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Kingsglaive featured in Brave Exvius

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XV' started by me4lingual, Oct 15, 2017.

  1. me4lingual

    me4lingual Active Member

    me4lingual submitted a new blog post

    Kingsglaive featured in Brave Exvius

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, a mobile game where you can call forth characters from previous Final Fantasy games as visions, has come up with a temporary story featuring the characters and world of Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. Rain, Lasswell, and the rest of the crew are thrown into the world of Eos, and can even recruit four characters to fight alongside them. For more information on the who's and what's of this event, be sure to read the complete article.

    Brave Exvius meets Kingsglaive:

    Battle at the Borders

    The team at Final Fantasy Brave Exvius are known to make short events featuring previous Final Fantasy characters or even celebrities that are fond of the game. I personally enjoyed both of the events they collaborated with Ariana Grande on, and use her as a character in my main party even now. But now they have brought the world of Kingsglaive to Brave Exvius, and it is up to Rain, Lasswell, and their ragtag crew to help out in the battle.

    The team (my personal team being Rain, Lasswell, Fina, Chic Ariana [Ariana Grande], 2B [NieR: Automata], and whatever unit I am borrowing from my friends at the time) are transported through the vortex to the frontlines of a battlefield, where the team is instantly amazed at how advanced the technology is compared to that of their own world. This is made apparent by the conversation between Lid and Rain in the Intermediate battle:
    Lid: Yeah, because we don't have the technology to move around on wheeled devices! Rain, I want to take this back with us! Do you think we can!?

    Rain: Don't ask such a ridiculous question. I do admit, it is really cool though!

    Not only does this show that their is a gap in technology between the two worlds, but it also makes use of a concept I have only ever seen in Star Ocean games. And that is how they can't advance a world further than what it is through alternative means. It must be done naturally, and without outside forces. A conversation later on even shows that the team is not allowed to interact directly with the refugees. Rather, they are only allowed to fight when the enemy approaches them.

    Along for the ride in the Kingsglaive universe are the recruitable characters Nyx, Crowe, Glauca, and Libertus. During my daily summonings (both free and paid), I have only received Libertus. But I attribute that to my bad luck when it comes to summoning draws. The event is active until the end of the month, so there is plenty of time for everyone to get all four characters recruited.

    As for the story, it is basic Brave Exvius fare. There is a short conversation before the battle(s) begin, and then the battle increases in quantity and difficulty as you complete each difficulty level. I have reached the Elite difficulty boss battle, but then I died, so I do not know what lies beyond that. I am excited to see how the Kingsglaive story arc ends in this game, because I have yet to see the film.

    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is free download on the AppStore and GooglePlay. Don't forget to leave your thoughts on the game and the Kingsglaive event in the comments section below, or on our forums site!
  2. Moogle

    Moogle Well-Known Member

    The last one is just Sakura showing her disdain for war. Same old, really.

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