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All Unanswered Questions in Kingdom Hearts

Discussion in 'General Kingdom Hearts' started by Elfdemon, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. Elfdemon

    Elfdemon Member

    A year ago, I attempted to make a list of all of the unanswered questions (some people might refer to them as plot holes, though that's slightly inaccurate) in the Kingdom Hearts series. I've been researching, replaying through the games, reading Tetsuya Nomura interviews, and so on, and greatly increasing my Kingdom Hearts knowledge. And I've been slowly updating this list. I've been removing things that have actually been answered and I've added things that haven't. And now, I believe that I have an accurate list that's very close to being a complete list of all the unanswered questions. Tetsuya Nomura said that all questions will be answered in Kingdom Hearts III. After discovering all of these unanswered questions, I doubt that'll be the case, but this list would be fun to use as a list to check off unanswered questions while playing through Kingdom Hearts III and reading interviews that follow the game's release. So, here it is:

    (Oh, and also, if you think you found an answer to any of these questions, please provide your source in your comment. Thank you!)

    Complete List of Unanswered Questions
    • Why are there globes and maps of Earth and real world locations in some worlds? Are some worlds just alternate reality-type Earths that exist simultaneously but separately? Or did all the worlds used to be Earth when they were all together in one massive World in the Age of Fairy Tales, and the globes and maps are just artifacts of history?

    • In the first Kingdom Hearts, how did Mickey know about Sora and Riku, and how did he know that they got a Keyblade? Yen Sid has the ability to sort of sense things and people in other realms and worlds, so did Yen Sid tell Mickey about them?

    • In the first Kingdom Hearts, why does Winnie the Pooh's letter to Rabbit have "Mickey Mouse" written on the front with a crown symbol? Also, if you come back later, it'll instead be a letter from Roo. This letter also has "Mickey Mouse" written on the front with a crown symbol. Why is that?

    • In the first Kingdom Hearts, Genie says he's heard about a Keyhole before 200 years ago, and implies that he used to know its location. Why does he know about the Keyhole and how did he know its location?

    • Some residents of Halloween Town, such as Jack, The Mayor, Dr. Finkelstein, etc. all know about the Heartless because Jack found a book about the Heartless. Who wrote this book full of research notes?
    • Why didn't Maleficent getting stabbed with the Keyblade of Heart cause her to turn into a Heartless? Why did she turn into her Dragon form instead? The Keyblade of Heart has the ability to "unlock people's hearts," which sounds like the same thing that any Keyblade can do if you're on the level of a Keyblade Master, so it can be assumed that the unique ability of the Keyblade of Heart is that it allows you to do that without being on the level of a Keyblade Master. But, is it possible that "unlocking people's hearts" is actually different? Could "unlocking people's hearts" mean something different for each person who gets stabbed by it? Such as Sora turning into a Heartless, and Maleficent turning into her Dragon form? Or is it that Maleficent is just different than most people and follows different laws of nature?
    • In the first Kingdom Hearts, Xehanort's Heartless possessed Riku, which sort of kicked Riku's heart out of his body and sent it to the Realm of Darkness. Why didn't this create a Heartless and a Nobody? Was it because the heart wasn't either extracted by a Keyblade or succumb to the darkness? Does this mean it's possible somehow for a heart to leave a body without becoming a Heartless?
    • When a Heartless is destroyed by a Keyblade, whether it be an Emblem Heartless or a Pureblood Heartless, a heart is released from it and the original person is recompleted. (For the Pureblood Heartless, the heart isn't visibly released, but it's still released.) If someone has a Nobody too, you have to destroy that as well in order to get their original self to be recompleted. If a Heartless is destroyed by something other than a Keyblade, then the released heart will end up just eventually turning back into a Heartless. So, when Ansem, Seeker of Darkness was destroyed by the light from his artificial Kingdom Hearts (and Xemnas was destroyed later), why did Xehanort get recompleted? He shouldn't have gotten recompleted since his Heartless wasn't destroyed by a Keyblade, it was destroyed by the light from his artificial Kingdom Hearts. Does getting destroyed by Kingdom Hearts count as getting destroyed by a Keyblade for some reason, or have the same effect as getting destroyed by a Keyblade or something?

    • What was written on the letter that Pluto was holding at the end of the first Kingdom Hearts and in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories? It's obviously not the same one from the end of Kingdom Hearts II since Mickey wrote that at the end of Kingdom Hearts coded.

    • At the end of the first Kingdom Hearts, how did Donald and Goofy's clothes change when they got to the grassy area outside of Castle Oblivion? Also, how did their clothes change while they are in Castle Oblivion in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories back to the clothes they had on before?

    • In Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, when referring to Maleficent, Vexen says "Don't be absurd. The witch is gone. She cannot return from the Realm of Darkness of her own volition." This means that after Sora destroyed Maleficent in the first Kingdom Hearts, she got sent to the Realm of Darkness. Why is this? Why did Maleficent get sent to the Realm of Darkness instead of just simply dying? Or did she just simply escape after the battle with Sora to the Realm of Darkness using a Corridor of Darkness? Also, why did she have to wait for someone (the three fairies) to remember her in order to come back when she could've just used a Corridor of Darkness to get out? Why can she not escape of her own volition? When Ansem the Wise was banished to the Realm of Darkness by Apprentice Xehanort, he was able to use Corridors of Darkness to get out, so why couldn't Maleficent have done that?

    • Why did Marluxia and Larxene want to overthrow Organization XIII?

    • In Secret Ansem's Report 12, it says "First I shall convert all of Twilight Town into data and construct a "world duplicate" in Sora's memories. I shall place Roxas within that world to live out his days and regain those memories." If the simulated Twilight Town that Roxas was placed into is located inside of Sora's memories, then how was Sora able to go inside of the simulated Twilight Town by accessing the machine in the basement of the Old Mansion in Twilight Town near the end of Kingdom Hearts II? Is there multiple copies of the simulated Twilight Town, and just one of them is located inside Sora's memories? Or were Sora's memories just hooked up to the simulated Twilight Town before or something? Or is the machine in the basement of the Old Mansion just simply able to access Sora's memories and by going into the simulated Twilight Town, Sora was within his own memories?

    • Why did the guards in Land of Dragons turn into Emblem Heartless (Nightwalkers)? If they were succumbing to the darkness, then they should've turned into Pureblood Heartless. Were they just Nightwalkers disguised as guards or something?

    • How did the Ghosts of Scar form together to create an Emblem Heartless (Groundshaker)? Shouldn't they have created a Pureblood Heartless if anything? Did they just form together with a Living Bone and Shaman Heartless or something?

    • How did Stitch get to Hollow Bastion?

    • Why did Axel and Saïx want to find the Chamber of Waking?

    • Why did Axel and Saïx want to overthrow Organization XIII?

    • How did Saïx get his scar?

    • What are the names and identities of Larxene, Demyx, and Luxord's original human forms?

    • Why hasn't Xemnas wielded a Keyblade? (Assuming he has the ability to). If he doesn't have the ability to wield a Keyblade, then why?

    • How did Ansem the Wise's machine exploding turn Riku back to normal and how did it transport Ansem the Wise to the Realm of Darkness?

    • Why did Naminé return to Kairi, when she's made out of Sora's body and soul? Shouldn't she have returned to Sora instead? Did she have some of Kairi's memories that needed to return to her, the same way Roxas had some of Sora's memories that needed to return to him? If not, then why did Naminé even need to return to anybody?

    • Why does Apprentice Xehanort have brown eyes instead of yellow?

    • Why does Xemnas and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness have orange eyes instead of yellow?

    • Why does Riku not have yellow eyes in the first Kingdom Hearts when Ansem, Seeker of Darkness is possessing him?

    • How did Sora and Riku get from the place where they fought the final fight against Xemnas in Kingdom Hearts II to the Dark Margin in the Realm of Darkness?

    • How did Kairi's message in a bottle end up at the Dark Margin?

    • "End of Sea" is the name of a world that's half in the Realm of Darkness and half in the Realm Between. Dark Margin is a location at the very tip of this world. It's on the Realm of Darkness half of the world. The ocean that we see there acts as a border between the Realm of Darkness and the Realm Between. How are there worlds in the Realm of Darkness still? They should've all returned to the Realm of Light after Sora sealed the Door to Darkness and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness' artificial Kingdom Hearts broke apart. Does this mean there are worlds native to the Realm of Darkness that have always never had a heart? Or is End of Sea just a world from the Realm Between that's so close to the edge of the Realm Between that it's also touching the Realm of Darkness? Also, how is there a world that's half in one realm and half in another realm in the first place when the realms aren't physically connected?

    • How did Mickey's message in a bottle get to Sora on Destiny Islands?

    • Tetsuya Nomura has stated that Ventus' heart stayed within Sora's body AKA his Nobody, Roxas when Sora was separated from his body and soul and became a Heartless. What is the reason for this? Why didn't it get released along with the other hearts?

    • How did Ventus become so tiny when he went to Castle of Dreams? Tetsuya Nomura said it was because he somehow messed up traveling to the world and ended up tiny, but how does that even happen? How does you not knowing how to properly travel to worlds make you end up very small? I assume that we just simply don't completely know how physics and stuff works in the Kingdom Hearts universe, but it'd be nice to get a specific answer to this question.

    • How is the ship in Deep Space able to access the Lanes Between without a Keyblade or Corridors of Darkness? Or does this mean that somebody aboard the ship has a Keyblade or the ability to use Corridors of Darkness?

    • Where did Vanitas obtain his Keyblade? He can wield a Keyblade because his heart is half of Ventus' heart, but where did he obtain his Keyblade, Void Gear? Did Xehanort Bequeath him? Or does he wield Wayward Wind, except with a Void Gear Keychain on it?

    • If the Unversed are created by Vanitas and come from Vanitas, then how was Lady Tremaine able to turn the coach into an Unversed and how was The Queen able to turn the Spirit of the Magic Mirror into an Unversed?

    • Why did Lea and Isa go into Ansem the Wise's castle in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, and why did they get kicked out?
    • How did Ventus and Aqua end up in the Lanes Between after their battles at the Keyblade Graveyard?
    • How did Terra-Xehanort end up at Radiant Garden after the explosion from the χ-blade?

    • Did Terra-Xehanort/Apprentice Xehanort actually have amnesia or was he just faking it?
    • When Terra-Xehanort split himself up into a Heartless and a Nobody, why weren't two Nobodies created? When Sora became a Heartless, his own heart and Kairi's heart released from his body. This created Roxas and Naminé. When Terra-Xehanort became a Heartless, the same thing should've happened. Terra's heart and Xehanort's heart were released from Terra's body. This should've created a Terra Nobody and a Xehanort Nobody, but instead, Xemnas was created; someone who is a mixture of both Terra and Xehanort. Why?

    • How did Young Xehanort leave Destiny Islands and get to Land of Departure?

    • When we see Young Xehanort in the past on Destiny Islands and in the present-day during Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, he doesn't have pointy ears like he does when he's older. Why is this? And when we see Young Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts III, he does have pointy ears. Why is that?

    • Why does Xehanort's Keyblade Armor have the Nobody emblem on it?

    • How did Riku obtain his second Keyblade (Way to the Dawn) after Sora took his first one (Kingdom Key)? Getting Bequeathed causes a Keyblade to choose you, so when Sora took his Keyblade, did another Keyblade choose him? Is that what happens if you lose your Keyblade somehow? Another one will choose you?

    • The Master of Masters forged and tempered Keyblades by pulling them out of the depths of hearts. And ever since then, if you are Bequeathed, a Keyblade will choose you. If all Keyblades already exist somewhere out there and were created long ago, then how come some people's Keyblades resemble them or their character/personality? For example, Lea's Keyblade resembles one of his Eternal Flames Chakrams with fire coming out of it and Riku's Keyblade resembles his Soul Eater sword. Is this just simply because these people are destined to wield these Keyblades or something?

    • Where did Riku get the Keyblade he gave to Kairi (Destiny's Embrace)? And why did he even have to give her a Keyblade in the first place since one should've already chosen her since she was Bequeathed? Doesn't this mean she has two Keyblades now: the one that chose her from her being Bequeathed and the one Riku gave her, Destiny's Embrace?

    • Who Bequeathed Lea?

    • What's the name of Lea's Keyblade?

    • Why does the Kingdom Key look exactly like the two blades that are a part of the χ-blade?

    • It was stated that the pieces of light of the χ-blade were split into seven pieces to protect the number of pure hearts in the world. This is referring to the Seven Princesses of Heart. The Seven Princesses of Heart didn't exist way back in the Age of Fairy Tales though, so how did the χ-blade know that they were going to be born in the future? And in what way are the seven pieces of light protecting the Seven Princesses of Heart?

    • While Aqua was carrying Ventus' comatose body, his Keyblade raised and opened a door that led them to the Land of Departure. This door was not a method of travel that we've ever seen or heard about before. It wasn't one of the portals they've been opening with their Keyblades, it wasn't a Gate, and it wasn't a Corridor of Darkness. It looked pretty much exactly like the Door to Light from the end of Kingdom Hearts II. So, what was this door? Was it the Door to Light? And how was Ventus able to open it?
    • At the end of the first Kingdom Hearts, Sora, Donald, and Goofy were standing on a piece of land at End of the World. End of the World was a world located in the Realm of Light that's made up of chunks of worlds that fell to darkness. When a world is falling to darkness/falling to the Realm of Darkness, some chunks of the world might stay behind in the Realm of Light. These chunks formed together to create End of the World. Once Sora and Mickey sealed the Door to Darkness, Ansem, Seeker of Darkness' artificial Kingdom Hearts broke apart and the hearts returned to the worlds, and they were restored. They left the Realm of Darkness and went back to the Realm of Light. The chunks that made up End of the World also went back to the Realm of Light. The chunk of land that Sora, Donald, and Goofy were on was a part of the Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion world. So, when the worlds were restored, they got sent to the recompleted Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion world since they were standing on that chunk of land. But, this means that the Land of Departure/Castle Oblivion world fell to darkness sometime in the past. So, what happened to Ventus' body when this happened? Was it also sent to the Realm of Darkness with the world, and was safe from the darkness/Heartless, because he was in the Chamber of Waking? And does this mean that his body was sent back to the Realm Between with the world when it was restored?

    • Why did Mickey not recognize the name "Xehanort" when he met Apprentice Xehanort? Is that just a common name in the Kingdom Hearts universe or something?
    • What exactly is a "mind?" And how is it different from the "soul?" Is it even different from the soul or are they the same thing?

    • Braig says he has his hands full with his own plans. What are these plans?

    • In the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded "Destiny" secret ending, we see the Organization XIII members who were residents of Radiant Garden lying on the floor after being recompleted as complete people again. We also see Braig, who is not lying on the floor like the rest of them. He presumably woke up before them. (We know this Kingdom Hearts Re:coded secret ending takes place after Kingdom Hearts Re:coded and before Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance because Ienzo is an adult in this cutscene. There is a cutscene at the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance that shows Even and Ienzo on the floor turning into Heartless/Nobodies and Ienzo is a little kid in that cutscene, so we know the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded "Destiny" secret ending takes place after Kingdom Hearts Re:coded because we know Ienzo grew up as an adult while he was a Nobody.) In Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, we see Xigbar. It is thought that this is actually Braig, not Xigbar and he's just going by the name "Xigbar" for some reason (most likely because of the Recusant's Sigil in that name). If this is the same recompleted Braig that we saw in the Kingdom Hearts Re:coded "Destiny" secret ending, then how come he has long hair again and how come he has gray in his hair again? It would not make sense for him to just all of a sudden change appearance and grow hair that quickly. Is this actually Xigbar and not Braig? If it's Xigbar, then that can either mean that he was brought to the present day from time travel, or that can mean that Young Xehanort turned the recompleted Braig back into a Nobody for some reason (maybe to be a more suitable vessel?). And is this the same case for Saïx? Was he turned back into a Nobody or was he brought back using time travel? Or it's possible that he's the recompleted Isa since his recompleted human form has no visible differences than his Nobody, unlike Braig and Xigbar. Speaking of which, do people keep their appearances that they had as Nobodies when they turn back into people, or are they reverted to how they looked before they were turned into Nobodies? This is very unclear. It seems that some parts of them did keep their appearance and some parts of them didn't for some reason. Ienzo, Lea, and Isa aged as Nobodies and kept their ages when they turned back into people. Lea lost the markings under his eyes when he became a person again though for some reason. From what we know, this is how it is: You are reverted back to how you looked before you became a Nobody, but you keep your age. For example, Lea was reverted to how he looked before he became a Nobody which is why he lost the markings under his eyes, but he still looks older because he kept his age.

    • Why did Lea and Isa get recompleted with their black coats on? Does that mean they were the only ones who were wearing black coats before they became Nobodies?

    • Ienzo seems to have known this whole time that the original person can get recompleted if their Heartless and Nobody is destroyed, so when he was Zexion, why did he act like he didn't know?

    • It has been confirmed that Axel, Roxas, Xion, and Naminé all grew hearts. As seen with Roxas, if your Nobody grows a heart and recombines with your other pieces to recreate the original person, the heart that the Nobody grew will be trapped inside of you. Since Axel grew a heart of his own and has been recompleted, does this mean that Lea now has two hearts: his original heart and the heart his Nobody grew? Or did the heart that his Nobody grew combine with his original heart? If so, then why didn't Roxas' heart combine with Sora's? Would it be because Roxas had a completely separate personality and memories than Sora, while Axel had the same personality and memories as Lea?

    • Tetsuya Nomura said that Nobodies don't age, but Axel, Saïx, and Zexion all clearly aged. Maybe you need a heart to age, and since Axel grew a heart, he didn't count as a regular Nobody so he aged? Does this mean Saïx and Zexion grew hearts as well? Do you need a heart to age?

    • Where is Terra's heart and body? Is Xehanort still possessing it, but just making it look like his old man form, like how Ansem, Seeker of Darkness in the first Kingdom Hearts was still possessing Riku's body, but making it look like himself?

    • What's the situation with Eraqus being inside of Terra's heart? After Terra-Xehanort split into a Heartless and Nobody, what happened with Eraqus' heart, and where is Eraqus' heart now?

    • Why can't Sleeping Worlds dream about Heartless? All the "realm of sleep" is, is dreams. It can be dreams of people or dreams of worlds that have fallen to darkness/fallen to the Realm of Darkness, since worlds that fall to darkness, also fall to sleep, and they dream. So, since people can dream about Heartless and have them appear in the realm of sleep, then why can't worlds do the same?

    • Heartless can be created in the realm of sleep by someone dreaming about a Heartless in their dream, but Heartless can't enter the realm of sleep from the outside world. If Heartless can't enter the realm of sleep, then how was Ansem, Seeker of Darkness able to enter the realm of sleep? Is it because he's not just a Heartless, he's a Heartless possessing a body (Riku's body form the first Kingdom Hearts)? Does him having a body allow him to enter the realm of sleep? Also, why can't Heartless enter the realm of sleep in the first place? Why can't they just use Corridors of Darkness to enter? Young Xehanort, and the other Seekers of Darkness, follow Sora and Riku into the realm of sleep. They use that as an entrance. But, I'm still pretty sure that Corridors of Darkness can get you into the realm of sleep since they were all using Corridors of Darkness while in the realm of sleep. That's also presumably how they got out of the realm of sleep when they were done putting Sora into that weird sleep coma. Presumably. So, yeah, why can't Heartless use Corridors of Darkness to enter the realm of sleep?

    • Who are all of the Seven Guardians of Light?

    • Who are all of the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness?

    • Why did the time traveling members of the Thirteen Seekers of Darkness have to go back to their own time? And how are they going to come back?

    • The Kingdom Hearts Ultimania states that Xehanort's heart being in thirteen vessels serves as raw material for the χ-blade. Why is this? Xehanort's heart isn't pure darkness, so how does him putting his heart into thirteen vessels work for creating the χ-blade?

    • What was the Riku that Riku saw in Monstro in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance? Was it the dream world projecting an image of Riku from the first Kingdom Hearts? Putting Riku "back in his place," like it did to Jiminy in Sora's side of Prankster's Paradise? If so, then why is he wearing a black coat? Riku wasn't wearing a black coat in the first Kingdom Hearts, and the worlds only dream about their pasts, so this wouldn't make sense. Is it a Seeker of Darkness? If that Riku is a Seeker of Darkness, is it Riku Replica? If it's Riku Replica, then why did Riku say "That was my... my dark side. I gave into the darkness once, and ever since, it's chased be around in one form or another. The seeker of darkness who stole my body, a puppet replica of the shadows in my heart, and now, I'm facing me."? He lists the versions of his darkness that have chased him around in one form or another. He lists Ansem, Seeker of Darkness and Riku Replica, and then says that now, he's facing himself. That implies that it's not Riku Replica. So, it's not Riku Replica, right? Unless Riku's just assuming it's not Riku Replica. If it's just himself (Riku) that he was facing, then was it when he was a villain in the first Kingdom Hearts that's time traveled to present-day to be a Seeker of Darkness? If it's Riku Replica or himself from the first game time traveled to present-day to be a Seeker of Darkness, then how come Young Xehanort isn't there with him? Tetsuya Nomura has stated that Young Xehanort functioned as a "portal" that summoned the Xemnas and Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Wouldn't it be the same for Riku Replica/Riku from the first game and any other time traveling Seekers of Darkness? If not, then why?

    • How are we going to save Ventus, Terra, Roxas, Xion, and Naminé?

    • What is the Key to Return Hearts?

    • In the Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance secret ending, Goofy says that Lea hurried back to Radiant Garden. Why did he hurry back to Radiant Garden?

    • It was shown that the "illusion" of Terra we see in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- was there because of Naminé's help. This took place right after Sora went into the pod to restore his memory, so why/how did Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- end with how the first Kingdom Hearts game ended? How does that make any sense timeline wise?
    • Why did the illusion of Ventus we see in Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A fragmentary passage- have a black and white checkered design on the back of his jacket rather than the half black half white design the back of his jacket usually has?
    • If the dark counterpart of Keyblades of Light (Keyblades of Darkness) are found on the dark side of the world the Keyblade of Light was gained at, then does that mean Keyblades of Darkness are only created when a world that a Keyblade of Light was gained at falls to darkness? Or are Keyblade of Darkness counterparts to Keyblades of Light created in the Realm of Darkness right when a Keyblade of Light is gained, but just teleports to the world the Keyblade of Light was gained at when it falls to darkness?

    • How did Aqua and Mickey end up at the Realm of Darkness area that was behind the Door to Darkness? There was just a flash of light and then they got teleported there. What was that flash of light from and how did they get teleported there? Was it the flash of light that came out of the Door to Darkness when Sora said "Kingdom Hearts is light" in the first Kingdom Hearts?

    • How did Mickey get his shirt back in time for Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories after it got destroyed by the Demon Tide?

    • How long ago does Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] take place? We know that the Age of Fairy Tales takes place "more than a hundred years before Sora received the Keyblade," but "more than a hundred years" is a very vague number.

    • What is the name and identity of The Master of Masters?

    • What were the Foretellers' and Luxu's original names before The Master of Masters gave them new names and what do their faces look like?

    • What are the names of all of the Foretellers' Keyblades?

    • Who is Xehanort and Eraqus' master? Is it Luxu, or was there another generation in-between them and Luxu, or even more? Also, was this Yen Sid's master as well, or did he have a different master? If so, then who was Yen Sid's master?

    • What's in the black box that The Master of Masters gave to Luxu, and why isn't Luxu allowed to open it?

    • How was The Master of Masters able to see the future with the Gazing Eye when it wasn't even passed down yet? Wouldn't that just be him looking into the present since he has to wait until it's passed down?

    • Why did The Master of Masters disappear?

    • How do the Dandelions survive the darkness that covers the World after the Keyblade War?

    • How does Luxu survive the darkness that covers the World after the Keyblade War?

    • If The Master of Masters only put his one eye on one Keyblade, then how are there so many eyes on so many Keyblades in the future?

    • Who Bequeathed Ventus, the Player, Ephemer, Skuld, Brain, and all of the other Keyblade wielders from the Age of Fairy Tales?
    • How did Ventus and Lauriam get from the Age of Fairy Tales to the time period of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.
    • How was present-day Maleficent there in the Unchained realm during the Age of Fairy Tales during the Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] secret ending?

    • How did the light from children's hearts recreate the World? Do children's hearts just simply have the ability to create an entire universe? Or was Kairi's Grandma just being vague in her story? If so, then what really happened?
    End Notes & Updates

    If you'd like to know more about the Braig/Xigbar situation talked about above, check out my explanation on the whole situation here.

    I'll be updating this list if I happen to find any more unanswered questions, so be sure to check back here every month or so! I doubt I'll find much more, but just in case.
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  2. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    Just gonna say this right off the bat. A decent chunk of your questions are never going to get answered. Either due to being something really specific and honestly unnecessary, such as the globe question, or have probably been forgotten by Nomura, such as the Mickey knowing Sora and Riku question. Also I was under the impression that since the series is going to continue beyond KH3, some questions (Mostly involving the Master of Master or his apprentices) won't be answered until a later date. That being said, I think I might have an answer for some of them, or at the very least some nitpicks of some of them.

    Well he is an immortal genie. Logically one of his previous masters found it. Or, given that both Genie's lamp and the keyhole were found in the Cave of Wonders, he saw it one time when somebody was his master.

    Two things. One, the first half probably reveals a plot hole more than anything. A person is not recompleted upon destruction of a heartless by a keyblade. If that were the case then Xemnas' plan to create an artificial heart could never have happened. When killing a heartless with the keyblade the heart is simply freed and left to float around in the darkness. It takes killing both a heartless and a nobody to reform somebody into a complete person. Which brings up a possible plot hole, because while they say a nobody is only formed when a person with a strong heart loses their heart the game makes it seem that simply losing a heart forms a nobody and somebody with a strong heart loosing their heart creates a strong nobody. That or there is an impossibly high number of strong hearted people who lost their heart. Also I don't believe there was really a stipulation that it had to be a keyblade to strike down a heartless to reform somebody. Roxas was told that if a heartless is killed by something other than a keyblade then the heart isn't freed, but is it really such a big stretch to think that a massive blast of light can free a heart like a keyblade can because keyblades are (Mostly) objects of light?

    Second part, Xehanort's heartless is a unique case. As I recall, whether it be an actual explanation or just theory, Xehanort's heartless wasn't actually a heartless. He was actually a free floating heart without a body, just like Sora was before merging with Roxas at the start of KH2.

    I'm forgetting, but didn't Pluto have a letter in his mouth in the beginning bits of KH1? If so, there's your answer. If not... Then I've got nothing.

    This falls under the specific/unnecessary thing I mentioned earlier, but I'mma go with magic. Just like how their outfits changed when in Halloween Town, their outfits changed in that field and in Castle Oblivion.

    Same reason I would assume Saix wanted to. Power, I guess?

    Again, one of those unnecessary questions, but probably just heartless using the darkness to disguise themselves. Also, why would they have to turn into Pureblood heartless and not Emblem heartless? In KH1 a guy loses his heart right in front of Sora and a Soldier heartless forms, not a Shadow heartless.

    Probably the same way people wound up in Traverse Town. After all when darkness consumed Destiny Islands Riku wound up in Hollow Bastion. Or if that doesn't work then he could've gotten there by space ship.

    Do you mean the Chamber of Waking? I don't remember Saix wanting to find the chamber and Axel was searching under orders (Most like handed out by Saix but originating from Xemnas)

    I don't think Axel particularly wanted to or really cared to himself. To me it seemed like he wanted to help fulfill Saix's ambitions, which was trying to overthrow the Organization. After all wasn't it after the events of CoM that Saix notices how he and Axel don't seem to be the same friends they once were?

    Didn't Nomura half-ass answer this question, essentially saying it is very possible Xemnas could wield a keyblade but is much more content letting others do his work for him.

    Hearts man, they're unpredictable.

    She returned to Kairi because she's Kairi's nobody. I mean, technically she's both Sora's and Kairi's nobody. She was formed because Kairi's heart left Sora's body.

    Actual answer? Because this was all before the series actually became a series. Originally it was just a stand alone game. In universe explanation? I dunno, different type of possession?

    You answered your questions. There are worlds either completely or partially in the Realm of Darkness that are naturally there. It's no secret that Twilight Town is directly in the middle of the two realms. Castle Oblivion is another inbetween world, only this one is more towards the darkness than the light. Other than that you're asking questions that I highly doubt anybody at Square actually took the time to think about.

    I honestly don't remember if Lady Tremaine turned the coach into an Unversed or if it was simply her negative emotions did something, so I'm going to set that aside. But the other bit... I don't think The Queen turned the Magic Mirror into an Unversed. There was absolutely no indication of that.

    Odds are Terra's heart was stuck in the body just like how Ven's heart stayed in Sora's body and was there inside Roxas

    I always assumed his and Eraqus' master took him to Land of Departure.

    Maybe that's the source of the Nobody emblem.

    I feel Nomura answered this one too. Soul Eater became Way to Dawn.

    I remember someone explaining this, but I don't think I really believed the answer either. Riku was dual wielding and simply handed Kairi the spare keyblade. After all, Roxas threw Riku Oblivion when he was dual wielding.

    Assuming it happened during the events of DDD, Mickey or Yen Sid.

    The Kingdom Key has always been treated as a special keyblade. I assume that has something to do with it.

    What else would it mean?

    When did he know that? Was it in DDD? Because I'm thinking Ienzo has been comatose ever since becoming a complete human again (To be fair for whatever reason I cannot remember any scenes in DDD involving them after Lea wakes up.

    Not gonna lie, part of me feels like they've almost entirely forgotten about Eraqus.

    Like I said above, Xehanort's heartless is a special case.

    Either his heart has enough darkness or he somehow managed to separate the light from it and be just fine.

    Well the saving Ven bit is easy. Riku and Mickey find Aqua in the Realm of Darkness, bring her back, she goes to Castle Oblivion and grabs Ven and then either Riku or Sora after gaining the power to awaken sleeping hearts then puts Ven's heart back in his body. Xehanort may or may not screw with the events outlined.

    Merlin is there. Yen Sid said Merlin will be overseeing Lea's and Kairi's keyblade training.

    This... Is a bunch of BS. They can't have super important details like that outside of the games. That being said, looking at the transcript it honestly seems like she's interacting with the memory itself. So, in a way, it's a sort of time travel unique to her and going against literally everything Young Xehanort outlined in DDD.

    Because he's Xehanort. Is there any reason why he wouldn't know?

    People have already guessed what it is. Each of his 6 apprentices have names based off of the 7 Deadly Sins. Therefore, logically, his name would be based off the last remaining sin. I think most people are guessing his name is Supra or something.

    What ever gave you the idea that he gave them new names? I don't remember that being stated anywhere.

    There are a few generational gaps between Luxu and Xehanort and Eraqus.

    Have you ever watched/read Watchmen? In it Dr. Manhattan is able to witness every event of his life (With certain exceptions, but whatever). There's a part where he literally talks about what's going to happen to him a few decades later. Same concept.

    Now, I've never played the cellphone games, but didn't they escape into the Dream Realms? Doesn't the second cellphone game (Assuming there are two) take place entirely there?

    Well he is wearing a cloak that has been said to be able to protect its wearer from the darkness.
  3. Elfdemon

    Elfdemon Member

    Of course a lot of these are never going to be answered. I even stated in the post that I don't expect many of them to be answered. It's just a list of unanswered questions, it's not a list of unanswered questions that are going to be answered lol. And I know that some of them are obviously going to be answered like the The Master of Masters ones. That doesn't make them not unanswered questions though.

    Xehanort's Heartless isn't a unique case. His Heartless, the Robed Figure, was a Pureblood Heartless. Heartless are essentially just corrupted hearts. They're essentially just hearts. So, he was able to time travel.

    Destroying a Heartless does cause the original person to be recompleted. Becoming a Heartless is just a temporary separation. If you have a Nobody as well, then that also needs to be destroyed in order for the original person to be recompleted. Xemnas never had a plan to create an artificial heart. Unless you're talking about his artificial Kingdom Hearts. His plan was to hook up all the Organization XIII members to his artificial Kingdom Hearts and fill them with the exact same heart and mind: Xehanort's heart and mind.

    And I'm not seeing the plot hole you're talking about with people with strong hearts. When someone succumbs to the darkness/loses their heart, they become a Heartless. When someone with a strong heart succumbs to the darkness/loses their heart, they become a Heartless and a Nobody. There are a lot of people with strong enough hearts to become Nobodies. The KH universe is massive, so there's bound to be a lot just by probability.

    Pureblood Heartless are the natural Heartless. They are what you turn into when you succumb to the darkness and they are what you can create from the darkness in your heart. They are the darkness from the heart turned sentient (except not really since they can't feel things and only act on instinct lol). When you destroy a Pureblood Heartless, the heart within them isn't visibly/physically released, but it is definitely freed. The freed heart will eventually end up turning back into a Heartless. When a Pureblood Heartless is destroyed by a Keyblade, then it's freed for good. It goes into a sort of limbo state and waits for the corresponding Nobody to be destroyed so that it can combine back with the body and recomplete the original person. If the person has no corresponding Nobody, then all you have to do to recomplete them is destroy their Heartless (with a Keyblade) since their body is already waiting in the limbo state.

    Emblem Heartless were created by a machine constructed by Apprentice Xehanort. It uses real hearts and replicates how a heart succumbs to darkness. The process is obviously different though since it is done by science and a machine. When they are destroyed, the corrupted heart that's freed will end up turning back into a Heartless, just like the Pureblood Heartless. Except the hearts are visibly freed. When Emblem Heartless are destroyed by a Keyblade, the heart is freed for good and goes into the aforementioned limbo state and waits for the Nobody counterpart to be destroyed, just like the Pureblood Heartless. If there is no Nobody counterpart, then all you need to do to recomplete the original person is to destroy the Heartless with a Keyblade. Them being destroyed by a Keyblade also allows Organization XIII to be able to collect the hearts before they get a chance to recomplete.


    Sora becomes a Pureblood Heartless (Shadow), Xehanort becomes a Pureblood Heartless (Robed Figure), several Keyblade wielders in the Age of Fairy Tales become Pureblood Heartless (Darklings), etc.

    Ansem's Report 4: "I believe the Heartless are taking hearts. They are born from those who've lost their hearts, and thrive on hearts seized from others. The hearts taken by the Heartless become Heartless themselves."

    Ansem's Report 8: "There is no doubt that the Heartless are deeply connected to the people's hearts. Further study may unravel both their motivations and the mysteries shrouding the heart.

    As a start, I have built a device that artificially creates Heartless. By recreating the conditions that spawn the Heartless naturally, I should be able to produce them artificially. This device is the culmination of all my research thus far. The machine's test run successfully created a Heartless.

    This may be a step toward creating a heart from nothing. The artificially and naturally created Heartless showed nearly identical traits. But the two types remain distinct for the purpose of the experiment. So, I will mark the ones that are created artificially."

    Ansem's Report 10: "Yes that's it. The Heartless come from people's hearts, as does the darkness."

    Ansem's Report 5: "The six traitors were operating a laboratory that churned out those cursed shadows.

    Not only did they generate "pureblood" Heartless from living hearts, but they then used those Heartless to synthesize artificial versions of the creatures as well.
    These synthetic Heartless bore insignias and were called "Emblems."

    Pureblood or Emblem, these Heartless act only to fulfill their instinctive needs. They single-mindedly detect hearts and swarm around them.

    A human's commands would be ineffective: the Heartless would easily steal the human's heart and use it to increase their own ranks."

    Marluxia speaking to Roxas in 358/2 Days: "The rest of us can defeat Heartless, but we have no way of collecting the hearts they release. Eventually, the hearts will return right back into Heartless."

    Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania: "One without a heart is darkness born from the recurring darkness. The embodiment of the darkness in one’s heart which appears when a person’s heart is lost to darkness. They have no knowledge or will, they simply run on dark instinct and go after the Hearts of Worlds as well as try to steal hearts from those with them in order to become greater in numbers.

    There are various kinds of Heartless, but they are generally categorized in two main types; those who appear naturally are known as “Pure Blood”, and approximately 10 years before KH1, during an experiment Xehanort (Seeker of Darkness Ansem) birthed the “Emblem” Heartless. Heartless began appearing in greater numbers in the Realm of Light due to Ansem’s interference, and when he was defeated in KH1 it helped keep the numbers down, however as long as darkness exists within people’s hearts, there will always be Heartless."

    Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania:

    "Pure Blood
    These Heartless come into existence naturally. If they are defeated with a Keyblade, the heart will be liberated. Many of the Heartless in the world are these.

    Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania:

    Xehanort and the other apprentices of Ansem created these Heartless through experiments of causing darkness within hearts. As proof of their dissension from Xehanort, they all include the “X” shape forged into their emblems.

    Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania: "If a heart is liberated from the Heartless and a Nobody is destroyed, the human form will be restored."

    That was a different letter. That one was left behind by Mickey for Donald and Goofy to tell them where he's gone off to during the events of KH1.

    When someone succumbs to the darkness, they become Pureblood Heartless. The guy in KH1 was being chased by something. Most likely an Emblem Heartless. He got his heart stolen by whatever it was. When something has their heart stolen/devoured by an Emblem Heartless, it also turns into an Emblem Heartless. So, the man in KH1 was most likely being chased by an Emblem Heartless.

    Saix was looking for it for Xemnas, but both Saix and Axel were also looking for it for a different reason. They had agendas of their own. They wanted to overthrow the Organization and they wanted to find the Chamber of Waking.

    They both originally wanted to overthrow the Organization, but after Saix began to change, Axel seemed to not really be up to it or care about their plan anymore.

    He heavily hinted that Xemnas is able to wield a Keyblade, but he's just choosing not to for reason that are currently unknown.

    Namine is Kairi's Nobody, because it's her heart that was released from a body to create the Nobody. But, both Roxas and Namine are made out of Sora's body and soul because the hearts needed to create them were released from Sora's body. It says this in the Secret Ansem's Reports.

    Sora didn't need his body and soul back. He was perfectly fine without it. Kairi purified his Heartless and turned him back into himself, and he was perfectly fine without his original body and soul. The only reason that Roxas needed to return to Sora was because he had memories that belonged to Sora that needed to return to Sora in order for him to wake up. Roxas didn't return to Sora for Sora to get his body and soul back. So, there wouldn't really be a reason for Namine to return to anybody, unless she had some of Kairi's memories that needed to return to her. The summaries in DDD say that Namine returning was symbolic, so I guess Namine returned to Kairi as a symbolic gesture, but if that's the only reason for her returning, then that's pretty strange lol

    I answered my questions with theories and assumptions. Yeah, they might not ever be answered and it's unlikely anybody at Square Enix have even thought about or considered these questions, but that doesn't change the fact that they're unanswered lol

    This stuff is stated in the Reports.

    "Unversed come from negativity—in this case, that of Lady Tremaine and her two daughters." - from the Cursed Coach article in the report

    "The Queen had used her potions to turn the Spirit of the Magic Mirror into an Unversed of the Magic Mirror." - from Aqua's story report

    "When Terra returned to the Queen without Snow White's heart, she was furious, and threw a potion at the mirror. The Spirit of the Magic Mirror transformed into an Unversed, and pulled Terra into his realm to to do battle." - from Terra's story report

    He said that Soul Eater acted as an intermediary for Way to the Dawn. But, we know that it didn't physically become or turn into Way to the Dawn since Riku can summon both Soul Eater and Way to the Dawn separately in Dream Drop Distance. So, it's unclear what exactly Nomura meant by that.

    And that doesn't really answer anything. As far as we know, Keyblades of Light were all forged way back in the Age of Fairy Tales by The Master of Masters by reaching into the depths of peoples hearts. They all exist out there somewhere, and when someone is Bequeathed, a Keyblade chooses them. We would need an explanation as to how Riku was able to get his own Keyblade that didn't already exist before. That would make him on the same level as The Master of Masters. So, it's either that or Way to the Dawn did already exist out there somewhere, and since he lost his Keyblade he got from his Bequeathing, another Keyblade chose him.

    Riku can't dual-wield. You need a second heart of a Keyblade wielder within you to dual-wield. And owning multiple Keyblades is different than dual-wielding. If you own multiple Keyblades and don't have multiple hearts within you, then you can't wield them at the same time. You can only wield them separately.

    And this doesn't explain where Riku obtained Destiny's Embrace from.

    How so? I don't see any reason to believe it's different from any other Keyblade of Light.

    That they hadn't designed clothes for their adult forms yet, so they just gave them black coats.

    We see the recompleted Ienzo talking to Lea in DDD:

    How would he know? If he can't find the Chamber of Waking, that means he's never seen it. The only people who know about as far as we know are Eraqus and Aqua. Xehanort knows many things, but there's always reasons for it.

    His name is most likely "Super."

    "Before he disappeared, the one who made me bestowed names on his six apprentices, and passed down the Book of Prophecies to five who came to be known as the Foretellers." - Chirithy

    There was a browser game and a mobile game. And yeah, the mobile game is a sequel to the browser game that takes place in the Unchained realm (the realm of sleep). The Dandelions went into Unchained to escape the Keyblade War, but the story is still ongoing and we have yet to see when the World is covered by darkness.

    Good point. But, from the stories we've heard from Kairi's Grandma and Yen Sid, the darkness covering the World seemed to be an apocalyptic event that destroys everything. The black coats can protect you from going through Corridors of Darkness, but I doubt it can protect you from something like the entire universe being covered by darkness. And not to mention the whole part where the World splits apart into many smaller worlds. Who knows though. It'll get answered eventually. Kairi's Grandma and Yen Sid's stories are probably not entirely accurate, as they're just legends/fairy tales.
  4. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    Sorry, thinking back I'm guessing I just jumped from the ones being unanswered and/or unnecessary to having absolutely no reason to exist.

    Heartless or not, you cannot deny that he is a unique case in one way or the other. Whether it be a heartless or simply a free roaming heart like Sora during Roxas' existence, Xehanort's heartless is a unique case because it is literally the only instance so far of somebody retaining their sense of self upon losing their heart.

    Whoops, don't know how I didn't type up the Kingdom part. Yes, I meant artificial Kingdom Hearts. I do have to disagree on the destroying a heartless = recompletion bit though. There is no evidence to prove so. All we've ever been told is that you have to destroy both the heartless and the nobody in order to make somebody a complete person again.

    Plot hole in the sense of it being a numbers game. That and the fact that out of every strong hearted person to have lost their heart, only 14 formed human nobodies? There is always the argument of the size of the universe and not having seen every human nobody ever, but I feel the notion of only strong hearts creates nobodies never made sense. It is much more logical for it to be that any lost heart creates a nobody but the loss of a strong heart creates a human nobody.

    Back up to my last point, none of these sources indicate that freeing a heart that didn't form a nobody would restore the person. I mean, I guess logically it would have to be that way if not everybody formed a nobody or else losing your heart is equivalent to death if your heart isn't strong enough, but again that only makes it more reasonable that a nobody would always be formed when a heart is lost.

    Been so long since I played KH1 I couldn't remember if Pluto had a letter in Traverse Town.

    Wow I misread this comment a few times before I got around to replying. Missed the part of you saying losing your heart to an emblem heartless forms an emblem heartless. Which, while there's absolutely no definite piece of evidence for it, makes sense. Back to my numbers game comment above, there are too many emblem heartless for them to have all been created by Xehanort's machine. The population of Radiant Garden would have been erased hundreds of times over to get so many heartless.

    Was it in one of the Days Secret Reports saying they were looking for the Camber of Waking for their own reasons? I can't think of any other possible source that would indicate that being the case.

    Which honestly means that Xemnas can in fact wield it but chooses not to. There's always that small chance Nomura's just tricking us, but it seems nonsensical for that to be the case.

    Sora did need his body and soul back. Setting the memories bit aside, Roxas still had half his strength. He'd never be at full strength again without it. Definitely going to need to reread those summaries though. Claiming Namine's return was symbolic seems so out of place.

    Well then your guess is as good as mine. I'm tempted to argue that the reports are written by each character and therefore they're simply writing about what they think happened. But that's a cop-out.

    Well he only ever used Soul Eater at the very beginning of DDD, when fighting Ursula. That part always did bother me. I figured it had to do with Yen Sid transforming their bodies to what they were at the start of KH1 in order to relearn everything.

    Or Way to Dawn is the keyblade taking shape based on Riku's heart. Of course, with the Master of Masters having seen into the future, probably all the way to the events of the series, he saw Way to Dawn and as such created it so it would be there for Riku to use.

    Never said I liked or agreed with the explanation. Also I think I read that explanation before the second heart bit became a plot point.

    You don't? Other than people making a point out of the fact that this keyblade specifically chose Sora instead of Sora having undergone an inheritance ceremony, I would argue that it is the keychain that supports the idea of it being different from all the others. The Kingdom Key D has been referred to as THE keyblade of the dark realm, not just some random keyblade of darkness. And it is an inverted Kingdom Key. Other than that, Kingdom Key, Kingdom Key D, and Riku's new keyblade all have the Mickey Mouse symbol as their keychain. You could argue that such a keychain creates a keyblade that is very, very simplistic in its design, but honestly I feel that it makes them special and sets them apart from other keyblades.

    Are we gong for in-universe answers or real life answers to these questions?

    Okay, I'm starting to remember this scene now. No idea why I forgot it. so, to refer to your previous question, I have two possible answers. 1, Zexion didn't know until he became a complete human again. 2, he was being killed by Repliku and that had to have been terrifying/painful. Think of it this like this quote "Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die." So even if Zexion knew he'd become human again (Which, to be fair, the scene with Repliku implies Zexion's life is being absorbed which could result in him technically not dying), I think he was much more focused on what was happening then and there.

    This is the reply I've been wanting to answer the most. Because this one is the one I'm most sure of having a correct answer for. Setting aside the fact that Xehanort knows everything relevant and knows things he shouldn't know (i.e. time travel), him knowing about the Chamber of Waking simply makes sense. When Aqua passed the Mark of Mastery, Eraqus told her that there was information privy to only keyblade masters. This information included turning the Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion and creating the Chamber of Waking. So, as the game shows that this information is passed down from master to master, Eraqus would have learned it from his master upon attaining the rank of master and therefore Xehanort would also have learned it from the same master when he too became a keyblade master. Furthermore, not being able to find it only means that he can't find it. Aqua is the one who turned the Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion, therefore it is most likely she is the only person who can reach the Chamber of Waking. I would argue that Eraqus would not be able to reach it currently since he didn't turn Land of Departure into Castle Oblivion.

    Huh, imagine that. Maybe they, like Xehanort's keyblade, simply didn't have a name at first? Odd idea, but you never know. Also, to clarify my comment about Xehanort's keyblade, I read that the scene where it gets called No Name is a translation error and that in the Japanese version the line is simply saying that the keyblade has no name.

    Crazy idea here, but what if by being covered by darkness, it simply means that the darkness is essentially one gigantic sea and each world is simply an island/continent floating in this sea of darkness. This is, of course, entirely speculation that I thought up recently. Figured I'd share it.
  5. Elfdemon

    Elfdemon Member

    Sora also retained his sense of self as a Heartless. When you willingly become a Heartless, you retain your sense of self. This isn't something that's exclusive to Xehanort's Heartless, if anyone willingly becomes a Heartless, they'll retain their sense of self.

    Secret Ansem's Report 10: "But what if one willingly releases one's heart from one's body? Sora and Xehanort retained their self-hood even after becoming Heartless."

    I gave sources that prove that if you destroy someone's Heartless that doesn't have a Nobody counterpart, they'll be recompleted lol

    Marluxia speaking to Roxas in 358/2 Days: "The rest of us can defeat Heartless, but we have no way of collecting the hearts they release. Eventually, the hearts will return right back into Heartless."

    Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania:

    "Pure Blood
    These Heartless come into existence naturally. If they are defeated with a Keyblade, the heart will be liberated. Many of the Heartless in the world are these.

    These two sources prove that destroying a Heartless causes the heart to eventually turn back into another Heartless, but if a Heartless is destroyed by a Keyblade, then the heart is liberated. Marluxia is talking about Emblem Heartless, while the second source is talking abotu Pureblood Heartless, but it can be assumed that the "the hearts will return right back into Heartless" thing applies to Pureblood Heartless as well. Organization XIII is able to collect the hearts that are released by Emblem Heartless when they are destroyed by a Keyblade. What happens to the liberated heart if they don't collect it though? It's not going to turn back into a Heartless, because it's destroyed by a Keyblade, which causes it to not do that. And what happens to the liberated hearts of Pureblood Heartless? Organization XIII can't collect those hearts in the first place since they aren't visibly liberated, but they're still liberated. What happens to the liberated hearts of Emblem Heartless if Organization XIII doesn't collect them, and what happens to the liberated hearts of Pureblood Heartless? They don't turn back into Heartless, so where do they go? They don't get collected by Organization XIII to be turned into an artificial Kingdom Hearts, so where do they go? They're liberated. They're free. What else would happen to them aside from cause the original person to be recompleted? That's the only logical conclusion.

    Think about it like this. When someone becomes a Heartless, their body and soul fade away and go into a sort of limbo state. When someone with a strong heart becomes a Heartless, their body and soul lives on in the form of a Nobody. If you destroy their Nobody, then the body and soul will then go into a limbo state. It waits for the Heartless counterpart to be destroyed. If someone who became a Heartless didn't have a strong enough heart to become a Nobody, then their body and soul are already in that limbo state. They don't have to be destroyed to get it into that limbo state, because they already faded away and went to that limbo state. They're already there waiting for the Heartless to be destroyed, so that it can form back together with it to recreate the original person.

    I think you sort of solved your own plot hole with bringing up the size of the World/universe lol

    Also, if there are only 14 human Nobodies in the KH World/universe, then I don't really see that as not making sense. This series is all about very exceptional and strong-hearted individuals. These 14 individuals just happened to be some of the only ones to have hearts THAT strong enough to keep their human forms intact as Nobodies. I think about it sort of as levels. The stronger your heart, the more like your original human self you'll look like as a Nobody. There are some more humanoid Nobodies like Dusks, and then there are just abominations like the Gummi Nobodies.

    But, we know that not everyone forms a Nobody. That's a fact. Whether it makes sense to you or not, that's a fact lol. I still am not seeing how it doesn't make sense. It makes perfect sense to me.

    I posted sources that prove that Heartless increase their ranks by stealing hearts.

    Kingdom Hearts Memorial Ultimania: "One without a heart is darkness born from the recurring darkness. The embodiment of the darkness in one’s heart which appears when a person’s heart is lost to darkness. They have no knowledge or will, they simply run on dark instinct and go after the Hearts of Worlds as well as try to steal hearts from those with them in order to become greater in numbers.

    Ansem's Report 5:
    "A human's commands would be ineffective: the Heartless would easily steal the human's heart and use it to increase their own ranks."

    It doesn't say that only Purebloods can steal hearts to increase their ranks, it just says "Heartless." Which means that Emblem Heartless steal hearts to increase their own ranks as well.

    When Saix is with Xemnas, they're scheming about finding the Chamber of Waking. When Saix is with Axel, they're scheming about overthrowing the Organization and finding the Chamber of Waking. The context of their conversations is what shows it. Saix and Axel bring up the Chamber of Waking while talking about overthrowing the Organization, which makes it seem like they have a different motive for finding it than Xemnas' motive, and that it's connected to their reasons for overthrowing the Organization. They could just be curious about it and want to find it for themselves since it seems like a big deal to Xemnas.

    Yeah, but it's unanswered/unknown as to why he's choosing not to wield it.

    There's nothing that ever states or indicates that Sora is missing strength. He seems perfectly fine after Kairi purifies his Heartless and brings him back to himself. The only thing that's ever stated is that Roxas needs to return to Sora, so that Sora can wake up properly without missing any memories and without anybody still forgetting him.

    He also summons it in a cutscene when he's his older self:

    All Keyblades choose their owners. Being Bequeathed causes a Keyblade to choose you.

    And Kingdom Key D being referred to sometimes as "THE Keyblade of the dark realm" can be written off as the same thing as Kingdom Key being referred to as "THE Keyblade" in KH1. It was before Nomura really thought about the different types of Keyblades and such. In 0.2BBS, Kingdom Key D is just referred to as a regular Keyblade of Darkness. Mickey also gives the explanation as to how Keyblades of Darkness are created in order to explain how Kingdom Key D is there on Destiny Islands. Keyblades of Darkness are forged on a world that a Keyblade of Light was obtained by someone at once that world falls to darkness

    I think it's possible that they'll make Kingdom Key special since it looks like the two crossed blades on the X-blade, and the might try to explain the Mickey symbols and whatnot, but currently, with the information we know, we don't have much reason to think that Kingdom Key is special. I'm not saying Nomura won't make it so it's actually special or something though.

    In-universe. I was just showing that even though the explanation for it is a real life answer, they should still give it an in-universe explanation, and that even though we can assume what that in-universe explanation is, they should still give the explanation.

    Yeah, this makes sense. I'll remove this question from the list.

    That's definitely interesting, and possible, and it sounds a lot like a theory I've had.

    Since unlocking Kingdom Hearts allows you to recreate the World/universe, I've had a theory for a while that Kingdom Hearts was unlocked after the Keyblade War and someone recreated the World/universe, which is the Realm of Light, and the old World/universe is the Realm of Darkness. Who knows if this'll actually be the case or not, but it'd definitely be interesting and it makes a lot of sense and clears up the super vague stories told by Kairi's Grandma and Yen Sid that say that children's hearts were somehow able to just somehow recreate the whole universe.
  6. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    Given that those two are the only people we know of who willingly became heartless and are both quite special with respect to the rest of the world, I'm not sure how much you can say for certain you retain your sense of self as a heartless. Also reflecting back to the part where you play as Sora heartless, its honestly difficult to say how much of himself he retained while he was a heartless. It could easily be argued he was simply doing what the heartless do by chasing after three sources of light, with one of them being a Princess of Heart. On the other hand I suppose you could argue his heartless not attacking the group when he reached them goes to show Sora was still in control. But thinking back to Sora's thoughts on the matter, he didn't sound like he was in control of the Shadow heartless he had become.

    But you didn't though. Only one source you gave had anything about a person becoming complete again, and that source included the killing the nobody bit. There is literally no source material that states killing a heartless that did not have a nobody will recomplete the person.

    Marluxia's quote goes directly against the idea of killing a heartless brings somebody back. Like he said, and I quote, "Eventually, the hearts will return right back to being heartless." You could argue that what he talks about is simply what happens when something other than a keyblade destroys a heartless As for you saying the only logical conclusion is that a person becomes complete again, that's not the only logical conclusion. The other logical conclusion is that the heart is simply left to wander into the darkness until it becomes a heartless again. And after all, why wouldn't it? When Ansem's heart decoder thing blew up that massive chunk from Xemnas' artificial Kingdom Hearts, a mass of heartless appeared to once again consume the hearts. Looking at it now, it looks like we're more debating what it means by a heart being liberated. I'm assuming that it simply means it is freed from a heartless and whatever happens to it happens, whereas you're assuming that it is freed and cannot become a heartless again until it makes a person again and that person loses their heart.

    Honestly it would be much simpler if every lost heart creates a nobody.

    That also assumes that hundreds of world populations have fallen to darkness and makes the notion that Sora having lessened the amount of heartless in the world amounts to almost nothing.

    Honestly now I'm curious if the scene talking about how nobodies are formed was the result of a translation error. That or Nomura and the writers not really thinking too hard about it. All I'm saying is that it makes more sense if every heartless formed also forms a nobody.

    I'm not disagreeing. I did say that I had originally misread what you said before I had gotten around to replying.

    Well I suppose I'll see the scene in a few months once KH3 gets its release date and I start my playthrough of the series. I would assume it's a case of them just being curious about it, just like Xigbar himself was also curious about it when he was talking to Zexion in that KH2FM scene.

    Seems like something he'd do. Either not wield it so people like Mickey or Yen Sid wouldn't realize his identity, or because he's the type of person to have somebody else do all the heavy lifting for him.

    I swear there was a cutscene with DiZ saying Roxas has half of Sora's strength. I looked a little and I would look more but I don't have the time at the moment.

    The difference there is that Sora did not go through the process like Riku did. I guess Nomura has been going out of his way to lessen the importance of that. Really frustrating.

    Funny thing is that to me it's always seemed like characters still refer to Sora's keyblade as being a special one. Nobody else talks about a keyblade that way, except maybe that one scene with Young Xehanort talking about Master Xehanort's keyblade.

    I like that idea. It sounds similar to something I've read/watched before but for the life of me I cannot remember what it would be.
  7. Elfdemon

    Elfdemon Member

    I can say for certain that you retain your sense of self as a Heartless, because that's what is says in the Secret Ansem's Report.

    The sources don't say that destroying a Heartless that didn't have a Nobody counterpart will recomplete the person, but the sources do prove that. And I explained why.

    The heart simply being left to wander into the darkness until it becomes a Heartless again is not a logical conclusion, because there is a difference between destroying a Heartless with a Keyblade and not destroying a Heartless with a Keyblade. Destroying a Heartless causes the heart to wander into the darkness until it becomes a Heartless again. Destroying a Heartless with a Keyblade causes the heart to be liberated, to be freed. What does that mean to you? What does it mean to you for the heart to be liberated? To me, it seems pretty obvious that it means that it won't turn back into a Heartless again. If not that, then what would it mean? What's the difference between destroying a Heartless with and without a Keyblade then? Because they've made it pretty clear that there's a difference. The difference is that the heart is freed.

    It really wouldn't. This argument makes zero sense to me. And it doesn't matter if it makes more sense to you lol, because it's a fact that not everyone creates a Nobody.

    It's not a translation error. It's stated in-game, in interviews, in Ultimanias, etc. It's a fact and it makes perfect sense.

    Sora didn't need to be Bequeathed, because he got lucky and happened to be at the right place at the right time. On Destiny Islands, he touched Riku's heart and Riku's Keyblade (Kingdom Key) chose Sora instead because Sora's heart was stronger and Riku was falling to darkness.

    I like the fact that Nomura seems to be lessening the importance of it. The whole "chosen one" thing is way overdone. Sora being an ordinary boy who happened to be at the right place at the right time is much more interesting to me. He's still chosen by Kingdom Key, but he's not some special "chosen one."

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