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Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Ep. 2 Trailer

Discussion in 'Square-Enix Games' started by me4lingual, Oct 14, 2017.

  1. me4lingual

    me4lingual Active Member

    me4lingual submitted a new blog post

    Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Ep. 2 Trailer

    The prequel to the popular Square Enix game Life is Strange came out with a bang last August, scoring high on several online critic sites and very high on my own personal scale. And since then, players have been waiting on the edge of their seats to play Episode 2 of the story. But now the wait is almost over, because Episode 2 is coming out next week, October 19, 2017! Continue reading for more information, and to watch the trailer for Life is Strange: Before the Storm - Episode 2: Brave New World.
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm

    Episode 2: Brave New World

    The video starts off with Chloe thinking of things that have occurred, and possibly what may happen in the near future. A knock on the vehicle she's in reveals Rachel Amber asking to come in. Then you're pushed through a whirlwind of scenes including a possible break-in at Blackwell Academy, rifts between Chloe and her Mom and boyfriend, a forest fire, and more.

    As this is a three-episode game, one can only imagine that a whole lot more will happen than what the trailer hints at. After all, life is strange, indeed. But even if it doesn't, players will no doubt enjoy delving deeper in the relationship between Rachel and Chloe.

    Life is Strange: Before the Storm is developed by Deck Nine and published by Square Enix. It has received a rating of M (Mature 17+) for Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language, and the Use of Drugs and Alcohol. In it, you follow the life of Chloe Price, who also played a major role in the first Life is Strange game.

    Be sure to voice your thoughts and concerns about the game in the comments section below, on our forum site! Our community of Square Enix games fans would be happy to hear your opinions!
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  2. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    I'm actually going to buy life is strange and before the storm when I get the chance. It actually looks like something I'd be into.
  3. me4lingual

    me4lingual Active Member

    If you like point-and-click games, then you definitely will like the original Life is Strange a lot. The story is different than other games that I have played (obviously, but you get what I mean), and the music within the game really ties in everything quite nicely.

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