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FFXII - FAQ / Help

Discussion in 'Final Fantasy XII' started by Avalantos, Feb 2, 2008.

  1. Avalantos

    Avalantos Mr. Detective

    Well, some games need one for people like me so I guess I will start it up.

    On the airship the "Levithan" I am stuck fighting the Judges. What level do you recommend being?

    By the way, some of you may remember me posting this on FFN like a year ago. Thats right, still haven't done it.
  2. EbeneezerAl

    EbeneezerAl New Member

    Wow, I can't believe you're still there. As for level, I couldn't say, but here's my suggestion. Any spell, item, or ability you have at your disposal that targets enemies within an area, use them. Try out some of the motes, a good number of them do this, and are quite powerful at this stage of the game. That could do you the favor of wiping out a good many of the minor enemies in this fight so you can focus on the judges.

    If you can beat the judges, you don't have to kill anything else. So a viable strategy is to have everyone target them and hope that the combined assault will take them down fast enough that the surrounding enemies can't kill you
  3. Avalantos

    Avalantos Mr. Detective

    Thanks for that, will get on it soon.

    If anyone has anything to add which may help please do.
  4. Zenrot

    Zenrot New Member

    Try and add abnormal status' to the judges if you get the chance. Blind and Poison are the best, and have your controlled character be the designated magic user.
  5. Nikylee

    Nikylee New Member

    you can level up like crazy in there ^^
    hit the alarm and just let the enemies run at you. they arent very powerful or give that great ammount of exp but the relentless assaults quickly racks up exp and LP
    my team are very strong for their level so i dont really know what to suggest for your party.
    my main team uses 1 core attacker (melee), 1 back up melee/ green/ time magic and one ranged healer.
    ranged healer so it can stay as far away from enemies whilst still being able to heal the party.
    cast haste on healer to get healed quicker and more frequent.

    best tactic for bosses is do the castin of your support magic just before you enter the battle. it saves time and majority of the time there is a save crystal so you can use that to get your mp back

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