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Spirits of Nature (Signs-Ups & Out of Character)

Discussion in 'OOC and Sign Up' started by Become, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. King of Darkness

    King of Darkness What up Monica

    Name: Moka Nakamura

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Role: Element Bearer - Fire



    Height: 5"2 Weight: 104 lbs

    Alternate Appearance: [​IMG]

    Personality: Moka is more shy than anything, and because of that, is a very introverted person. She enjoys eating and being alone much more than other human interaction, in fear of embarrassing herself somehow and giving off a bad impression. Not to mention she is also a klutz on top of her other negative traits. One redeeming quality to her is that she cares a lot for those close to her and tries her best to be there for her friends. She is also an extremely forgiving individual, often times trying to find an excuse for the actions of other individuals.

    Powers & Abilities: Moka bears the ability not just to manipulate and conjure fire in any way she seems fit, she can coat parts of her body in fire to aid her in combat and other useful manners. She can also form smoke from her hands, mouth, and nostrils for evasive purposes. While she has many more possible uses with her powers, so far, in her current status, she can do little more than involuntarily blow smoke from her mouth and nostrils and conjure very small fires randomly.

    Skills: Moka processes things much differently than the average person and is able to examine and make use of things around her in very unconventional and overlooked ways. This often draws stares from her classmates and praise from her teachers, although she is never really aware of when she does it.

    Weapon: [​IMG]
    With fire often being thought of as a destructive and careless force, it is fitting that Moka's weapons are a pair of silver clawed gloves/gauntlets, that fit perfectly for her small hands. They are used for both offensive and defensive purposes.

    Biography: Moka grew up in a happy household for the majority of her life, with her mother, father, and two younger brothers. Her father a lawyer, and her mother ran a business online so she not only had a job but could care for her children. Moka had friends a plenty, and was a very outgoing child. Everything was fine up until about three years ago.

    Her mother had caught her father cheating on her and decided the best course of action was a divorce. Unable to accept such a thing to happen, her father ended up murdering her mother and two brothers, with the intention of finishing with Moka and then himself. He was, fortunately, stopped right before he could carry out the evil deed and was taken away. Moka was swiftly sent to stay with her aunt and uncle, who cared very little for her to begin with. At her new school, she was relentlessly bullied by her fellow classmates about the entire situation. But no matter what, Moka maintained that her father was a good man and that he was currently being helped for his "mental breakdown."

    Just a few months ago, he father managed to break out, unbeknownst to Moka and contacted her. He lied and informed her that he had been let out early for good behavior and a change in attitude. He would then convince the young naive girl to come visit him in an abandoned house so that the two could reconnect in private. She agreed and met him at said location. It was made quickly apparent to her, however, that he had ill intentions in mind. He proclaimed that not only had her face brought back nothing but horrific memories of her mother, but that he would kill her just so he could never be reminded again. Moka managed to escape the captivity of her father, but something odd had occurred after she left the house. The door had bursted into flames along with the entirety of the house, with her father's screams being drowned out by the cackling of the fire. She ran home and never told her aunt and uncle. And, after haveing watched it on the news the following day, her aunt and uncle would never tell her that her father had recently died in an unexplained house fire.

    The next day, Moka received an acceptance into Seji Academy, a fresh new start.
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  2. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Looks good KoD.
  3. Key King

    Key King Member

    Name: Tsuki Fukui
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Role: Helpful Spirit

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Alternative Appearance:

    Personality: Tsuki is very outgoing, very loud, and often seeks approval from those he looks up to. He is staunchly loyal to his friends, but is very argumentative (even though he's usually wrong).

    Powers & Abilities:
    Tsuki's abilities stem from the cycle of the moon. As the moon appears fuller, Tsuki becomes stronger and more durable, with his powers peaking when the moon is full. Not only this, but his body acts sort of like a battery when it comes to lunar energy, meaning that-to a certain extent- he can retain unused energy from a previous cycle that, while burned through quickly, can aid him during periods of time where the moon is waning or otherwise covered.

    Skills: Outside of his powers, Tsuki is a talented swordsman, being classically trained in all forms of bladed combat, from fencing to properly wielding a katana. He is also rather adept in with a longbow.

    Weapons/Items:[​IMG] A well-made rapier[​IMG]

    Biography: Tsuki was born to a very wealthy family. Tsuki's father had taken over his father's business years before Tsuki was born, and had done very well because of this. The wealth of his family defined Tsuki's life, leading to a fine education and a knowledge of blades and etiquette, but also to a strained relationship with his parents, who were rarely around (for various reasons) and distant when they were.

    Tsuki tried to ignore the situation by focusing on things like video games, music, and his fencing lessons. This led to more problems for him later, especially with the other kids at school. Tsuki is an only child (and outsiders often speculate that he was a PR move more than anything) and because of this, along with his lack of dependable parents, his social skills aren't exactly excellent.

    While his family name keeps him from being mocked to his face, he's never been able to make many friends. He is; however, unceasingly loyal to the friends he does have, and will move to defend them no matter the situation. But, even in his friendships, Tsuki loves to argue when he thinks he's right, which is almost always, though it's rare that he actually is.

    Still, despite his bull-headed and sometimes awkward temperament, Tsuki is very caring and is almost always a perfect gentleman.

    Tsuki discovered his powers as they became more and more obvious to him, with no one instance ever truly making it clear. At a young age he was diagnosed as bipolar (sometimes being extremely tired and sluggish, bursting with energy at other times, with it all seemingly just depending on the day).

    He noticed the changes in his mood, but also noticed changes in his physical abilities that seemed to correspond. Once, while fencing, he snapped through an opponent's blade with his own. Recognizing that this was more than a blind accident, he set out to decipher his oddities, though it would be a few years until he was old enough to truly research the incident. His search seemed hopeless, and though he thought he would never figure it out, he finally noticed noticed the cycle of the moon after countless late nights spent researching. Finally connecting the dots, he observed and recorded his findings, ecstatic to have finally put together the pieces of his puzzle.

    Still, while he knows what causes his powers, he doesn't know why he has them or their full extent. Regardless, he hope his acceptance into Seji academy will give him a chance to finally fit in.
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  4. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Love the character Key King.

    I'll be working on an intro post this week.
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  5. Key King

    Key King Member

    Awesome! :D
    I cannot wait!
  6. NeRo

    NeRo Your Supreme Lord And Savior Staff Member Administrator

    im excited to see where things go!
  7. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    I should be able to get this thing posted up by Sunday; Monday at the latest.
  8. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

  9. Taboo Sho

    Taboo Sho The Math Emperor Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    I'm pumped for this! Let's roll!
  10. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    Another ally for the Bearers

    Fujimoto Masahiro | Headmaster Fujimoto| Setsuzoku Choshi
    Age: ???
    Gender: Male
    Role: Hahanaru’s Emissary

    Height: 6'10" Weight: 230lbs​
    Alternative Appearance: Little, if anything, changes about Choshi’s physical appearance under any normal circumstance. The extent to which his power changes him is in a mild expansion in muscle mass and a marginal gain in height. He can, however, summon a suit of white, purple-accented armor, aesthetically reminiscent of that of a samurai.

    Personality: A man of strict principle and adherent discipline, Choshi is proponent of good form and, above that, honor. He carries himself with utmost dignity and a controlled sense of pride in his ability, maintaining a realistic outlook of what he can and cannot do. Not one for messing around, he contributes everything he has in all seriousness to everything he endeavors, and expects the same of anyone and everyone that works under him. As a leader, he is quite effective to such an end as to keep his wards in line, all the while remaining cognizant of the lines between leaders and followers and masters and students.

    Despite his no-nonsense, all-business attitude, however, Choshi is not someone that walks around with a stick up his ass. He’s not prone to anger quickly, and typically maintains a calm and controlled demeanor. He rarely, if ever, raises his voice in a rage, though he will do so in order to make himself heard. As the acting Headmaster at Seji Academy, he is well known for his good nature and humor among staff, and his respect and care for the students under his guide, even those that are not born of the Spirits.

    Weaponry: Befitting to a man of his stature, Choshi wields a rather sizeable Great Sword. The weapon is long enough to reach up to his chest height. The hilt of the blade accounts for approximately a quarter of the weapons length. Its handguard reaches out four inches from the blade’s edge on either side, curving slightly upward, making for an ideal hooking device. The blade itself is a hefty four inches wide, tapering off in a moderate curve towards the center and back out toward the end, creating a wave-like forge. It bearing cutting edges on both sides.

    • Physical Prowess; Choshi’s apparent age belies an incredibly high level of physical acumen. In spite of the years he seems to have, he is about the furthest essence from frail as one can be. His strength, speed, endurance and resilience are all ranked at a superhuman level, enabling him to lift thousands of times his own weight, move at lightning speeds, fight for hours on end and resist most forces and attacks done unto him with trivial damage.
    • Energy Discharge; Choshi is able to discharge and form a raw energy source as projectiles and protective fields.
    Skills: Having existed for millennia, Choshi is knowledgeable of many of the past events that pertain to the Elemental Bearers. His wisdom, among benevolent spirits, is believed to be second only to Hahanaru’s. He is, moreover, a strong leader and a brilliant man of tactics, having been able to orchestrate the meeting of the Elemental Bearers at Seji Academy, which he has managed to infiltrate under the guise of the school’s Headmaster. He also quite adept in combat, having fought against many malevolent spirits and demonic beings over the course of many centuries.

    History: Setsuzoku Choshi has existed for some thousands of years within the Spirit Realm, so he’s been through quite a lot in his time. He was among the first of many lesser spirits serving under the Goddess of Creation, Hahanaru, to whom he has long since reported directly to on all matters. After the wars among the Spirits, and the incidents surrounding the Four Elemental Spirits, Choshi was among many that commenced to fight against the corruption of nature in the physical realm. When it was sensed that Elemental Spirits were still intact and living on Earth, he was dispatched from the Spirit Realm to seek them out. With the help of other benevolent spirits, he was able to find the Spirits’ essences rooted in the souls of four young girls. As a result of this find, he worked tirelessly within the human world, meddling into the lives of the girls, and ultimately bringing them all to Seji Academy, wherein they could come together to restore balance to the forces of nature.
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  11. Desert Warrior

    Desert Warrior Well-Known Member

    By the way, is the naming scheme "Last name, First name" or "First name, Last name?" I have a feeling Become wanted it to be the former but is the only person so far who has done so.
  12. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    I went with Last then First because I'm a stickler for that kind of properness.
  13. FON

    FON A Lazy Comic Artist

    Mind if I take corrupted earth as well as make an ally?
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  14. Become

    Become Resident Tashian Staff Member Moderator Content Writer

    You're more than welcome.

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