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Kingdom Hearts 3, Keyblade thoughts

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Alex Roman, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. Alex Roman

    Alex Roman New Member

    Ok, so after looking back at one of my past Threads, I started thinking about, "If the new worlds consist of alot more than just Disney and Square Enix, and the Keyblades has a symbolization of them I wonder, What would be the new keyblades made and used for the adventure."

    So I ask you, What kinda Keyblades you believ will be in the new KH3 game. and dont just limit yourself, no wrong answers, oh and not just keyblades, but also weopon that Donald and Goofy would aquire?

    My thought are pretty much all over the place on this, so here are my thought...

    (as usual) Kingdom key
    (Master Eraquis's) Stormfall
    two fates, one Destiny
    Sword of beginnings (Mickey labled Sword from 1st and 2nd and days)
    Lost Memories
    Wayward wind (Ventus original Keyblade)
    Vanitas's fally
    Journey to the Dark

    Regular staff
    Lightning mage
    Fire mage
    Mass Destruction Hammer
    global orbit staff
    Aloha' Staff
    Thor's Hammer
    Save The queen
    Staff of Memories
    Hammer of Judgement (lol I just wanted to put this 1 out there)
    All for one'
    Star struck
    Bobba fetts demise (Starwars)

    Regular Shield
    Dogma shield (FF#)
    protector of Darkness
    Captain America's Shield
    Endless Sleep (Fantasia)
    Illuminated Moonlight (looks like a moon decoration)
    'and one for all
    Shield of Memories
    Troppers shield (Starwars)

    Way to Dawn
    Earthshaker (Terra's original Keyblade)
    Ansems' Resolve
    Terranort's heart
    Master of the dawn

    Rainfell (Aqua's original Keyblade)
    Princess's heart
    Holder of Pure light

    Sora, Riku, and Kairi:
    Destiny's Embrace
    Pixie Petal
    Way of the Force (Star wars)
    No Face, No Name (Spirited Away)
    A Needle and Thread (Secret world of Arriety)
    Star Seeker
    Ultimate Keyblade
    Olympian Spirit (Hercules)
    twin flames
    Ohana' Blade
    X' Blade
    Final Resolve of Fantasy (FF)
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