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Web Host & Forum Changes

Discussion in 'Site News & Announcements' started by Angel, May 27, 2020.

  1. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    For those who are still here, there's been a lot of neglect and I want to change that. We've tried to get things rolling with the current staff but it just hasn't panned out. This is voluntary of course. And I especially haven't been around or devoted any time into this place but we'll start fresh from here on out! With that out the way, they'll be a few changes coming towards the end of the year, December, to be specific.

    Web Host Changes

    If you haven't noticed, the site was unsecured for a few days due to our SSL Certificate expiring. Albeit, this is my fault since I registered with an email that I don't monitor, mainly to get a better hosting deal. The reason for this move is the subpar support that our host provides and our current host is shared so I don't have much control over the server so we'll be moving to a VPS so we get that control. This is something that won't be noticeable to anyone but incredibly important for the following change:

    Forum Changes

    Now, this is something you'll definitely notice. Long was our days on VBulletin and now, XenForo, we will also leave behind. We will officially move from XenForo to Discourse. This is a free solution with ample support for WordPress integration since the software isn't proprietary we can also update regularly without renewing any licenses. With our current host we are unable to install Discourse or I would have already done so. December is when our host is up for renewal. That's when we move.

    Additional Remarks

    In the meantime, I'll be looking into building our staff. I know. I've said this a lot but I'll actually be posting on job boards to get us some help. These will likely be paid positions like content creators, translators and graphic designers. In addition, I've been looking at a few workflow software as well to organize us and keep us on track. It can even integrate with Discourse so tasks are at the ready when you log in. Yay Discourse! So these are steps, that we will be taking. If you see any good Discourse themes or have any suggestion please let me know. I think Discourse is a good solution for re-purposing the forum to do more than just post but to integrate our content and manage our work!

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  2. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to seeing what's to come!
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  3. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Exciting news. Discourse looks like a decent forum software; though I haven't been on any sites that use it.

    Hopefully by December I'll have my life put together enough to stay on staff when we migrate. I'm scrambling to salvage some semblance of a future out of this mess of a world we're in right now.
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  4. NeRo

    NeRo Your Supreme Lord And Savior Staff Member Administrator

    a bit late to the party but awww man im sad i like xenforo :( but things need to be shaken up to a degree i suppose. we've all been away due to well prettty much any and everything. lets get some new blood and crack the whip on em LOL
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  5. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    It'll be fun!
  6. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    When we switch to Discourse, will we retain the threads/posts we currently have up? Or will all of that be lost in the transition?
  7. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    All posts and threads will be migrated.
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