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Ascendant: Divine Inheritance (IC)

Discussion in 'Original Roleplays (IC)' started by Chainless, May 7, 2018.

  1. Chainless

    Chainless Hero of the Wild Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    (Oath, Hope, Taboo Sho, Become and I)

    As Ariana and Lilith made their way toward the training ground, Ariana turned her focus from the events of the morning to the coming class. Combat training had always been one of her favourite subjects, especially with the other ascendants. It was one of the most useful ways of evaluating her future competition. She pushed her still drying tunic straight on her shoulders as she drew a breath to speak. “Combat should be interesting today… with the two new people.”

    Lilith shrugged at her friend’s words, “I suppose. But the biggest problem is that given the way the meeting went our newbloods aren’t necessarily going to be in the best moods come their turns. It might be best to brace yourself for a more aggressive stance if you’re partnered with one of them, just to be safe.”

    A slight smile played at the corner of Ari’s lips. “I’m counting on it.” as usual there was a calculating tone behind her words. “Angry fighters don’t hold back.”

    As they approached the training grounds she noticed the massive Amazon newcomer already present with one of his entourage. “They give away more information than they would otherwise.” she spoke in a more hushed tone.

    Lilith rolled her eyes but reluctantly nodded in agreement, “Hate to admit it, but you aren’t wrong. Be cautious. I myself am not too worried about fighting this time around, considering our instructor had me do every fight last time around and my dad nearly had his head on a platter when he found out.” As they got close and they quieted their voices, Lilith added, “Also if you get that Alexandros guy or Fenris give them a double dose of hurting for me would ya?”

    “You know it.” Ariana put up a fist that was met by Lilith’s. The two girls took seats on the benches surrounding the grounds and watched the others file in.


    Roxanne wasn't sure where to go right after the Coalition. Luckily, there were enough of her peers going in the same direction for her to figure it out. She arrived not long after the Amazon boy and two girls she had met earlier. She sat down on the same series of benches as they did, but far from them. She watched the loud mouthed boy walk in with another with dark hair pulled into a bun. Behind them, a tall girl with tight curls and dark skin. Roxanne recognized her from the Miran seat in the Coalition. Behind her, the boy with bright red hair and a cocky grin from Sindalis. He was accompanied by two others whom Roxanne recognized from the Coalition but not from where they came. Like before, the group was a mix of some who kept to themselves and others who seemed to gravitate to each other. There was a soft murmur of quiet conversations kept between groups that was quieted down by the presence of three people who stepped into the open in front of the benches where all of her peers now sat. The three were all middle aged at least


    Left, more or less, alone by his attendant, Alexandros loitered upon the edge of training ground for a short while. After a handful of minutes wrestling down a deprecating train of thought, he returned his mind to external matters in time to find that he was no longer without the company of peers. Arriving in pairs and small clusters, those among the Ascendants had been convening upon the training grounds. “Clearly,” Alexandros spoke softly, looking off in the direction of Areximacha’s exit, “you knew this was coming.” The Amazon couldn’t help but chuckle, even slightly, at this. It would be just like Areximacha to set him up in such a way.

    Alexandros would spent the following moment observing his peers as they filtered in, ultimately gathering at a bench set up on the opposite side of the grounds from where he stood. His watch was vigilant, yet casual at the same time. His sole point of telling intent came upon his spotting the one who had slandered him to his face. Admirable to face a man as he endeavours to break them down; foolish even so. His brows furrowed as his eyes narrowed in disdain. If there was anything that the Prince needed to prove, he would do so upon the training grounds. Any dissent towards or hovering doubts regarding who he was or what he was capable of, would have to be put down promptly.

    In a preparation for the approaching ordeal, he ran his hands about himself in check of his armaments: shield, slung proper upon his back for travelling; sword in scabbard, securely strapped at his waist; spear… a short, cold rush swept through him. For an instant, he might have panicked had he been a less prepared warrior… the feeling, yet, was quelled almost as soon as it had begun to swell. A soldier among the castle guard approached him, carrying what he knew to be his spear delivered as per order of Areximacha.

    Thankful to his attendant and the guard, he circled his way across to the bench that the other Ascendants were taking their respective seats upon. They sat facing a trio of older people, by all visible signs, experienced in some walk or another. “I take it,” Alexandros made himself first to speak up, “That this is when things get physical?”

    “Your power of deduction is most impressive” Fenris said dryly. “We are in an arena surrounded by weapons and training dummies. Clearly you are more suited to be standing with those straw stuffed stick men then with us. As I said before, you don’t belong here”.

    A few of the other ascendants snickered at Fenris’s remarks. The comment earned a disapproving look from Lilith and small smile tugged at Ariana’s lips.

    “And you’ll be certain,” Alexandros responded hotly, “to find yourself prematurely acquainted with the rodents and nightcrawlers if you can’t learn to keep your tongue well behind your teeth.”

    The tension was broken by one of the older men addressing them. “You will split into two groups.” He pointed to Roxanne, Fenris, Ariana, Callach, Alexandros and the cocky redhead. “First group will follow myself and Farson to the battle mats where you will be paired and then spar. The rest will go and run circuit three under the watchful eye of Alekos.” There was an audible groan as Lilith and the others stood and made their way towards the running grounds.

    “Looking forward to this Callach?” Fenris asked as he made his way to the mats stretching as he did. “Come now, smile. It's not every day you are encouraged to play with your food” he sneered.

    At least I get to cut loose from the get go, the Amazon told himself. Though he would be visibly among the most elated to be getting straight to the combat training, he aptly set himself into the rear of the group moving towards the mats. He’d have much rather taken up the front end; but then he’d have maintain an air of subtlety in sneaking backwards glances at his possible opponents. From the back, he had all the more opportunity to contemplate the match-ups he might get.

    Even still, it was a spotty effort. The only one among those headed into the spars that Alexandros could surmise anything of was Ariana, whom he still only knew of through hearing of her father; if she held up to Roan’s reputation, even in the slightest, she would be one for the Amazon to be cautious of. Those he didn’t know, of course, would still require a careful approach; what he didn’t know could prove more detrimental than what he did.

    As the half-dozen Ascendants and the trainers neared the mats, Alexandros broke his own inner tension with a more sincere inquiry than his previous one, directed specifically at one of the trainers. “Any ground rules I should be aware of for the sparring? Empty-handed or weapons, and such? Or is this an ‘all’s fair’ session, more or less?”

    The head instructor answered the Amazon’s question indirectly as he addressed the six as a whole. “You will each pair off in groups of two. You may choose your opponents. When you have done so, you may begin going over the basics to warm up. Take turns attacking and parrying or dodging.”

    Before the head trainer had finished speaking, Ariana made her way toward Roxanne. Before the new girl could protest Ariana greeted her with a soft smile. “You don’t want to partner with one of the others. Fenris is a jerk. And Callach well... he’s worse.” she teased.

    Callach chuckled at Ariana’s comment but otherwise ignored it and threw a playful, yet still aggressive, punch at Heros to indicate he would partner with him.

    The exchange warranted an eye roll from Roxanne. But she shrugged, tossing up her hands in disinterest. “Yeah… okay whatever.” she followed Ariana to stand opposite her where the instructor directed.

    Fenris rubbed his hands together and smiled. “Well big man, looks like you're my plaything for the next little while.” He said to the Amazon. “Hopefully the foolishness that comes from that mouth of yours isn't indicative of your fighting skills; else this won't be any fun.” He jeered making his way to the area marked by the second instructor.

    The Amazon shrugged off the biting of the comment with an enthused chuckle. He too directed himself towards the space indicated by the instructor, standing opposite the loudmouth. Without any further prompting he took up an unorthodox fighting stance, leaving his right hand in front, as a left-handed fighter would. Though he doubted his opponent would be wise to it, in doing so, Alexandros would be commencing the coming spar in a stance that would bank on a non-dominant left hand for most of its heavy hitting; the Amazon’s prior training had practically masked the obvious tells of right-handedness. “I pray that your tongue isn’t the only part of you that’s of any use.”

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