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Your favourite world?

Discussion in 'Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance' started by Reprise, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Reprise

    Reprise Semi-present

    What was the world which you enjoyed playing through the most? Mine was the Symphony of Sorcery. It hit me right in the childhood; I loved the Fantasia music and how even the Reality Shift was musical. Not only that, but both of the bosses were inventive and fun.

    Also, which world did you like the least? I hated The Grid. The movie was OK, but the world, in my opinion, felt empty and rushed and and and and and and and I could go on. I stayed on that world for a couple days at least because I couldn't find the motivation to pick my 3DS up XD. However, I did like the bosses of that world. They were the turning point where the game stopped going easy on you.

    So what were your favourite and least favourite worlds?
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2012
  2. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    Umm...Traverse Town. I like Original Worlds more than anything. But a great Disney World was La Cite des Cloches. Hunchback's world was amazing and beautiful. It seemed so vast. I really loved it.

    I really don't have a least favorite though.
  3. Forever Hearts

    Forever Hearts New Member

    I like Traverse Town, I love how it's been expanded and some of the new areas are really well designed. I always seem to end up stuck in the post office though, I can never find a way out.
  4. EtherealSummoner

    EtherealSummoner Lamentations 3:22-26

    Traverse Town is the most colorful out of all of the worlds to me. That AND a new district!
  5. Reprise

    Reprise Semi-present

    Traverse Town was good too; the The World Ends With You characters were well implemented and the new district looked wonderful.
  6. kingdomkeys

    kingdomkeys New Member

    My favorite world was La Cite Des Cloches. I thought that world was AMAZING. I really didn't like The Grid, mainly because I don't like Tron very much.
  7. Sophia

    Sophia New Member

    I liked Traverse town it felt like a fun area for me.
  8. CutieeSora

    CutieeSora New Member

    Traverse Town

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