands at a modest 9”1. He is extremely well built with a strong well defined body. Though quite young Finnan is deceptively strong for his height and age, he keeps his black hair short and slicked back. He has piercingly blue eyes one of which he keeps under a dragon plate patch. His eye isn’t damaged, due to the mountains where Finnan lives they learned to wear to patch so they could adjust between the light of day and the darkness of the caves. He mostly wears it from habit. His armour is made entirely from dragon plate/scales.


    Personality: Described by most as young, brash, cocksure and proud Finnan would agree with all of these. However he is wise beyond his years, respectful to those who earn it and fiercely loyal to those who he considers friends or family. Has a twisted sense of humour.

    Weapon(s): Finnan uses the oversized slab of a weapon he calls a sword pictured above. The blade is made from dragon bone and the hilt is made from scale. It has a long history in Finnan’s clan and is called Retribution. Finnan has developed a unique fighting style with the weapon.

    Cold Manipulation
    – Can create, shape and manipulate cold by reducing the kinetic energy of atoms and thus making things colder, ranging from subjective feeling of cool to absolute zero.

    Ice Manipulation – The ability to manipulate ice.

    Ice Aura – Can release and surrounds himself in/with ice/cold for defensive and/or offensive purposes, possibly becoming almost untouchable and granting them various abilities/attacks. The aura may also give the user enhanced physical capabilities such as speed, strength and durability.

    Ice Generation – Generate and project ice.

    Ice Negation – The power to negate ice and any cold/ice using attacks, ignoring their effects.

    Ice Breath
    – Generate and manipulate ice within him in a way that allows him to shape the exhaling of the effect.

    Ice Blast – The ability to release ice on a specific target area.

    Goals: To unify all of Síneach Talún under one banner. To gain glory and riches and have a damn good fight doing it.

    Bio: Finnan Kergern, fourth born son of Vargum Kergern, leader of the Oighir Clan of Síneach Talún. Finnan’s clan lives in the Northernmost point of the land his clan rarely leaving their mountains unless to hunt or raid. Due to his small stature Finnan was mostly overlooked by the Elders of his Clan including his father; that is until his powers began to manifest. Even so the Elders of the clan took little interest in him as they never believed he would survive his father and brothers to claim the position of tribal leader. Finnan set out to prove them wrong.
    At the age of twelve Finnan like his brothers set out on his own to complete his trial. Throughout his trial Finnan made enemies, killed one of his three brothers, got some impressive scars and made some friends. Finnan spent nearly six years training in the mountains; developing his body and powers before feeling he was ready to return to his clan. Arriving home he told his family what had befallen his brother during his trials and the village Elders finally took notice of him.
    Years passed and Finnan and the friend he made during the trails; Ulric, worked together to improve life for both their clans. During a night of drinking they got to talking and after long discussions they decided that for the Síneach to be a truly strong people the clans would need to unite. After a very poor outcome when Finnan discussed the idea with his father and brothers he ended up having to kill them all to take leadership of his clan so together they could enact their vision. They reached out to the clans in their area and while most were opposed to the idea some of the clans liked the potential of the proposal they heard. From these clans Finnan soon became close friends with six of the greatest warriors. Ulric, Finnan and the six grew to be so close that they went through the sacred ritual of becoming blood kin. They waged war on the other clans wiping out opposing leaders and allowing the survivors to join under their banner.
    As the years passed going to this current day Finnan and his men have managed to unite the majority of the North, with Finnan being granted the seat and title of King in the North.

    Other: *If there is anything you want to add, do so here*

    Theme: *optional*

    Name: Zamir Lothbrok

    Age: 41

    Race: Síneach

    Title: Deacair (Only used among his loyal following)

    Description: Standing at 14”1 Zamir is a true mountain of a man. Shaving the sides of his head he keeps the rest slicked back with braids. Zamir like many of the other Síneach has an array of impressive scars from his days of fighting. His armour is taken and remade with touches of home for him from the corpses of the Azureth military leaders he has killed.


    Personality: Zamir carries himself tall and proud, he is confident, assertive, aggressive and merciless. Naturally charismatic his men learned to love him and he truly earned their loyalty when he proved himself on the battlefield time and time again. Zamir is loyal and respectful to those who earn it. He has cold edge to him meaning he isn’t close to very many people.

    Weapon(s): Zamir uses the sword pictured above. It is exceptionally heavy but due to his strength he can wield it one handed. When not in use it is strapped to his back using a chain.

    Powers: Zamir has never shown any powers.

    Abilities: He is outrageously resilient to multiple elements and powers; his physical strength is enough to match that of even his father. He is an extremely skilled fighter relying on his own strength and resilience to carry him through battle. When he began fighting with others he became more tactical learning to read where to best send the attack to decimate the enemy.

    Goals: Become the one true King of the Síneach. Prove himself as the greatest warrior.

    Bio: Zamir Lothbrok only surviving son of Haldor and first born of Eerika. Zamir has never felt truly accepted by his family. He has always felt his father disapproves of him and his mother has at times been downright abusive. When Zamir was nine years old his sister was born and he worried for her safety at the hands of his parents. His worry appeared misplaced as she showed power from a young age and from that day onward could seem to do no wrong. Zamir never resented his sister for the favour their parents showed and though he would never openly admit it he felt protective of her. Zamir was sent away on his trial, a foolish tradition brought in by his mother and her Northern traditions. When he returned five years later he was unsurprised to see that Saoirse had the entire clan wrapped around her finger. His unwillingness to bend to her whims meant the two had quite vocal arguments often. Zamir admired the young girl’s confidence and will of authority; of course he would never openly admit that. When she left for her own trial Zamir focused on fighting his father’s fights helping him in his mission to claim the southern half of the continent. While he fought well, even at times being paramount to victory in several battles it seemed to do little to help his prestige among his father’s men. He continued to fight and eventually earned himself a loyal following. When he fights he has a contingent of dedicated faction who would follow him to the afterlife and back.

    Other: Zamir has no desire to make a truce with the supposed King of the North and feels they would be better served by killing them all in battle and taking the North for themselves.

    Theme: *optional*
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  15. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    What the neck are Sineach?
  16. Hope

    Hope Admin Staff Member Administrator

    They are the barbarians. We gave them a country and culture of their own. It will be added to the lore when I get time to do so.
  17. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Do we have a rundown of physiological norms for races? I was under the impression that only Demigods had any trait of giantism (and Gods themselves). Or can anyone grow to be 20 feet tall in this world?
  18. Taboo Sho

    Taboo Sho Arlert Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    The Síneach, the Giants of Baris, and some demigods, depending on their godly parent, can be giants. Also nobody is over 15 feet, as Newgate is the child of a giantess of Baris and the God Poseidon.
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    What Sho says is correct. It's a norm for the Síneach to be over 6 ft but they are the only ones who average at 12-13 ft tall. 15 is excessive especially for someone from Azureth which is why Lilith was scaled down. However the 'giants' are from Baris, Amazon, and Síneach mostly.

    Name: Raven

    Age: unknown (appears to be in early to mid 20s)

    Race: Assumed demigod

    Title: Currently she has no title that she remembers.

    Description: "Pretty" by popular standard. Raven has brown naturally wavy hair that is usually a mess around her shoulders and back. She has a warm complexion with green eyes that appear more blue in different lighting. She is 5'6" and has an athletic body type. She is most often seen in casual, dark colored clothing that is easy to move in. Most of her attire is more suited for speed and agility than for defense.


    Armor: (No wings or choker) Raven dresses simply with little to no armor. Her trousers and top are black, and she wears a long burgundy red coat.

    Personality: Although she puts up a quiet yet strong front, Raven is quite level headed and kind. You wouldn't know this from her ice-queen exterior though. She tends to be on the more skeptical side when meeting new people and is slow to trust. Because of this, she uses sarcasm as a mechanism to stop people from getting close and really getting to know her. Those who have managed to break through her walls, though, are able to see there is much more to her than she lets on. She is loyal and protective to a fault of those she cares about and has a steady moral code that can be known to get her in to trouble.
    Can be a bit of a control freak at times and above all else relies on herself.

    Weapon(s): Sword(Picture above)- For someone who relies more on speed, the sword would appear counter productive but she manages it without trouble. The sword is one of the only belongings she had with her upon waking up with no memories and she never parts with it.
    She also carries throwing knives and a bow occasionally but more for hunting than combat.
    Her weapons are enchanted only for durability mostly but her sword absorbs magic.

    Powers: Unlike most demigods, Ravens power does not seem to directly reflect the power of a known god, which makes it impossible to know for sure which God bloodline she comes from. Most of her active powers are based more on her own will and light than any specific worldly element. She knows a plethora of spells that mostly center on divine and physical light. However she also knows limited spells involving the four elements and has some mild psychic abilities.

    Abilities: Aside from specific powers, Raven has other abilities that set her apart from normal humans. She is much stronger and faster than even most other demigods (though not all). Her speed and stealth are unmatched by any appoint she has faced so far to her memory.
    She is also a survivor. Having spent quite some time on her own with no memory of who/what she is or where she belongs she had to learn how to survive on her own.
    • Light-
      • Light Compression- This is one of the first light abilities Raven learned. She is able to use it to gather light energy at a certain point until the energy becomes unstable. She then unleashes that energy on an enemy, causing what could potentially become an explosion of light concentrated on a target. (Credit: Desert Warrior- Kingdom Hearts Daybreak)
        • She has learned control the amount of concentrated light in this spell to focus on a specific target, or to affect a large area.
        • Absolute Light- She can create a field of absolute light intended to blind the target either temporarily or permanently and may also dull or even completely negate the other senses. It is speculated that this ability could potentially able to generate light so intense it can completely obliterate objects in its path if she were strong enough. This ability can also work to repel or harm dark beings.
        • Piercing Light- compressed light in a long spear like shape used as a weapon. Eventually it will become unstable and explode over a shorter range but usually while lodged within an enemy. The more she creates, the shorter time she can keep them stable. At the moment she can use as many as 3 but they will explode after about 30 seconds.
        • Fabrication- She can also form the compressed light into weapons or objects for a limited period of time. However at some point the light energy will become unstable and react.
        • Guard- A glass like shield of compressed light she can summon in front of herself to block attacks. They can only sustain so much damage before breaking. Like her other compressed light, once it becomes unstable it will cause a small explosion on anyone that might be too close. Taking damage will shorten time to the shield becoming unstable.
      • Illusionist- To bend physical light to create copies of herself or create illusions meant to distract.
      • Light Empowerment- She is energized and empowered in the presence of physical or divine light.
      • Ray- A Ray of concentrated physical/divine light shot from hands or weapons. This ability generates intense heat.
      • Flair- A much larger ray. Acting as lingering light that expands after her movements it sends out a ray of light and heat that adds damage to her attacks.
      • Cloaking- To bend the light around herself to remove herself from perception. To shield herself from being seen by the naked eye.
      • Teleportation- Can disappear and reappear over short distances using magic. It is speculated this ability is an extension of her photokinesis and actually works by her simply moving faster than the eye can see.
      • Photokinesis- Can incorporate light in physical combat. Her physical strikes can become extremely fast and precise. To some enemies her movements can blur to the naked eye making her attacks unpredictable and difficult to block.
      • Healing Aura- Raven has used light to become an accomplished healer. There are few wounds that she can’t heal and she is generous with using this ability wherever she can. However, there are some wounds that even her abilities can’t touch.
        • Regenerative Healing- Raven’s Healing Aura is ever present and can be used on herself. It’s a slower process but it works subconsciously to allow her to heal from physical damage faster. For reasons unbeknownst to her, she is unable to heal herself rapidly like she would be able to with someone else.
    • Divination-
      • Sometimes Raven has prophetic dreams or out of body experiences. She hasn’t learned how to understand or control these experiences.
    • Elemental Magic- Capable of casting limited fire and water elemental spells. She hasn’t yet discovered if she has any sort of ability with earth or air.
      • Fire- Start fire using magic. She is creative with it’s uses but the spells are all simple.
      • Water- Move water slightly with magic. Not enough to use in attacks but it is handy for other spells.
    • Fusion- Because she is capable of creating new spells, Raven is able to use light energy in other types of spells such as elemental to vary certain effects.
    Goals: To reclaim her memories and find out where she came from.

    Bio: Raven’s memories are limited. She has no recollection of her early life or childhood. She doesn’t know who or what she is. Years prior to current events, Raven awoke alone in the eastern desert near Labiski. Her only clues as to her origin are the amulet she was wearing and a strange tattoo that is two white lines tracing her spine between her shoulder blades. She spent her first few years among the people of the Labiski clan, having earned their trust by respecting their laws. However she could never shake the nagging curiosity that there was something important she needed to do or find.
    So, eventually she parted from the clan she came to respect on the promise she would not reveal their secrets. She travelled Azureth for the following years but it seemed impossible to find any clue to who she was or where she came from. However her abilities began to show themselves rapidly. They were powerful and seemed to be heavily tied to her emotions. Raven learned rather quickly that she would need to learn to control them as they manifest to avoid being a danger to others. With this in mind, she returned to the eastern desert. She resides alone within the territory of the Labiski clan but not among their people. In seclusion, she began to learn how to control her emotions and by extension, her abilities. She gets along with the Labiski Clan and shares a friendship with their people, but remains alone most of the time.

    Other: She sees her newfound abilities as a clue to maybe help her find out the truth of her past.

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    It's Síneach.

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