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Oct 1, 2014
Jul 8, 2009
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Jul 30, 1993 (Age: 28)
Somewhere, there


New Member, 28, from Somewhere, there

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Oct 1, 2014
    1. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      I came up with the idea myself last night.
    2. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      I know, I'm bribing for activity, I'm terrible lol
    3. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      Check out the new Daily Trivia in the Quizzing section for a chance to win Reputation +!
    4. x3pic
      the big 21 huh? Happy birthday dude.
    5. NeRo
      Happy birhtday!
    6. Angel
      It's your birthday, so congrats!!!
    7. Become
      Yeah man. That works.
    8. Destiny
      Aw my mistake, nisread it as they walked a distance ahead, my apologies it has been fixed with her glancing back
    9. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      I wholeheartedly agree. Let us see how things turn out ya? This will be an interesting roleplay!
    10. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      Lack of Rp Romances.

      I shudder at the thought of Ken x Krystal... Scary shit right there. Masochist!Krystal is not canon! Except... technically? Oh dear. I've gone and confused myself again.
    11. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      I planned on it lol

      Really? Wayward's on the same boat. Maybe Ken x Kayla >_>


      Nah. No way. Can't see that happening XD.
    12. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      Helena seems to have adapted pretty quickly though ya? I'm kind of impressed honestly.
    13. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      My goal for Krystal isn't romance as everyone seems to think, it's more along the lines of discovering herself, and true happiness, overcoming what will soon come crashing down on her when her inner walls finally give in.

      While a romantic plot with Krystal would be interesting, the list of rpers in this rp that would be a potentially good fit, and make sense, is rather limited.
    14. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      Your character is startlingly deceptive, and a very good manipulator.
    15. NeRo
      i did, i did. it's very different from what i've seen Before. you're accepted. Just try not to bully us haha.
    16. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      Again, that's a Wrong End, not the true ending to the game. And it's one-sided. The one-side dies in the ending it happens in lol.
    17. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      It's an amazing game. Horror genre, and it has everything from lesbian love to incest. Granted these only happen in two of the many "Wrong Ends" of the game xD I recommend it, highly.
    18. Taboo Sho
      Taboo Sho
      Have you ever played Corpse Party, Sir Cameron?
    19. Napoléon
      Well, we might as well become slumlords and drink in merriment.
      I only like the fruity flavours.

    20. NeRo
      Yea don't worry we havent forgotten about old staff. Just did away with the usergroup. But i think i'll bump up the PM limit anyway.
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    Jul 30, 1993 (Age: 28)
    Somewhere, there