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Oct 23, 2010
Jun 12, 2009
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Mar 11, 1991 (Age: 31)
In the middle of a Sandstorm.
None currently


I accept your challange., 31, from In the middle of a Sandstorm.

GrandShadow was last seen:
Oct 23, 2010
    1. Abyssal Knight
      Abyssal Knight
      Greatly missed my friend....greatly missed...
    2. The Storm
      The Storm
      My friend.... It has been too long.
    3. Zerieth
      I was hoping to make my Tsubasa Chronicle rp advanced.
    4. Denki Wolf
      Denki Wolf
      Hey can you post for me on the Megaman Idea post?
      I wrote up an opening, rules, etc. and I want everyone who wants to join, to critic it.
    5. Become
      Apparently we're battling each other for the second round of the Halloween Bash. So first thing's first: do you want to make this battle to be a canon follow up to your previous one?
    6. Ventus
    7. The Storm
      The Storm
      But... Man... What about our RP? Whats gonna happen with that??
    8. The Storm
      The Storm
      btw, yahoo
    9. The Storm
      The Storm
      Hey buddy, accidentally double posted in our thread. Just delete one of em. Btw... Whatcha think of my post??? pretty damned epic Id say
    10. The Storm
      The Storm
      Ahem... I await your response in our rp.. lol
    11. Denki Wolf
      Denki Wolf
      I have one, raichu looks stupid, while pikachu looks awesome.
      Thats all you need...well with pikachu at least...and ratata....and bidoof.
      Scratch that last one, he looks and is stupid with both forms.
    12. Denki Wolf
      Denki Wolf
      I'm kind of surprised you haven't said anything about Pikachu.
      Being an Electric type fan and because Pkmn yellow was my first game, I have never liked Raichu.
      He doesn't look as cool as pika...and strangely enough isn't as powerful, at least when I evolve him.
      You know your pika is more powerful when it beats a Raichu of the same lvl without help from other pokemon.
    13. Denki Wolf
      Denki Wolf
      Wow, I really have to figure all the little things out.
      *Shruggs* I'll get it, sooner or later.
    14. Denki Wolf
      Denki Wolf
      Crap...Though my friend might be able to do it since she has HG.

      And that is the fun of having admin/mod powers.
    15. Denki Wolf
      Denki Wolf
      Thanks, I may take you up on that offer, but I was actually thinking about the mew special.

      Ok, just put it in the normal ooc spot?
    16. Denki Wolf
      Denki Wolf
      Two questions:
      One, with your sig, is that ONLY for hg and ss? Or can people with other versions get one?

      Two, do I need to make an ooc thread for Pokemon Stadium?
    17. Denki Wolf
      Denki Wolf
      I actually do have Salamance.
      I just might do that.
      I may Keep Altaria lvl 50 and lvl Salamance instead.

      Because of diverse moves, in theory I can beat ground types with my pika, it's just hard.
      But your right, Ground and rock aren't the same, just thought that way.
      I really do like how pika can learn like almost any type of move.
    18. The Storm
      The Storm
      ok. see u on yahoo. and a pair of what?? lol
    19. Denki Wolf
      Denki Wolf
      There are six regular rock types.

      Best flying type I have ever had was Driffloon.
    20. The Storm
      The Storm
      very much budd. looks great, and fits you too. btw, waiting for a reply in the poke rp
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    Mar 11, 1991 (Age: 31)
    In the middle of a Sandstorm.
    None currently
    I love games and anime.

    Games, Anime (Bleach mostly), Manga and RPs


    Need a Mew? Nintendo will be distributing a special Mew for HeartGold & SoulSilver to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the original Gold & Silver versions! It will be level 5 and only know the move Pound, perfect for raising your ideal Mew. The event begins Friday, Oct. 15 and ends Oct 30. It's over the Wi-Fi so make sure your DS connects to the internet!
    Source: Mew distribution starts on October 15th - Bulbanews