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Idea for a new RP

Discussion in 'Roleplay' started by Nova, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. Nova

    Nova A Ghost Staff Member Administrator

    So... about the ooc being up today.

    Sorry guys I know I said I'd have it up yesterday but yesterday a friend of mine got into a car accident while on the phone with me. She's fine now but it was kind of a crazy day.

    I'll get the RP up this weekend and I'm possibly thinking of a third element to the RP involving possibly a war between actual gods.
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  2. Nova

    Nova A Ghost Staff Member Administrator

    Ok so the worst ooc that's ever come from me is up. Lol I literally don't even have a title for this thing yet. But it has the basics so you guys can put up profiles and discuss ideas
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  3. krossovkigaMoift

    krossovkigaMoift New Member

    AK saw Blargen and joined his quest for the magical cookie She ate her cookie and watched it respawn. AK also set her backpack in the sun but it didnt dry out because her cookie shaded it.
  4. Nova

    Nova A Ghost Staff Member Administrator

    And then a dinosaur made purely of oranges stomped into the premises and I peed orange juice onto the cookie and the backpack became even more saturated. As a result the cookies cookie wife and children were rendered homeless and ran away from the bag. Cookie was then left alone and sad and pissed because of the Dino juice.

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