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future spin offs

Discussion in 'Archive' started by Maxad, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. Maxad

    Maxad New Member

    The Nintendo 3ds is still going strong with the addition of not only dream drop distance, but the zelda series and super smash brothers games also. True, the psvita has square enix games like ffx/x-2 hd, and there is an mmo going on with kingdom hearts x, but i think nintendo's 3ds still has the most potential for more spin offs and sequels just because it has dual screens.

    now to get to the juicy bit. What would the game be about and when will it take place?

    well kingdom hearts 3 is going to sell really well, there is no doubt about that. People are going to be hungry for a sequel, we might see a bunch of people asking for kingdom hearts 4 already. Give square enix a break, they deserve it after that. But in the meantime they can still experiment and build more story and character developement with handheld titles. That is why i think the next game on 3ds should be about a new character, probably one that hasnt shown up yet, and fill it with new disney worlds we haven't seen yet, not even in kh3. There are a ton on disney movies yet to be used and with the continuation of the current disney stories in kh3, they are going to be booked and have their hands full, even with a split storyline.

    we need to meet the next generation of keyblade masters.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2015
  2. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    You're probably right about the 3DS considering that the Nintendo handhelds have seen a majority of the spin-offs, i.e. CoM, Days, Coded, and 3D. As much as, I like to see Kingdom Hearts as multiplatform. I just don't have that type of money. :p. The remixes would have been a nice heads up before purchasing some of my systems.
  3. Maxad

    Maxad New Member

    I felt the same about the final mixes for 1 and 2 back on ps2, i used to get so jealous. Im not rich either, last handheld i got was a ds, and recoded was about 15 bucks when i picked it up used.
  4. Angel

    Angel Lion Heart Staff Member Administrator

    And also, I personally think Kingdom Hearts should stay away from Nintendo devices. Their performances and improvements haven't been all that great. Nintendo is completely behind Sony and Microsoft.
  5. Maxad

    Maxad New Member

    Makes sense. The ds titles felt sort of like ps1 adaptations. Psp meanwhile pushed the quality of birth by sleep to ps2/ps3 almost. Maybe vita is a better choice...
  6. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    I can't talk about consoles, because I have like none of them. In a perfect world, I suppose they'd just release each game for everything so you could play it on whatever you had laying around, but I don't suppose we could ever be so lucky.

    As far as the content of the next games....

    I agree with this, so much. I personally would prefer to see the next games after KH III's release take place in either the very distant past or the far future, and have absolutely nothing (or as little as possible) to do with either Sora, or Xehanort, or most any of the characters we've been introduced to so far. As mentioned in the first post, there are a lot of Disney movies available for use that haven't been touched on yet. And even better than replacing the Disney folks would be getting rid of the current FF characters and bringing in some new ones. Because gawd, how much of the cast of VII do we need to see, anyway? I'd love to see some love for the characters from IX, from VI and earlier, and from XII (and beyond, I suppose, though I'm unfamiliar with any games released after XII).
  7. Maxad

    Maxad New Member

    Agree. IX has alot of characters that would blend well with kingdom hearts. As for VII, completely agree. Honestly if Vincent wasnt removed from olympus colloseum, we would have cloud in traverse town instead of squall. Squall was probably tossed in as a quick edit because of the similiarities between him and cloud. Also would like to see more of XII mostly for fran and baltheir, they make a great pair. As for VI? Everyone, including kefka. I wasnt entirely crazy how setzer was handled, but this is an alternate universe and if yoh ignore the original (difficult for me at first) its fine. Hey if you have two rikus you can have two terras, right? XD
  8. Kitty

    Kitty I Survived The BG Massacre Staff Member Administrator

    I'm so glad Vincent wasn't in the game. The nods to him through Cloud's costuming are enough. Seriously boring character.

    They would be a good fit for KH, I think. They're a little more fun than some of the others in that cast.

    VI had a really large cast that I'm not even sure I entirely remember (though all this talk lately makes me want to replay it), so I'd be fine with just a few representatives. Kefka for sure would be an awesome addition- I'd really like to see some FF baddies as villains in the KH storyline, as opposed to just optional bosses, but even that- Kefka as the next gen Platinum Match- would be epic. RE: Setzer, eh, I thought it was sort of pathetic that he was beating on little kids in that contest (it was sort of creepy because I couldn't tell how old he was supposed to be, but in any case he seemed too old for all that), but I was mostly just spazzing with joy because a character from a game not VII was included to care too much. And I prefer to pretend that Rikku was never in KH, but for sure, nothing wrong with two Terras. XD
  9. Mike

    Mike Member

    I'd love to see some other characters for sure as noted above...not much else to add in that regard.

    As for content however, I'd like to see the events leading up to Birth By Sleep. We got a taste in Xehanort's journal entries, maybe give us a game from his perspective entirely...showing his fall from grace, maybe throw in the fact that he himself was body snatched (unless that in some way conflicts with 3D which I've yet to play).

    Or heck, go way back and tell us about the original keyblade wars.
  10. Derek

    Derek Well-Known Member

    Honestly given how spin offs have worked so far I'd prefer they refrain from it.

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