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An Ephemeral Talk

Discussion in 'General Kingdom Hearts' started by Derek, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    People think Ephemer’s name is due to his brief role in the original Chi browser game in which he appeared then quickly vanished. (ephemera or ephemeral)

    But I like to think he’s “ephemeral” because he was the first to inherit the Goatblade and the first of Luxu’s many many MANY hosts.

    Aka he was only himself for a brief time in the story and only a brief moment in Luxu’s long life~

    I think it’s safe to assume he’s fallen. Even if nothing bad per say happened to him I’d imagine he’s dead. Given Brains similarity to Eraqus in face and hair it’s likely he and Ephemer were the two to found the current keyblade system.

    Whatever flung all the key kids into the present didn’t fling them into the same moment.

    To add to the Luxu vessel part, in the secret reports it mentions a person with an eye patch came to get the mystery girl. We know only one apprentice with an eye patch.

    If he was Ephemer then Luxu may have went to get her for his own reasons. He already had org members seeking a box that he had the whole time to keep up a ruse.


    This started as me trolling a bit on tumblr (seen above) but after I got talking seriously about it with someone else the more intriguing the idea became to me. Any things?
  2. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    Hold up. Are you theorizing that Ephemer inherits the Goatblade or a new story scene in UX actually has him inheriting the Goatblade?

    If Ephemer did/does inherit the Goatblade, then he couldn't possibly be Luxu's first vessel. One of Luxu's main roles that we know of was to train a keyblade wielder and then give that trainee the Goatblade for them to pass on to their own apprentice and create a chain of passing the weapon down. Luxu passing the blade down and then immediately possessing the person he gives it to flies in the face of that task. Additionally that should mean that Luxu would be in possession of the Goatblade the entire time, which we know for a fact isn't the case since he wanted to get it back from Xehanort this entire time. Also him keeping hold of the keyblade and simply possessing its next inheritor would probably alter the future that the MoM sees/intended. Plus, I'm starting to think that the part of Ephemer giving a helping hand was meant to show that all the UX relevant characters (Except possibly the player character) have wound up in the present. Whether Ephemer is complete or just a free heart, I have no idea.

    Honestly, I don't think Luxu had the box in his possession during the events of KH3. Maleficent may have been entirely correct when she claimed that the box simply did not exist at the time. While it's possible she's working off of false information, the simple fact that she remembers what happened to her while she time traveled gives me reason to give her the benefit of the doubt (That, or when you travel backwards in time you remember what you saw/did and when you travel forwards in time like Young Xehanort you forget what you saw/did).
  3. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    @Desert Warrior

    Crap hold on. I forgot I made this lemme check......hmmm I think the theory I came across was that Ephemer gets the Goatblade. I dont think any scene of that has happened. It was a theory I came across and talked with a friend about for a few minutes. It was a theory attached to a headcanon art of Ephemer becoming Luxu's first host.

    I think the idea was that Ephemer is possessed and then it's passed on or- gah I dunno. This logic is sound so forget the second part. What intrigued me most was him gaining the blade.
    However I wont rule out the boy being truly dead or in some limbo state due to his appearance in KH3. I'd imagine at least a handful made it to the modern times but we know Eraqus and his entire order of wielders was based on a leader.

    This means at least one leader/character didn't arrive in the present. They arrived further back to found what Eraqus would inherit. I'd lean towards that Brain kid but I could see Ephemer being in the past since the light was from the past. Assuming the hearts of those poor kids are just stuck in that graveyard in a limbo state.
  4. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    The idea of the Keyblade Order being founded at some random point in time between Chi and BBS due to the Dandelions jumping through time is an interesting idea. That being said, I feel that still conflicts with Luxu starting the chain of passing down the goatblade master to apprentice. The fact that Eraqus' and Xehanort's master was in possession of it (Even if he himself didn't use it) implies that Luxu himself or one of the people down the chain started the Keyblade Order. I do feel that the Dandelions and this Keyblade Order are completely separate, although Brain looking like a young Eraqus does make you wonder if there is a connection

    Again though, the idea of Luxu possession the person he gives the goatblade to does contradict the role outlined for him by the MoM since it would then make sense for Luxu to possess every person who inherits the blade, and this obviously doesn't happen.
  5. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    Well, tbf, this is assuming Luxu passes the keyblade THEN possessed him. It's been so long since I made this I've kinda lost track. That said, I dont value KH implications much due to how wild Nomura makes his answers sometimes. At best however, we know someone unaccounted for such as Brain of Ephemer started the order and got that blade so the theory may be onto something there.

    It'd be interesting if it was Ephemer imo but the resemblance of Brain to Eraqus is likely a key clue as to who started what. To be a descendant of someone would mean at least Brain had kids somewhere.
  6. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    I'm sure Square will let us know in like a year when that story update happens.

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